Dj Flight & MC Deeizm: Next Selection @ Pyroradio (28-Apr-2008) mirror

Quality dnb show with lot of great tracks! But one of them is really sick: Makoto + Deeizm 'Release The Bird'!!! What a track?! One of the best Makoto's tune ever.

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Craggz 'Time Flies' -
Influx UK 'Gliese' -
Marcus Intalex 'Pole Dance' -
Al Haça 'Banana Split (Baby Origami Remix)' -
Calibre 'Hi Note' - Signature
Hydro + Naibu 'Secrecy' -
Subwave 'Indigo' - Shogun Audio
Survival 'The Beginning' -
Proxima 'Envy' - play:musik
Jonny L 'PBX' - XL
Thijs Noisia 'Strange Owl Experiment' - Metalheadz
Elemental 'Formation' -
Kode 9 'Konfusion (Dub)' - Hyperdub
DLX 'Matter Of Facts (Breakage's Relatively Speaking Remix)' -
Martyn 'Vancouver' - 3024
Peverelist 'Junktion' - Tectonic
2562 'Techno Dread' - Tectonic
TRG 'Surreal (5am)' -
S.U.A.D 'Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe Mix)' -
Geiom ft. Marita 'Reminissin' (Kode 9 Remix)' - Berkane Sol
Makoto 'Untitled' -
Calibre 'On The Phone' -
Instra:mental 'Futurist' - Naked Lunch
Commix 'Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Moog Mix)' - Metalheadz
Seba 'As Long As It Takes' - Combination Records
Alaska + Nucleus 'Aufeis' - Arctic
Chris Inperspective 'Brett's Ex' -
Makoto + Deeizm 'Release The Bird' -
Brother 'Say It Loud' -
dBridge 'On Your Mind' - Exit
Bal 'Les Levres En Feu' - play:musik
Redeyes 'Lifeforce' -