01.2WEEKSONYACHT - Hot Point (Released WITB008)
02.Ponty Mython & Cable Toy - Girl from Saturn (Coming soon)
03.Volta cab - Always In The Place (Released WITB006)
04.Days of Funk - I Dont Need You (Released WITB004)
05.Ivan Latyshev - Simpleminds (Coming soon)
06.Ponty Mython - I Believe (Coming soon)
07.Volta Cab - The Energy (Coming soon)
08.The Maneken - Run (Tantsui Remix) (Released WITB009)
09.Ksky - Sad Story (Released WITB007)
10.Tantsui - Call (Downtown Party Network remix) (Released WITB011)
11.Volta cab - Always In The Place (Timo Camillo Da Hong Pao Revision) (Released WITB006)
12.Darko Kustura - Times Ahead (Released WITB007)
12.Days of Funk - Free Soul (Released WITB004)