Tracklist/Description: For home use only’ is an anti-club social, a chance to get to know someone/something. A series of transmissions purely dedicated to exploring the other side. To the dedicated few and the newly dedicated, this is a celebration laced with appreciation. The cause for this - we’ve reached a modern-day milestone. We’ve made it to 30 (which is a total of about 3 in podcast years). Honestly, I never thought I'd make it to 30, but I soon came to realise how much good music is out there, and how I should use my powers for good rather evil, so here we are. For this momentous occasion, we have a very fitting transmission. Something that he and I have been working towards for the last two years. The man responsible for an audible gift from the gods is none other than Andy Hart himself, aka the slug face millionaire aka choices from the lake aka undies. I call Andy not only a good friend but also a good inspiration, a good breath of fresh country air, a good dose of realism and just a flat out good person. I’ve lived with him, I’ve traveled with him and I’ve shared more than a towel with him. I can comfortably say that Andy will be at my wedding, my funeral and everything in between. This mix is the perfect summary of the journey so far. I'd like to think we’ve explored quite a lot over the last couple of years, and I'd also like to think that there’s so much more out there. This perfectly woven galactic tapestry transcends every aspect that you think you know about most things and rewrites the rest. The culmination of many years of putting tracks aside has paid off immensely. The thought and the planning behind this mix actually baffle’s me. It’s the perfect narrative without the narrative, a story without words, a tale of triumph. I may sound a bit dramatic but you obviously haven’t listened to it yet. Just shy of 4 hours, this is the perfect soundtrack to your life in general. It transcends not only stages of the day but also stages of your mind. I'm yet to find the perfect moment/space to listen to it but I think a long drive back from a really good holiday would fit perfectly - or just a cruisey Sunday spring afternoon at home. Honestly, just press play and see what happens. Come talk to me after. Be well. his sound >>>> voyage records >>>>
29 October 2019
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