Tracklist/Description: Louise Chen has been cutting her teeth as a DJ and promoter since the start of the 10s and has steadily been building her reputation as a keen record digger and club DJ with impeccable timing. The Taiwanese-French artist uses her radio shows on NTS, The Lot and Rinse France to showcase the breadth of her taste, deploying a 'soul tearjerkers' special here and a 100 per cent gospel set there, as well as inviting guests like Mafalda and The Patchouli Brothers. As she showed us last year, she brings only the finest-quality heat to the club with sets that invigorate dancefloors and radiate pure energy. The same goes for her tracks, as her burgeoning production career testifies. Given that she's one of the most ingenious young DJs in the game, we called her up to contribute to Downtime and she's fulfilled the brief perfectly by...
03 September 2021
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