I wish you all the best and happy new year 2011! I hope there will be at least so much good mixes or even more in 2011! Thank you for your support and thanks to all DJs and producers for the mixes and amazing tunes during the whole year!

31 December 2010
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Ingo Sänger @ ByteFM (22.12.10) by ingosaenger

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1. Verano - Bittersweet - Arteque
2. Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix) - Candent Songs
3. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Me & You - Under The Shade
4. Mario Basanov - Up (Nicholas Remix) - Needwant
5. Anthony « Shake » Shakir - Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimension Controller Remix) - Rush Hour
6. Chromatic Filters - Hypnotic Broad Beans (Mark E Remix) - Phonica
7. Marbert Rocel - Love Me (Sevensol & Bender Helloween Mix) - Compost Black
8. Genius Of Time - Same Old Place - Aniara Recordings
9. Popular People´s Front - Muggermixx - PPF
10. Kink & Neville Watson - City 2 City - Snuff Trax
11. Cuthead - Sinner - Uncanny Valley
12. Sidwho? - I Do The Night (Session Victim Remix) - Future Classic
13. Triad - Vice (Langenberg Remix) (Demo Version) - ProgCity Deep CD-R
14. Stimming - For My Girl - Diynamic
15. Matt Flores - Water On The Moon - Farside CD-R
16. Nina Kraviz - I´m Gonna Get You (Melon´s Deeper Version) - Rekids
17. Tevo Howard feat. Tracey Thorn - Without You (Marcus Worgull Dub, Dixon Edit) - Rebirth
18. Glowing Glisses - Over The Bridge (Larry Heard Dub) - Dessous
19. Pascal Rioux feat. Mr. Day - Golden Age (King Britt Remix) - Rotax
No download.
LiquidVibe - New Years Teaser by FunkyVibe

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Just a small selection from the past 12 months - some dubs added too.
Look out for the BEST OF 2010 mix coming soon...

[1] Glen E Ston - One Life (Decem remix) (dub)
[2] Stunna - Waiting Game
[3] Atom - Without You (dub)
[4] Dave Owen - No Diggidy (dub)
[4] Mutt - You Say (dub)
[5] Clart & Paul SG - Rhodesomes
[6] Random Movement - Change For The Train
[7] Submorphics - Revalation
[8] Qumulus - Love & Sorrow
[9] Mutt - The Cold One's
[10] Mathermatics - Jersey Deep
[11] Stunna & Sol.ID - State Of Urgency
[12] Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (logisitcs remix) (dub)


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This is a Xmas special set with some of the tunes that inspired me during 2010. Many of them i used to listen from Liquid dnb podcasts... A true library for soulful dnb listeners and producers. The knowledge aquired gave me courage to record and produce my first tracks... To all you, real friends, wish you all the best ! Merry xmas & Happy new year!!!

LSB - Rolling sideways
Intelligent manners - If you want my love
Druid - Right here (liquid xmas) - unsigned?
Incontext - There for me
Well being - Storms by street light
Total Science feat Riya - Redlines
Submorphics - Danger zone ( rmx )
Ross D - The things you need
Bcee - Real people VIP
Makoto feat Cleaveland Watkiss - Time
Seba feat Robert Manos - Move on
Big Bud - Forever
Calibre - Even if

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1. Naibu - Yunmee - Santorin
2. Caine and Atmospherix - Hustlin' Dayz - Rubik
3. Mutt and Calculon feat Kevin King - Easy on the Motion - Rubik
4. Calculon feat Kelly Dean - Premonition (Stunna Remix) - Rubik
5. ATP and Dave Owen - Way Back When - Rubik
6. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)
7. Die - Ghetto Bizness - Clear Skys
8. Bladerunner - Back to the Jungle - Critical
9. Break - Time after Time - Symmetry
10. Survival - Why
11. Heavy1 - The Deep Note
12. Synkro - Vacant - Smokin Sessions
13. Pawn feat Calculon - Escapism
14. Heavy1 - Asianova - Rubik
15. Austin Speed - Stardust
16. Martyn - Vancouver - 3024
17. Submorphics - Can't Understand - Westbay
18. Home Video - Every Love That Ever Was (Bachelors of Science Remix)
No download for this one.

