Tracklist/Description: I made a mini mix with the ones I most like from the past near months, and some mines. dubs, dark atmospheres, deep vibes and transitions. Enjoy! Tracklist: Accelerated - Limitless(Forthcoming on Warm Ears Music) Halogenix - Only Ever Kind Alix Perez - Slink Satl - Rattler Alix Perez - Floating R1C0 - The Last Time(Accelerated Remix)(Forthcoming on Soul Deep) Alix Perez & Halogenix - Rollcage Satl - Never Knew Halogenix - Bitter Alibi - Morning Glory Artificial Intelligence - Holding Out Accelerated - Elevated (Forthcoming on Soul Deep Digital) Artificial Intelligence - True Colours Fluidity - Deeper Vibe Fluidity - Girl You Know
22 October 2018
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