Tracklist/Description: The Sunset Sessions Vol. 1: YouTube: Audio Stream: The Sunset Sessions Vol. 2: YouTube: Audio Stream: Tracklist: Before Tomorrow - Silent Dust (NONE60) She Said – Redeyes (VANDAL) For The Love - Bailey & MC Fats (U UNDERSTAND ME) Uplifter - A Sides & Makoto (EASTERN ELEMENTS) Walk the Same Lines - Total Science ft Riya (CIA) Always - SpectraSoul (SHOGUN) Distant Lover - DJ Marky, XRS (INNERGROUND) I Need You Now - Simplification, Translate (LIQUID V) Paradise Cove - Al Pack (SHAOLIN AUDIO) Clark - Edward Oberon (TILT) Shores - Halogenix (METALHEADZ) Travelogue (feat. Dorsh) - Dave Owen (LIQUID V) Walking Blues – LSB (SOUL:R) Seasons (feat. Lifford) – Logistics (HOSPITAL) Envision - A Sides & Makoto (EASTERN ELEMENTS) Covet - Tokyo Prose (SAMURAI) Shine Through - Silence Groove (OFFWORLD) Unbreakable (feat. Lucy Kitchen & Stephen McCleery) - Gerra & Stone (DISPATCH) Beloved - Subsid (SOUL DEEP) Rosewood (feat. Christina Tamayo) – Submorphics (SGN:LTD) Searchin' - A Sides & Makoto (EASTERN ELEMENTS) Kidman (Ft. Zoë Klinck) - Tokyo Prose (SAMURAI) Used To Be – Dexcell (SPEARHEAD) Before You Go (feat. Dylan Germick & Audio Angel) - Bachelors Of Science (CODE)