Motorcitysoul New Years Eve at Cocoonclub Mix by cocoonclub
Tiger & Woods

Expect an orgy of edits on the secretive duo's mix for us.

Tiger and Woods Resident Advisor Podcast (RA.239) by warmhq

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[00:00] Pop & Eye - Can't Let Bluto
[08:00] Clyde Brown - Your Wish Is My Command (edit)
[15:00] Super Value - Special Edits 5 (A1) (original: the following)
[19:30] Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - Back Together Again
[22:30] Shalamar - A Night To Remember (edit)
[26:00] Alphabet City Edits - I'd Like Too
[29:00] Patrice Rushen - Never Gonna Give You Up (edit)
[35:45] Ray Mang & Nathan D'troit - Off Side (edit)
[45:00] Justin Vandervolgen - Nice Costume
[51:00] Ben Sun - Salty Tears
[58:00] Britney Spears - Boys (edit)
[1:00:00] ???
[1:04:00] Pop & Eye - Spinach Spaceship (original: Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance)
[1:11:00] Starshine - All I Need Is You (edit)
[1:13:30] Starshine - All I Need Is You (Vocal Mix)
[1:18:00] Collage - Romeo Where's Juliet (edit)
via www.residentadvisor.net

LiquidVibe - Video Mix Xmas 2010 from FunkyVibe on Vimeo.
No download.

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[1]D Bridge - Simplest Thing
[2]Marky & XRS - Striptease
[3]Jenna G - Lost In Music
------------> Heist - Plan B
[4]Marky & XRS - Breeze
[5]Stunna and Sol.ID - State of Urgency
[6]Calibre - Bluetop
[7]Submorphics - Revelations
[8]Dj Marky & Bungle - No Time To Love
------------> Commix - Belleview
[9]Mutt - You Say (dub)
[10]Eveson - Food For Thought
[11]Operon - Airports
------------> Commix - Strictly
[12]Bcee & Lomax - Letting Go

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1.Mouly – Fall Into You
2.Blue Sonix – Move Up Close
3.Logistics – Front To Back
4.Aquasky – Do Anything
5.Phobia – Quartet
6.Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Rasta Blasta
7.High Contrast – St. Ives
8.Dice – Gimme Your Love
9.Xample & Bane – Influence
10.The Insiders – Down Low
11.Junior Cartel – Sonic Soul
12.High Contrast – Make It Tonight
13.Jagged Edge – Rock Baby (TC1 & Stress Level Remix)
14.Blue Sonix – Move Me
15.The Insiders – Chinese Whispers
16.Natural – Reaching Out (Phobia Remix)
17.Davide Carbone & Kubiks – Totally Distracted
18.Greg Packer – Devotion
19.Sardi Feat. Kristi – What A Night
20.Aquasky – Floor 2 Floor
21.X-Plorer – Doin’ It Right
22.Logistics – Kaleidoscope
23.Ikon – China Crash
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Liquidfunk Classics Vol 2 X-Mas Edition by Deepsoul

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1.Mav - Ocean Phantom
2.Icicle - Can't Be
3.Autumn - It's Always About The Girl
4.Lenzman - String City
5.London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music (Nu:Tone Remix)
6.Solid State - Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & St. Files Remix)
7.Safair Skc - Free My Soul
8.Explorer - Doin It Right
9.Well Being - Darling Heart
10.Atlantic Connection - Diamonds & War
11.Electrosoul System - On The Beach
12.Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix)
13.Logistics - The Trip
14.Bachelors Of Science Feat. Brooklyn - Wicked Ways
15.Brother - Say It Loud
16.Peyo - Old Times
17.Atlantic - Connection - Evening Star
18.London Elektricity - Wishing Well (Danny Byrd Remix)
19.Makoto - Eastern Dub Part I
20.Sinistarr & Kiat - Black Diamonds
21.Calibre - Why Time
22.Well Being - Lend Me Your Troubles
23.Lenzman & Redeyes - Thieves In The Night
24.Bulletproof - Rising Sun
92:38Min // 192kbps

