Tracklist/Description: Fokuz Podcast 56 Hosted by Anthony Kasper Guest Mix from Silent Dust // none60 Check out our latest releases:­recordings/3033 Kasper intro: Septabeat - Frozen Sevin - Gin Joint Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness Sevin - Block It Nymfo - Warrior Carter - Mr. Nobody Tokyo Prose - Trick Of The Night SD - A Slow Touch Septabeat - Of The Deep Macca & Loz Contreras - Say It Cnof - Summer Breeze Silent Dust guest mix Silent Dust - Half Night Silent Dust - Vostok 1 Silent Dust - Another Sunlight Dexta - Vintage Ethos - Injustice Wagz - Whiplash Silent Dust ft DRS - Refuse (Calibre Remix) Silent Dust - Zero Nine Zero Sinistarr ft Brownstudy - Regrets Silent Dust ft SelfSays - My Only Option (Naibu Remix) Lewis James - Templar III Silent Dust - A Million Words Silent Dust - Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix) Silent Dust - November Wagz - Zodiac Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix) Quentin Hiatus - Orange Dreams Lewis James - Searchtower Oliver Yorke - Helion Silent Dust - Waiting on You Silent Dust - The Giant (Marcus Intalex Remix) Silent Dust ft terror - Lone (Kaelin Ellis Remix)
03 October 2018
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