Tracklist/Description: Victor Kiktenko, known by his stage name Module One (@creeptone), is a Russian-born and Berlin-based electronic music producer and DJ. Being a teenager he travels to the US as a student and presents his radio show Emotions on WMRS 107.7FM (Monticello, IN) where he plays different kinds of modern electronic music for the Midwest audience. Following the radio debut Victor starts producing and playing music under different aliases which later on result in the formation of a new one called Module One. The past releases of Module One include albums on Detroit Underground and Fauxpas Musik, EPs on The Bricks, LumieresLaNuit, Another, Modular Expansion, Modelhart, Motech, Thema, Uncage, collaborative records for E-Beamz, Lost Palms, Shall not Fade, Dial as well as tracks for various compilations on labels like Propaganda, Shall not Fade, Traum, etc Stay Rave with #R13!
19 April 2022
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