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01. Dynamik & Pouyah - Make Me Feel / Think Deep
02. Quantrek - Sign / Collective Uncounscious
03. Command Strange - U Can't Touch This / Fokuz
04. Glen E. Ston - Talk To Me / Influenza Media Ltd.
05. Lenzman - String City / Fokuz
06. Total Science Ft. Riya - Redlines / Critical
07. Glen E. Ston - Above The Clouds / Influenza Media Ltd.
08. ATP Ft. Freshman - Northern Lights / Point Audio
09. Atmospherix & Eros - Groover / Influenza Media Ltd.
10. Calculon & Cybass - Relapse / Urban Chemistry
11. Seba - Never Let You Go / Warm Communications
12. Seba - Painted Skies / Secret Operations
13. Lenzman - Ice Cold Soul / C.I.A.
14. Blu Mar Ten - My Heart / Free Release
15. Lenzman Ft. Riya - Bittersweet Pt.2 / Shogun Audio
16. Qumulus & Atmospherix - Soul Things / Have-A-Break
17. Lenzman & Redeyes - Thieves In The Night / Integral
18. Pouyah - Change Me / All Street Recordings
19. Well Being - Storms By Street Light / Influenza Media


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1) Atjazz – From Me To You
2) Sole Kitchen – From Your Soul (Original Mix)
3) Be – Pass It On
4) Louie Vega – Vega 1
5) Office Gossip – Imperfect Variations (Var.III)
6) Nathan G – Hands Up For The Count
7) Eddy Meets Yannah – Follow Me (Ezel Remix Dub)
8) Nathan G – Inner Spirit
9) Maddslinky – Special (Atjazz Remix)
10) Fuminori Kagajo ft Adeola Ranson – Piece Of Heaven (Sean McCabe Dub Mix)
11) Sakura & Co ft Sharon Brow – Rejoyce (Sean McCabe Dub Mix)
12) Christo – The Trust Is Gone (Christo’s Re-rub)
13) Paolo Martini & Paul C – Special One
14) Tony Lionni – Always There
15) Belocca, Soneec, Chris Laur & Canard – Homework
16) Daisuke Miyamoto – Skyliner
17) Thor – Don’t Stop
18) Joey Negro pres Akabu – Another World (Andre Lodemann Remix)
19) Huxley – Cobourg (Agnes Mix)

Excellent mix! Pitty it's just 33 minutes long.

Raoul Belmans Tape Tape Mini Mix December 2010 by Raoul Belmans

Recorded this teaser especially for the upcoming 'Tape Tape Night' in Café D'Anvers (Antwerp, Belgium) on X-mas eve December 24th. This will only be online until the end of the year so grab it while you can. Happy holidays to you!!
Compiled & Mixed By Osunlade @ The House Of Mila, Berlin.

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01 Isolee’ “Celeste”
02 Ofak “On Our Way”
04 Frankie Valentine “Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
05 Future Licks “Never Never” (Christo Remix)
06 Smallpeople “Meadows”
07 Zac Cimi “Jaguar Sun”
08 John Roberts “Hesitate”
09 Brandy “Ritual” (Atjazz Deep Order Re-Edit)
10 Marcelus “Utopia”
11 Stimming “Change”
12 No Regular Play “Serious Heat”
13 Ron Trent “Open Road”

DJ FRIDD - Liquid Sessions Takeover by Drum Kraft

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Quincy - Utah Jazz: White Label
Hear no Evil - Eveson: Spearhead
Found a Groove - Eveson: Liquid V
Like it is - Calibre: Innerground Records
Golden Girl - Makoto Ft MC Conrad: Goodlooking Records
One DJ - A Sides: Clearskyz
Up All Night - John B: Metalheadz
Three's a Crowd - Artificial Intelligence Ft DBridge: V Records
Your Love - Original Sin: Playaz
Simply - Eveson: Channel 82
Thing's Have Changed - Mutt & Visionary Ft Kevin King: Soundtrax
If You Want My Love - Intelligent Manners: Grid Recordings
Don't Want Your Love - Calibre: Samurai Music
Moonlight Land - Electro Soul System: Subtitles
Travelling - Appaloosa: Earth (Goodlooking Records)
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Best of 2010 Studio Mix - Komatic by Komatic

