Tracklist/Description: My guest mix from Solotek's All Out Grooves show on .. a big thanks to Solotek for having me on the show, catch it in full here: Gauge tracklist Payback - Break of Dawn (Sonata Dub) Conspire - Submerged (Storejam Dub) Furney - Mooderama (Creative Wax) Calibre - The Sweet (Exit) Conspire - Whirlwind (Rotation Dub) Calibre - Concrete (Exit) Innaself - Emotions in reverse (Influenza Dub) Conspire - Tides (Odyssey Dub) Madcap - F Theme (MacII) Jrumhand - So Good (Fokuz) Lennie dee ice - we r ie (dramatic) (MacII) Cloud 9 - got me burnin (madcap) (Phuzion) Conspire - Dreams (Soul Deep) Monita - luv ta luv ya (madcap) (Skeleton)