Tracklist/Description: Manchester is where it is happening at the moment, at least if you like a bit of funk and depth. Why? Loz Goddard is why. This lad has been causing quite a storm in the housescene ever since he started releasing tracks in 2012 of labels like Large Music, Savoir and Kolour Recordings and he is expecting some (what he considers) very exciting news in the not so distant future. Ohyea, You can also catch Loz's own Downtown Groove Sessions radio show on the first Monday and 2nd Thursday of each month over at and DE Radio respectively. Be expecting some great guests on the show over the coming months! We invited him to provide the next chapter of our mixtape series because you will surely see him hitting the festivals in the upcoming year. We are proud to present to you A Track A Day Mixtape #25 by @lozgoddard.