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Bcee & S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There (spearhead)
Dave Owen - Feeling Kinda Blue (infuence)
Random Movement - Waterlogged (innerground)
Command Strange - Rainbow In Your Hand (fokuz)
Calibre - All You Got (signature)
Lenzman - Take It Back (shogun ltd)
Phil Tangent - Lunar (soul : r)
Lenzman ft. Riya - Open Page (metalheadz)
Basher, Deep & Shavie - Reflections (subtitles)
All Thieves - Stars (zero tolerace remix) (footprints) (subtitles)
Total Science ft. Riya - Red Lines (Break remix) (critical)
Vicious Circle & Universal Project - Snorkel (siren)
Artificial Inteligence - Pigeon Hole (v recordings)
Culture Shock - Bad Red (ram)
S.P.Y - By Your Side (logistics remix) (spearhead)
Sigma - Baltimore (breakbeat kaos)
Grafix - Holding On (cue recordings)
Technicolour & Komatic - Skyline Boulevard (technique)
Technicolour - The New You (dub)
Technicolour & Komatic - The Entire City (bassdrive tunes)
Break ft. Calyx & Teebee - Don't Look Down (symmetry)

R.I.S.A - Happy christmas everybody mix [] by RISA

No tracklist.
Download (aif format - 764MB - if you can't play downloaded file in winamp, download aif input plugin for winamp from here)

Christmas Mix 2010 by Martin Haberland

Christmas present straight from Slovakia mixed by Martin Haberland.

I wish you a merry Christmas! Thanks to all your support during the whole year!


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01.matt flores - tempted
02.frank spangler - forever and a day
03.nathan g - future proof / boogie rapture mix
04.tornado wallace - paddlin
05.6th borough project - hang on
06.jay shepheard - end of part one
07.walter jones - i am loved
08.6th borough project - the formula
09.space ranger - crystal coffee
10.eddie c - tell me / tornado wallace
11.nils penner - rushmore
12.i:cube - falling
13.roberto rodriguez - thank you / sasse remix
24 December 2010
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Ben Westbeech

FACT Mix 208 - Ben Westbeech (Dec '10) by factmag

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Yellow Sunset (Hofoku remix) – Audison
Amnesia Haze – Butch
Lucky Bastard (Dub) – Dj T
Kiss the sky – Kink
If I ever feel better (accapella) – Phoenix
Closed Circus (Mark Henning Remix) – Lee Jones
Deep rising deeper – Andreas Saag
Let’s ride – Junei
Transition – Sound Like Hugo
Yellow Aceed – Murat Killic
Left – Marek Hemmann
Harlem one stop (accapella) – Bimbo Jones
The voyage (feat Marcus) – Subculture
Beat Brulee – d o m
Baby let’s love – Mano Letough
Out of the Blue – Gap Band
via www.factmag.com
No tracklist at the moment.

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Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - In The City (Original Mix) - Off
Fritz Zander - For Your Love - Suol
James Johnston - She's Gone - Undertones
Lovebirds - The Rain (Instrumental) - Teardrop
Maya Jane Coles - Humming Bird - Hypercolour
Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room (TMB & Jerome Sydenham Dub) - Objektivity
Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix) - Innervisions
Skaggs & Joplin - 1am Dance – Golden State Recordings
Mood II Swing Feat. Tara J - Passing Time (Ramon Tapia Smooth Edit) – Strictly Rhythm
Mos Def - Umi Says (Roy Davis Jr Remix) – Unreleased
51 Days – Paper Moon – Touché
Terry Lee Brown Jr.
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Highway Records official podcast by Terry Lee Brown Junior — maestro of deep house music, worldwide known for his fantastic EPs and compilations on Plastic City.

Terry Lee Brown Junior appeared on Highway Records in 2009 with his amazing remix of BarBQ “My Pink Motor Boat”.

