Quadrant & D-Struct – Sexy Beam [INTRIGUE]
NZ Shapeshifter – Gravity (Lenzman Remix)
Ben Soundscape & HazMatt – ?
The Insiders ft Collette Warren – Wonder Why (Break Remix) [INTRIGUE]
Response – Surveillance [INGREDIENTS]
Ben Soundscape & Bachelors of Science ft Collette Warren – Love Lost [INTRIGUE]
Joakuim – Miles Away [INTRIGUE]
Random Movement & Jaybee – Say [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape & Raw Q – Departure [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape – Gonzalez [INTRIGUE]
Random Movement – Little Treasures [LIQUID V]
Calibre – Overreaction [SIGNATURE]
Mr Joseph ft Collette Warren – Rose at Your Front Door [FIZZY PLATE]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Talk to Me [INTRIGUE]
Hazard – Time Tripping [PLAYAZ]
dBridge – Inner Disbelief [EXIT]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Panoramic (RoyGreen & Protone Remix) [INTRIGUE]
Jaybee – Been a Long Time [INTRIGUE]
Superior Selectionz – Halcyon [INTRIGUE]
The Insiders – Grand Scheme [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Sometimes [INTRIGUE]
Raw Q – NY State of Mine (Ben Soundscape Remix) [INTRIGUE]
The Insiders – Breathing Space [INTRIGUE]
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis I Need You [GOOD LOOKING]
Break & Xtrah ft DRS – Always New [SYMMETRY]
Icicle & Switch – Duh Duh!
RoyGreen & Protone – Through the Alps (Survival Remix) [INTRIGUE]
LSB – The Hurting [SPEARHEAD]
Total Science – Shelter [SPEARHEAD]