Tracklist/Description: This month’s Carhartt WIP Radio is brought to you by the legendary UK artist @goldie-official, introducing his nascent label @fallentree1hundred. A man who needs little introduction, Goldie earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most celebrated graffiti artists, before becoming known for his work as a producer, DJ and label owner. He brought international renown to the world of drum and bass, via his label Metalheadz, while also releasing genre-defining tracks like “Terminator,” and the aptly-named debut LP "Timeless". In 1994, British music critic Simon Reynolds noted that “Goldie revolutionized jungle not once but three times.” In the spring of 2020, Goldie unveiled his latest venture, the record label Fallen Tree 1Hundred. A platform for music from “off the beaten track,” as he describes it, initial releases have come from the likes of UK blues and soul artist @natalieduncan-music, and Bristol-based multi-genre duo @degrees-of-freedom. The resulting show, curated by Goldie himself, is suitably eclectic, offering an enticing glimpse into the world of a label still in its relative infancy. As ever, we also sat down for a quick chat with this month’s host, discussing his plans for Fallen Tree 1Hundred, the 25th anniversary of "Timeless", and his own plans to release new music. Check the interview at track list: 1.: Natalie Duncan — Glass 2.: Searchlight — Sat On A Wall 3.: Goldie & James Davidson — Beat 1 4.: Natalie Duncan — Atrium 5.: IAMI (UK) — Drift 6.: CRLY x Westseven — Something Special 7.: Osquello, Goldie, James Davidson — Restless 8.: Degrees of Freedom — I Said It Once 9.: Natalie Duncan — Strange 10.: Goldie & James Davidson — Nice Time 11.: Searchlight — Untitled 12.: Little Cigarette — Romance 13.: Natalie Duncan — Diamond
29 May 2023
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