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1. Tim Reaper & Imagery - The Things You Say [Dub]
2. Kator - Morning Tram [Dub]
3. Command Strange - Sunrise [Dub]
4. Tyler Straub - Litlle Boat [Santorin]
5. Stereotype - Last Night [Westbay]
6. Broken Drum – Soul Dancing [Subfuzion]
7. Calibre – Rose [Signature]
8. Komatic - When You Come Home [Dub]
9. D-Kay & Concept - For Love or Money [Brigand]
10. Euphorics - Gambling With Hearts [Dub]
11. A.I. feat. Steo – Let It Be [V Recordings]
12. Flowrian - Balance [Dub]
13. Calculon & Flaco - All The Time [Dub]
14. ATP – In Your Stride [Dub]
15. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul [Westbay]
16. ATP - Shibuya Nights (Jungle VIP) [BDTunes]

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Soul Deep Recordings is a new label that will launch in late february 2011. The label will focus on the deeper side of dnb.

Subsid & L-Side-”The Only Star” [Soul Deep Dub]
Subsid & L-Side-”Show Me the Way” [Soul Deep Dub]
Duoscience-”My Story” [Soul Deep Dub]
MJT & Soultec-”Chasing Shadows” [Soul Deep Dub]
Jrumhand-”Mui Ne” [Soul Deep Dub]
Jaybee-”Hey Lady” [Soul Deep Dub]
DJ Blade-”1,000 Regrets” [Soul Deep Dub]
MJT-”Rollin’ Smooth” [Soul Deep Dub]
mSdos & MJT-”Happy Hours” [Soul Deep Dub]
DJ Blade & MJT-”Searching Myself” [Soul Deep Dub]
Phat Playaz-”Roll” [Soul Deep Dub]
Phat Playaz-”Aquafunk” [Soul Deep Dub]
Scott Allen & Deeper Connection-”Parallel Universe” [Soul Deep Dub]
Beat 70-”Over & Over” [Soul Deep Dub]
Scott Allen & Beat 70-”Be With You” [White]
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After a one month break I managed to record new Random Movement Radio show. I don't have much time to record it anymore so if anybody else is able to record it for me continuously please let me know, I will be very happy! The broadcast time of the show is on wednesday 6-8 pm est (USA), 23.00-01.00 GMT (UK, Ireland) and 00.00-02.00 GMT+1 (Paris, Prague, Bratislava). I will also give you simple instructions how to rip the show (using streamripper plugin for winamp).
128kbps // 108MB // 118:43min
Check out more Random Movement mixes here.

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01. Wiretappeur - My Real Name Is [Bedrock]
02. The Cabronistas - Deep Thang [Hearbeat]
03. Evren Ulusoy - Believe [Kolour]
04. Tonkproject - Deeper Than My Soul [Deepclass]
05. Evren Ulusoy - Pon Farr [Undercool]
06. JML - Into The Wild (Peter Horrevorts Big Five Remix) [Vibrating Balance]
07. Jimmy, Fer Ferrari - Back To Buenos Aires [Solid Fabric]
08. Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - Singing In The Bathtub [Loco]
09. Apologist - Violator (Latenta Project Remix) [Proton]
10. Simon Garcia - Raw War [Laka Tosh]
11. Alain Ho feat. Marlene - Je Pense A Toi (Kruse & Nürnberg Remix) [Composite]
79:46min // 128kbps // 73MB

Laurent Dupré_December mix 2010 by Laurent Dupré

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1. Bruce Springsteen: State trooper (Trentemoller remix/Djuma Sound System edit)
2. Jimpster: Inside The Loop
3. Laurent Dupré: Kolomenskoye
4. Chymera: Dreamrunner (Funk D'Void remix)
5. Lovebirds: Keep comin
6. Akabu: Another World (Andre Lodemann remix)
7. Djuma Sound System: Bipolar (NOIR dop edit)
8. Matthias Meyer: Infinity
9. Arno E. Mathieu: Horse tears (Markus Enochson remix)
via www.liveatfocus.com

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Deep Space Orchestra - Clockwork Ninja - Use Of Weapons
? - Most Of This Moment (Isolée Remix) - MOTM01
Chymera - Curl - Dirt Crew
Esa & Mervin Granger - Luxarama - Rememory02
Stuffa - Proof (FCL Remix) - Trunkfunk
Bassfort - Last Night - Freerange
Joy Orbison - Ladywell - Doldrums
Seal - Weight Of My Mistakes (Jimpster Remix)
Kaspar - Watchado (DJ Nature Dub) - Groovement
The Zohar - M.F.B.S - Quintessentials

