Tracklist/Description: We ease our way into 2016 with the signature sounds of Perception favourite DJ Blade who brings his One7Six label tour to Shrewsbury for the first time and will be joined by some of his most highly rated producers. Blade was one of our first guests way back in 2011 as he epitomised the sound and direction we wanted to push the night. A shared vision of deep rolling drum and bass vibes guarantees a stellar night of music. BLADE [One7Six/LiquidV/GoodLooking] PAYBACK [SoulDeep/SheerVelocity] A.K.A. [SoulDeep/SheerVelocity] CONSPIRE [Dread/Technique] JAY DUBZ [Perception] EVENT PAGE ONE7SIX DJ Blade 20.30 - 02.30 The Vaults, Shrewsbury. FREE ENTRY if your early, small charge after! Check out our website: Please join the Perception fanpage and SUBSCRIBE to the events tab for all the latest info and free downloads: And follow us on twitter: Check out the perception beatz radio show with Conspire which is back on air very soon..........
11 February 2016
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