Freerange Records Podcast - May 2008 with Guest Fred Everything

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Hosted by Matt Masters
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
1. Shur-I-Kan – Letting You Down [Freerange]
2. Westpark Unit - Bad weeds Grow Tall [Future Classic]
3. Matt Masters – Always Delayed
4. Nick holder feat. Sacha – Time (Wahoo Dub) [NRK]
5. Robert Owens – Only Me (Sebastian Davidson Mix) [Compost]
6. Manuel Tur – Vabanque [Freerange]

Guest Fred Everything
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
1. Joshua Heath – That’s The Way (Flavour)
2. Derrick Carter Edit Unknown
3. Fred Everything feat. Karl The Voice For Your Pleasure Remix (Lazy Days)
4. Ralf Gum feat. Diamond Dancer (Gogo)
5. Lovebirds (Teardrop)
6. Fred Everything feat. Lisa Shaw : Here I Am (Shur I Kan remix) (Om)

Freerange Records Podcast
13 May 2008