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The Disclosure Project
320kbps // 107:02min // 245MB
I am glad I can present you today the second part of Doddiblog Podcast. The guest mix is by one of my long time favorite deep house DJ and producer duo - The Disclosure Project which consists of JP Phillippe and Mr. Jones. They run their own record label Disclosure Project Recordings with a big catalogue of great EPs and a roster of artists like Frankman, James Teej, Jon Silva, Save. As, Neurotron, Office Gossip and many many more... You can find some of their previously published DJ mixes on doddiblog here.
You can find the first episode of the Doddiblog Podcast here.
Also big thanks goes to my very talented buddy Jack StillSoft! who provided cover for the podcast and made my new logo as well.
I hope you enjoy the mix like I did!
The tracklist and short bio of The Disclosure Project after the jump.
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A two man team producing electronic house, deep, minimal and soulful.
The guys are self confessed obsessive musicians and producers, utilising as many electronic gadgets and software as they can use with ten fingers. Always working with current hot artists and labels on new tracks and remixes and always busy in the studio for international releases.
Signed to various labels such as : Acryl, Aquamarine, Body Rhythm, Behaviors, Disclosure project, Deepclass, Deepology, Elevation, Night Drive, Pesto, Proton and many others including major label licenses like EMI/Sony/Plastic City/Zyx/universal/BMG etc...
Remixers of Blaze, Tom Pooks, Burnski, Jannae Jordan, Ross Couch, The Messenger and many more are already available plus some major upcoming remixes yet to be released.

Aquarell - Circus - Original (Night Drive Ltd)
JP Phillippe - Inner Joy - (Disclosure Project Recordings)
Ocean Gaya - Somethings - Disclosure Project Mix (Acryl)
Marvin Zeyss - Watch Me Falling Down - original (Disclosure Project Recordings)
Replika - My Burning Soul - Original (Sophisticated)
The Messenger - No More Lies - Original (iRecords)
Da Funk - Gloomy Scene - Pablo Fierro Dub (Acryl)
D Nox & Beckers - Call Me - Evren Ulusoy Something Deeper Remix (Unreleased)
Satoshi Fumi - Java - Dub_Mix (Proton Music)
klartraum - Angelo - Original (Lucidflow)
Yohan Esprada - Pain Qui Rend Fou - Moxy Street Rolling Baguette Remix (Deso records)
Addex - Heart Opacity - The Disclosure Project Remix (Etoka Records)
The Disclosure Project - Evolution Will Come - (Unreleased)
Mr Jones - Cut One - Original (Night Drive Ltd)
Greg Stainer - Keep It Real - Davidson Ospina Remix - (Stained)
Moodymann - Music People - (KDJ)
Franc Spangler - Forever A Dub Beats - (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Hall & Oates - I Cant Go For That - Lehman & Minus remix - Mr Jones Re-edit (Unreleased)
Jay Eff vs Frankman - Love Thang - Ron Deacon Remix (FM Musik)
Stephen Hoellerman - The Hum (Motivic)
Markus Homm - Integration (Night Drive)
Franc Spangler - Forever A Day (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Henry Gilles - Oscar Likes Deep House (FM Musik)
Tonk Project - Believe In Me (Behaviors)
The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (Philadelphia International)

R.I.S.A - December sides by RISA

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1.System - Speed of light
2.Submorphics - ???
3.Alicia Keys - UnThinkable (Lenzman Bootleg)
4.Brookes Brothers - Last night
5.Electrosoul System - To my galaxy (Makoto remix)
6.Paul SG & Andy Sim - Indigo
7.Break - Everything Counts
8.Logistics - Babe
9.London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
10.London elektricity - Hanging rock
11.Alix Perez - Crown city
12.Break - Between The Lines (ft. Sp-Mc)
13.Pessimist - Whispers of scandal (S.P.Y remix)
14.Zero T feat Script - Guessing Games
15.Spectrasoul - Guardian
16.Alix Perez - Behind times
17.Alix Perez - Down The Line (Break Rmx)
18.Calibre feat Lairman - Tru Beat
19.Makoto & Specialist - Different story
20.Mc Conrad & Furney - Drum tools
21.Apex - Inner space
22.Nu Tone - Mrs Jones
23.Paul SG - Lonely
24.Phors - Show Me Right
25.Submorphics - ???
26.Sinistarr - Blue thumb

