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Welcome to the first episode of our new DJ Death-match series!
We'll be taking two DJs from the same genre, but different countries, and asking them to go head to head in an old fashioned mix off! And what a way to start with two of d 'n' b's finest talents: Random Movement and Unquote.
Big respect to Russia's Unquote and America's Random Movement for stepping up to the plate and having the self belief to lay themselves on the line for the first battle!
Med School say...
"Unquote has been sharpening his DJ tools and selecting the freshest cuts in his record box for this mesmerizing mix. With some tongue-twisting titles, tracks from his new album and plenty of razor sharp beats, there's one way Random Movement is going.... and that's down. Sorry, but you know it's true."
Random Movement's team say...
Random Movement's days of training for this bout are paying off with this tight and mighty mix. Branded with new tunes full of blazing bass, this "stick-and-move" style mix of heart-pounding cuts are going to be hard to beat in this arena... and you can quote us on that.
Enjoy the mixes!
1 Unquote - Paint My Wings / feat. Grimm
2 Jubei - Patience / feat. DBridge
3 Subwave - Memories
4 June Miller - Late Night Lies
5 Nuage - Different Places
6 B Cloud - Deeper / Enei Remix
7 Sam KDC - Selfless
8 Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through / ASC Remix
9 Bop - Nothing Makes Any Sense / Blu Mar Ten Remix
10 Unquote - We Breathe Yoghurt Lying On a Strawberry Bed
11 Circa - Ida
12 Commix - Cold Kiss / feat. Logistics
13 Spectrasoul - Supression
14 Commix - Painted Smile
15 June Miller - Strike Anywhere
16 Rockwell - Noir
17 NRanges x Uberman x Original Ninja - Shifta Robb
18 Jubei - Alignment
19 ATB - The Chosen Ones / Unquote Remix
20 Atlantic Connection - Touch This
21 Mr Sizef - The Forgotten Toy
22 Joe Syntax - Sightlines / feat. Jono McCleery
23 Cyantific - Empty Streets
24 Naibu - It Took A Long Time
25 J Majik x Wickaman - Ritual
26 Mutated Forms - Radio
27 Unquote - Grief Will Never Descend From Her Face

1. Sevin & Pennygiles - Last Words (dub)
2. Technicolour - Centerfuge (Spearhead)
3. Flaco - Down (Innerground)
4. Aquasion - Off In The Cut (dub)
5. Random Movement - I'll Tell Ya (That Woman) (Innerground)
6. Level 2 & DJ Chap - Sky Is The Limit (Liquid V)
7. Loz Contreras - Sienta (dub)
8. Seven - Riding it - (dub)
9. Loz Contreras - Rocking You (dub)
10. Pennygiles - Momentary Switch (dub)
11. DJ Chap - Seven Lines (dub)
12. Krakota & Judda - Sooty (Integral)
13. J Dilla - King (Sinistarr Remix)
14. Random Movement - See You Again (Runnin') (Phuzion)
15. Aquasion - Days Of Our Lives (dub)
16. Dave Owen & Jaybee - I Don't See Nothin' Wrong (dub)
17. Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Feel The Same (dub)
18. Technicolour & Komatic - Ever After (dub)
19. Sevin - Tonight (Rubik)