01. Soul Phiction 'Mind and Body' (Phil Pot)
02. Hitsafe 'Serious Jaw Work' (Killekill House)
03. Andrea Di Rocco 'The Past Present' (Aeon)
04. Ashley Beadle 'Saturday' (Let me see you) (Yardism)
05. DJ Nori '80's Drugs' (Bubbletease Communications)
06. Zed Bias 'Tug' (Swamp 81)
07. Prince 'Ain't gonna Miss You When I'm gone' (Lukatron edit) (Paisley Park)
08. Floorplan 'Confess' (M-Plant)
09. James Curd 'Before The Sun Sets' (The Classic Music Company)
10. Bassel 'Four Varieties' (Cadenza)
11. Neil Landstrumm 'Dragging Under' (Sneaker Social Club)
28 February 2014
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