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Resident mix
1. House Device - sweet flute
2. Arco - Melody of love (lucas keizer remix)
3. Jordi Bouman - Fall Into Me (Scope Remix)
4. Arco - Give you up
5. kid Broke - A deeper shade of you (Originalmix)
6. Cristian Manolo and Luca Rutigliano - Night of love forever (House device fly mix)

JP Phillippe guest mix
1. Roy Mclaren - Bowled Over (Ballet mechanic Remix) [Disclosure project recordings]
2. The Disclosure Project - 2 Deep (Original) [Disclosure project recordings]
3. JP Phillippe - In Old Chicago (Original [Unreleased Promo]
4. Cassius - Sound Of Violence (Chris Minus Deep Fried Remix)[Unreleased Promo]
5. The Disclosure Project - Freak When Seees (Andy Mowat Remix) [Disclosure project recordings]
6. Mad & spectral - Can’t Get Enough (Addex Remix) [Disclosure project recordings]
7. AM (Masahiro Mihara) - Aqua - (Chris minus Remix) [Disclosure project recordings]
8. Elastic Sound - Moscow after Autumn Rain - JP Phillippe Remix [Aqua Marine]
9. The Disclosure Project - Freak When Seees - (Mr jones & JPs Unreleased Edit) [Unreleased Promo]
10. Ross Couch - Do It Deeper (Beat-apella) [Body Rythme]
11. DJ Mary & MDR - Running (Alvaro Hylander Remix)[Behaviors]

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
Random Movement - Untitled
Eveson - Sweetness
Phil Tangent - Heartfelt Apology
dRamatic & dbAudio - Stowaway
Flaco - Got to Have
Will Miles - You Break My Heart
Paul T & Edward Oberon - The Time
Qumulus, dRamatic & dbAudio - Music is Meditation
Random Movement - Purple Getaway
Paul SG & Calculon - Hear Thru Me
Eveson - Wicked Dub
Duo Science - Infinite
Lenzman & Treez - Stellar feat. Jo-s
Random Movement - Hotter Measures
Tokyo Prose - Saving Grace
Random Movement & Soundscape - Untitled
Lenzman - Mass Effect
Paul T & Survival - Sunshine
Eveson - Peace
dRamatic & dbAudio - River Emotion
Dave Allison
Some great deep house vibes for wednesday!

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01: Bobby Dabic- Despina (Alexander Holland Remix)- Kinjo
02: Chaton- 91 Ahead Session 4 (Quarion's BRKLYN Version)- Plak
03: Discreet Unit- Shake your Body Down -Prime Numbers
04: Polarsets -Morning (Giom Remix) -8 Second
05: Jef K & Gwen Maze- Want You Back- Silver Network
06: Quarion- I Found You on Facebook Edit -Drumpoet Community
07: Boo Williams- Eternal Mind -Rush Hour
08: Tommy Largo- No Secrets - Guesthouse
09: IMPS, Decoy, Minilogue -Almost Live But Definitely Plugged (Move D remix)- Mule
10: Till Von Stein -61 Paths to Find Ur Lover -Dirt Crew
11: Loin Brothers- Garden Of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Remix)- Future Classic
12: Joss Moog- My MPC Gently Weeps -Robsoul
13: No Regular Play- Smiling Faces (Soul Clap) -Wolf & Lamb
14: Lump - Riding -Amplified
15 December 2010
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320kbps // 74:54min

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01- Groove Cocktail - Deep Touch (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Mix) - Seamless
02- Giom and Derek Dunbar - Poulet Gauffre (Giom Mix) - Amenti Music
03- Atnarko - Close your Eyes (Soul Minority Mix) - Onethirty
04- Tommy Largo - No Secrets (Original Mix) - Guesthouse
05- Freaky Behaviour - Turn Down The Heat EP (Mr.Clean is Really Hot) - Clean House
06- Vernon and Dacosta feat Corrina Joseph - All For One (Original Mix) - Homecoming Music
07- Karol XVII, MB Valence - Maruda (Gorge S Summer Vibes Remix) - Loco Records
08- Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Shogun (Do You Remember) (Jimpster Remix) - Toolroom Trax
09- Maya Jane Coles - Simple Things (Original Mix) - Real Tone
10- Noir - Africanism (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
11- Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker - Kinderteller (Original Mix) - Ovum
12- Aura - Excited State (Ben Jam Remix) - Illegal Cargo
13- Sandwich Chris - I Ain't - Promo
14- NTFO - Adjective - Sintope Digital

