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When I recorded this podcast initially, I did the voice-over live, and thru a bit of confusion, I called this one “podcast 20″, when obviously it isn’t. I had to insert a voice saying “19″, which you’ll get a kick out of if anyone has ever seen a hastily-edited out-of-date training video for some shit job.. it makes the recording sound so… corporate ;)

Anyhow, a few mixed and matched styles for your enjoyment. See you in Miami, bitches!
Random Movement – Feeling Translated
Dabs & Safire – Back & Forth
Atom – Dolly (Lynx remix)
A Sides – Roasted
Phil Tangent – In Hindsight
DuoScience – Wave Jazz
Edward Oberon & Blade – Leaving
C.A.B.L.E. – Ask Me a Question
Artificial Intelligence – Days of Rage VIP
Sinistarr – Aquamech (Calculon remix)
Kjell – Cloud 34
A Sides – One DJ VIP
Eveson – Embrace
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Long Over Due
Optiv & BTK, Podage – Music Within (feat. LaMeduza)
Flaco – Isla Verde
Motta – Money Make (DuoScience remix)
Brother & Matt – Mean
Impact – Everything I Left Behind
SoulTec & mSdoS – Cosmic Expression