Tracklist/Description: Big Shout To Dj Gauge All Who Locked & Listen TRACKLIST.: 1-SoulStructure & Blade - Soul 102 (Sonata Recordings Promo) 2-Jrumhand - September (Storejam) 3-Squirez - This Moment On (Storejam) 4-Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Something About Love (Nextgen) 5-Conspire - Outer Space (Storejam) 6-Sunny Crimea - Answers (Nexgen) 7-Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Smokey (Nexgen) 8-Wyman - In Focus (Soul Deep) 9-Alexus - Jazzman (Digital Blus) 10-Queen Latifah - Just Another Day (Al Pack Bootleg) (Free D/L) 11-Innaself - Night Groove (Celsius) 12-Phat Playaz - Human (Fokuz Promo) 13-Sunny Crimea - By Chance (Nexgen) 14-JetFunk - Like Bliss (Soul Flex Promo) 15-Mukiyare - Thinking About (Influenza) 16-Payback & Soul Connection - Do You Know (Soul Deep) 17-Phat Playaz - Roads (Diskool) 18-Pisces Kollective - Clouds over my Sky (Rowpieces Remix) (C Recordings) 19-Jay Rome - Love Drunk (Blu Saphr) 20-Payback & Soul Connection - Even So (Soul Deep) 21-Phat Playaz - Direction (Storejam) 22-Vigorous - Pain & Sorrow (Random Movement Remix) (Shaolin Audio) 23-Soul Connection - What is Your Sound (Dub) 24-A.K.A - Moon Illusion (Dub) 25-Furney - You (LDMusic) 26-Tweakz & Mystific ft Regina - Stays the Same (Dub) 27-Intelligent Manners - Last Goodbye (Celsius)