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Soul Mates-Jrumhand-Dub
Sandy Dance-Phat Playaz-Dub
Mr Cosmic-Jrumhand & Phat Playaz-Dub
Lampoon Moon-Furney-Phuzion
You Said What-Phat Playaz-Dub
Cold Cosmic-Furney-Phuzion
Midnight Soul-Furney-Jazzsticks
The Boss-Jrumhand-Dub
What If-Kredit-Fokuz
Our Deepset Fear-ARP-1-Phuzion
Cant Get Enough-Phat Playaz-Dub
Wasted Dreams-Furney-Phuzion
On The Line-Aquasion-Dub
Fusion Groove-Jrumhand-Soul Deep
All That Jazz-Jrumhand & Phat Playaz-Dub
Tamplona-Jay Rome & Paul SG-Digital Blus
Shakeup In Blue City-Dynamic Feat mSdos-Black Reflections
Numbers Dont Lie-Aquasion-Dub