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Soul Deep Recordings is a new label that will launch in late february 2011. The label will focus on the deeper side of dnb.

Subsid & L-Side-”The Only Star” [Soul Deep Dub]
Subsid & L-Side-”Show Me the Way” [Soul Deep Dub]
Duoscience-”My Story” [Soul Deep Dub]
MJT & Soultec-”Chasing Shadows” [Soul Deep Dub]
Jrumhand-”Mui Ne” [Soul Deep Dub]
Jaybee-”Hey Lady” [Soul Deep Dub]
DJ Blade-”1,000 Regrets” [Soul Deep Dub]
MJT-”Rollin’ Smooth” [Soul Deep Dub]
mSdos & MJT-”Happy Hours” [Soul Deep Dub]
DJ Blade & MJT-”Searching Myself” [Soul Deep Dub]
Phat Playaz-”Roll” [Soul Deep Dub]
Phat Playaz-”Aquafunk” [Soul Deep Dub]
Scott Allen & Deeper Connection-”Parallel Universe” [Soul Deep Dub]
Beat 70-”Over & Over” [Soul Deep Dub]
Scott Allen & Beat 70-”Be With You” [White]