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I been workin in some religious atmosphere for a few days
and it brings up some old old history to the surface.
With all the weird things around us now I wonder...
The tunes:

Soultec - Haiti
Dan Habarman - Zoom back camera
Furi Anga - Unknown poetry
M-Jazz - Live circle
Mikal - Make it
Stanza & Eros - If we can
Calibre - Mr Right on
Atlantic Connection - Water
Eveson - Anywhere anytime
Phat Playaz - Reverbsible
Neutrino - Unknown
Electrosoul System - Attention
Polar - High voltage
Deep Blue & Omni Trio - Life cycle
XRS - Jam session
Ugly - Sacred (remix)
Kjell - Vainglorious
Stunna & Tyler Straub - So weak