SirReal - The What Goes Up Mix by SirReal

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This is a collection of tunes that I have wanted to put in mixes all year but hadn’t found the right time until now. The mix stays true to the melodic and feel good vibe and lasts about 100 miutes.

I hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome

Phil Tangent – Lunar
>>>> Calibre feat Fats – Drop it down
Eveson – So fine
Marky & Spy – The doppler effect
Carlito & Addiction – Just wanna be
Matrix and Futurebound – Family (Nu:Logic remix)
Technicolour & Komatic – Day Dreamer
Lenzman – Rags to riches
Erica Badu – Honey Bootleg
Eveson – get your swerve on
Calibre & Zero-T – Waterfall
Random Movement – Waterlogged
Calibre – Signs
BCee & Spy – Nothing to declare
Calibre – Judgment Day
Technocolour & Komatic – Skyline Boulevard
Eveson – Fantasize
Marcus Intalex & ST files – 9x9 vocal remix
Bonobo – The Kepper (Redeyes remix)
Twighlight – BMK (Utah Jazz remix)
Lenzman feat Jo-S – Coincidence
A-Sides feat Deeizm – Change
Mutt feat Visionary – Things have changed
Claude Von Stroke – Aundy (Marky & Spy remix)
Presence - Sense of danger (Caibre remix)
Mutt feat Kevin King – Thinking
Phil Tangent – Billie’s Smile