Tracklist/Description: Brand new mix on a slightly deeper tip. Enjoy Lenzman – Paper Faces (feat Martyna Baker Ivy Lab remix) [METALHEADZ] Halogneix – Paper Sword [METALHEADZ] The Insiders – After Hours [INTRIGUE] Flaco – Difference [CO-LAB] Furney & Locksmith – Dream Steam [SOUL DEEP] Halogenix – Beyond Bounds [METALHEADZ] Anile – City of Injstice (feat DRS) [MEDSCHOOL] Halogenix – All Blue [METALHEADZ] Calibre – Smother [Soul:R] Jungle – Platoon (Spectrasoul remix) [XL] Tokyo Prose – Small Gains [SAMURAI] Lurch – Love Note (feat Adrienne Richards) [SOUL DEEP] Villem & McLeod – Make Tomorrow (feat Totem) [WARM COMMUNICATIONS] Flaco – Want You [CO-LAB] Halogenix – Shores [METALHEADZ]
26 August 2015
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