Tracklist/Description: This is a DJ mix Hauke recorded to celebrate the release of our new record. It contains all the tunes from XK02 and some mainly new music. XK02 is out now. Distributed by OYE Records and All Ears. Matthias Reiling/ Hauke Freer XK2 12” (XK02) A1 Matthias Reiling Hand Of Hope A2 Matthias Reiling Melodioso B1 Hauke Freer Reach Out Round 2 for Neukölln based boutique imprint XK after Hauke Freer’s phenomenal first volume left heads baffled all over the place. This time, the label hands the A side to retro spook maniac Matthias Reiling, who opens with Hand Of Hope, a tune that fuses an attitude heavy, upright bass/ piano theme with a cold hearted drum workout. Strongly physical, sensitive, yet somewhat arrogant as we feel here. Reiling twangs up his Stratocaster on Melodioso and explores the possibilities of sequencer based Surf Rock. You know, like a computer trying to be a backing band or the other way around. We can't help but imagine Chris Isaak singing under the shower to this one. The B side is Freer territory once again, and Hauke takes us deep into his realm of hypnotic, druggy dub disco sculpting. Reach Out sucks you in, leaves you utterly disoriented and makes your mind paint a picture you would not have painted elsewhere. Then you try to tell your friends, you can't find any words, yet it feels right and you all smile at each other.
18 April 2017
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