Frankie J (The Sound Republic) - Spatula City Fall Mix 2008

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"I was feeling like it was about time for another mix.........a nice long 120 minute mix for the ride home from where ever the hell it is that you are coming from."
Frankie J

1. KiNK ft. J.A.M.O.N - Checkapella [Spatula City]
2. Magbeat - Ah Huh [Junk Shop]
3. Toka Project - Move Along [Bambino]
4. Lamanex - Good Coq Bad Coq [Spatula City]
5. Leon Fishbone - Impatient I Am [Footwear]
6. White Lotus Society - Fuck Party (Busy Lost My Porn Edit) [Guesthouse]
7. Organized Crime - It's Ours [Bargrooves]
8. Mister Liesure - Don't Clap Your Hands (Lawnchair Generals Remix) [Uniting Souls]
9. Frankie J - Phat Soul Kicks [Spatula City]
10. Exit - Holdin On [Exit Enterprises]
11. Busy - Blue Of The Month [House Is The Cure]
12. Manuel Sahagun - Got To Make It [Drop]
13. d-T3ch - Meerkat Music (The Sound Republic Remix) [Spatula City]
14. Vernon & DaCosta - On Fire [A Second Smell]
15. Damien Bailey - Knuckle Fight [Phobic]
16. Forest Avery - On The Slide (Real Time Hand Motion Remix)[????]
17. Little Man Big - Don't Let You Go [Guesthouse]
18. Bimbo & Lemar - Who Got The Beats [Flatpack Traxx]
19. The Wide Boys - Stand & Deliver [Social Circles]
20. The Martin Brothers - Dum [Dirtybird]
21. KiNK ft. J.A.M.O.N - Check [Spatula City]
18 November 2008