Tracklist/Description: Again, apologies for the popping and distortion on the mic this month. That will teach me to purchase the cheapest one in the shop! Promise to sort it out for next month's show! Tracklist: 1. Essence of Aura 'So this is Love' 2. Mystic Trip 'Wish you Were' 3. Happy Mondays '24 Hour Party People' 4. Jrumhand Featuring Lady Emz 'Basic Intuition' 5. Malaky & MSDOS 'Long Distance' 6. Alex Reece & The Jazz Cartel 'Street Player' 7. E.P.M.D. 'Strictly Business' 8. Jrumhand & Scott Allen 'Love So True' 9. Intelligent Manners & Malaky 'Tears' 10. St Germain 'Alabama Blues' (Waxdoctor Remix) 11. Simphonia 'Can't get over your love' 12. Jrumhand 'Sensitive People' 13. Scott Allen 'Soul Complex' 14. Jrumhand 'Untitled' 15. Phatplayaz 'Go Again' 16. Jrumhand 'Piano Groove' 17. Jrumhand 'My Sound' 18. Phatplayaz 'World Turn' 19. K.C. FLight 'Planet E (Acid Drop Remix)' 20. Makoto Feat MC Conrad 'You make me Feel' 21. Jrumhand 'A Pleasant Stroll' 22. Intense 'Motions' 23. Artinis 'Inner Rhythm' 24. Orbital 'Belfast' 25. Keni Burke 'Risin' to the Top' 26. Intense Feat MC DRS & MC Conrad 'Wastelands' Many thanks to everyone who tuned in live to the show. Next show will be on Sunday 30th November 4-6pmGMT Jrumhand :)