Tracklist/Description: (MIXMAG) "Simply no one else can sweep in like this, after a couple of years of silence, and plunge us once again into a sea of rare-breed samples, goosebumping melodies and gravelly funk licks". 9/10 Utah Jazz - The Music Factory LP (Spearhead Records) 1. Promised Land 2. Growth Comes 3. Could You Handle It? 2016 featuring MC DRS 4. Real Good Interlude 5. Neverland 6. Mile High Club featuring MC Fava 7. Exploration 8. Next Level 90 Interlude 9. Give It To Me Right 10. Testament 11. Memories featuring MC Tina 12. One Of A Kind 13. Be Right Here featuring Random Movement 14. The Night Shift 15. Route 166
20 September 2016
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