Tracklist/Description: A Sides China Tour Promo Mix Dec 2014 download file from A Sides here - Magnetic Soul presents the A Sides - "We Gotcha" China Tour 呢個活動係特別為 DnB 傳奇 MC Fats 而攪。相信大家對 MC Fats 都唔會陌生,佢係好多好經典 DnB 歌曲中嘅 MC。Fats 舊年因糖尿病病情惡化而一直不斷進出醫院接受治療。非常遺憾,Fats 最後因此要將雙腳膝蓋以下部份切除。 而 Fats 嘅好友,製作人 A Sides 就為 MC Fats 發起一個名為 " We Gotcha" 嘅行動。聯同 Drum and Bass 界中各新舊製作人合力製作 40 首歌曲,並分成 2 張 EP 同埋 2 張 LP,喺 MC Fats 嘅廠牌下發行。 整個項目中嘅 Producers,包括 A Sides、Calibre、Pendulum、Dom & Roland、Dj Hype、Lynx、Alix Perez、Bailey、Deezim、S.P.Y、dBridge、Makoto、Basher、Command Strange、Total Science、DJ SS、John B 等人同 Mastering 嘅 Denis Emery、PR 工作嘅 Cygnus Music 以及設計嘅 Squake 都係義務參與。 而 We Gotcha 呢個 Project 亦得到各電台同埋各大小媒體嘅支持。 A Sides 嘅 We Gotcha World Tour 今個月將會黎香港同上海,Magnetic Soul 好榮幸可以參與呢次為 MC Fats 籌款嘅 Project。Magnetic Soul 總動員出動,即係會有 Fat Demon、Saiyan、Muggsy、MC R Vee、VJ Sembei,仲有 VJ Ocular 同 Soul Healing 嘅 Rogue Motion 都會參與演出。希望大家可以黎 XXX 多多支持呢個 We Gotcha Tour! This event is dedicated to the legendary MC Fats whose voice can be heard on an endless list of classic Drum and Bass tunes. Sadly, Fats has been in and out of the hospital over the last 2 years with issues related to diabetes, which has resulted in both of his legs being amputated from below the knees. To show support, the drum & bass community has joined up to put together the “We Gotcha” series (released on MC Fats label U Understand Me Music) to showcase his talent. This project featuring 40 tracks to be released as two four-track EPs and two 16-track LPs with all the support from the finest Drum and Bass producers. Everyone involved donated their track to the project for free, The album mastered for free by Denis Emery, The PR campaign for done for free, and also the artwork and design. Magnetic Soul is proud to be part of this fundraising project for Fats. Let's support this true legend of the DNB game. All proceeds from the event will go to the MC Fats fund, and a collection box will be present so that you can contribute directly. Date: 13 Dec 2014 Time: 10:30pm - 4:00am Entry: HKD 180 Venue: XXX Address: B/F, 353-363 Des Voeux Road West Sai Wan, Hong Kong DJs: A Sides (UK, Eastside Records / Metalheadz) Fat Demon Saiyan Muggsy Rogue Motion Hosted by MC R VEE Visuals by Sembei VJ & VJ Ocular Ticket at TIcketflap & Door. $180