Tracklist/Description: McLeod and production partner Villem are the very definition of 174bpm neo-soul, specialising in punchy breaks and cavernous low-end that soothe the home-listener and destroy the dancefloor in equal measure. Both were drawn to DJing Hip Hop, Funk and Soul and have the crate-digger’s instinct for fresh & original samples that bring an innovative angle to their 170+ creations. After a string of releases on high-profile labels such as Samurai, Horizons and Warm Communications, they are now firm figures of BCee's Spearhead label, a collaboration that not only led to co-producing Riya's debut album, but also to their most recent big hits, the Perfect Solution EP from 2016 featuring MC Fats and their highly-acclaimed album "Playing the changes" which was released last year. Besides their musical releases both McLeod and Villem put loads of work into releasing high-quality sample packs for aspiring producers that are distributed via Tracklist: InMost & Saikon - Untold History High Contrast - Global Love (Calibre Remix) Breakage - Rude Boy Stuff #### - Doc001 Seba & Robert Manos - Days Of Revelation Amante - Growth Hannah Eve - My Heart Knows (Zero T Remix) Jubei & Tyrone - Avalon Saikon - Badman Cant Dance BCee - Shouting About Nothing Andy Skopes & Madcap - Coded Calibre & St Files - STCAL Roller Phaction - Stratos (Total Science Remix) Impish - Hive Alix Perez & Monty - Caligo Klax - Lucid DJ Die - Ghetto Bizness GLXY - Astoria Soligen - Beautiful Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Polar & Bryson Remix) Marcus Intalex & St Files - Nightfall Calibre - Makes Me Feel Alright Centrik - Beloved (Phaction Remix)
12 February 2019
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