Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send a Prayer [Pt.2] (MCDE)
J.A.N - Make It Funky (Dopeness Galore)
Club Lonely [J.Cub edit] (White)
Shenoda - Leslie Crowther (ManMakeMusic)
Seven Davis Jr - One (Must Have Records)
Peven Everett - Feeling You In and Out Girl [Shelter mix]
Ohm - Tribal Tones [Marquis Hawkes remix] (Unknown to the Unknown)
Kris Wadsworth - Neo Nasty (Forthcoming Hypercolour)
Schatrax - The Almighty (Fear of Flying)
Mark Henning - You're Digging Into Me (Soma)
Lionrock - Packet of Peace [Jeff Mills Deep House remix]
Mr Tophat & Art Alfie - I Want You To See (That You're in Love With
Me) (Karlovak)
Distal - Boss of The South [Capracara's South of Heaven remix]
Voyeur - Blame It On The Youth [Kerri Chandler dub] (MadTech)
Marieu - Swamp Fever (Forthcoming Hypercolour)
Myles Serge - Breakfast With Audy (Ilian Tape)
Infiniti - Game One (Tresor)
No Boundaries - Modular Pursuit [Daphni remix] (Planet E)
DVS1 - Break Away (Klockworks)
Floorplan - Basic Principle (M-Plant)
A Made Up Sound - Hang Up (Clone Basement Series)
Steve Edwards - Beautiful People [James Welsh's 'Sheff 97' mix]
Seven Davis Jr - One (Must Have Records)
Kris Wadsworth - Hypercolour Theme (Forthcoming Hypercolour)