Dylan Drazen - Deep Cover (Studio DJ Set) by Dylan Drazen

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Rene Breitbarth - Airy - Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth - Widescreen - Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth - Ready - Deep Data
Alex Sosa - Go Deep - Alma Soul
W!ld Mr. K - Now Now I'm Dancing - Bloop
Okain - Scream (Nina Kraviz Remix) - Tsuba
Chris Wood & Meat - Back Down (Sascha Dive's Chunky Dub) - Murmur
Sascha Dive - The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues - Raum...musik
Sascha Dive - Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix) - Ornaments
Rocco - Someday (NJ Mix) - Real Tone
Patrick Specke - Bitchual Linestepper - Desolat
BLM - Nacho - Fear Of Flying
Mathias Kaden - Roots (Luna City Express/Matthias Tanzmann Rmx) - Vakant R
Tanov - Lajoue (Okain Remix) - Freshliss
Pho - Border Food - Full Flavor
SLG feat. Smolny - Feeling 4 U (Catz 'n Dogz Remix) - Pets
LawnChair Generals & Alexander East - Talk To Me (Giom Dub)
Portrait - Here We Go Again (Bootleg House Mix)
Sueno Soul feat. Denzie - What You Want (Tom Conrad Dub) - Adaptation
James Johnston - She's Gone - Kolour
Shur-i-kan vs Milton Jackson - I Want It (Shur-i-kan Mix) - Freerange
Samantha James - Waves of Change (Nikola Gala Remix) - OM
Inaya Day & Ralf Gum - Lose My Worries - Gogo Music
13 December 2010
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hotfile.com mirror
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1. Chymera - These Jagged Shards - Connaisseur
2. Solarity - Hunted - Urban Torque
3. Falko Brocksieper - Frantic Formula - Treibstoff
4. Pawas - It's Working - Mina Records
5. Makam - You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Remix) - Sushitec
6. Matthias Vogt - I Dreamed The Impossible (Wiretrappeur Remix) - Dieb Audio
7. Andres Aguirre - Clouds - Urban Torque
8. Motorcitysoul: Manic Mondays (Motorcitysoul Dub) - BCBtec
9. Lifelike feat. Yota - Love Evolution - Computer Science
10. Tom Middleton - Gliding (D&B Remix) - Urban Torque
Download link no longer available. Sorry.

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Live mix from Matt of Digital Project at the Pull-In Underwear St Tropez Pool Party held at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg on the 27th of November 2010.

Picking up the tempo as the sun started to set...

1.Benny Blanko - Put Your Hands feat. Pedro Polanski
2.Fritz Zander - Lose Yourself
3.Andrew Chibale - Mango Biche (The Quest (Original Deep Mix))
4.Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Remix)
5.Marques Wyatt - For those who like to get down
6.Grand Tourism - Snakeplayer
7.Chuck Love - Livin At Night (Jimpster Remix)
8.Yvel & Tristan - Nuyen (Nuyen)
9.Layo And Bushwacka - Life2live (feat. Green Velvet)
10.Ron Deacon - Tune In (Ingo Sänger & Henry L's Dirty Disco Dub)
11.Linkwood, House Of Traps - Barely Eagle
12.Alain Ho - Season´s Change (Original Mix)
13.Maurice Aymard - Put Some For Jules (Gui Boratto Striped Mix)
the revenge

Melbourne Deepcast 029: The Revenge by Melbourne Deepcast

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Anthony Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimension Controller Remix)
Nile Delta – All This (Tornado Wallace Remix)
Thomson Twins – The Saint (8th St Dub)
Michael J Collins & Ly Sander – No Response (Deep Space Orchestra Mix)
7 Citizens – Watson’s Party Seven
Iron Curtis – Till You Go (Basement Dub)
Aqua Bassino – Dancin’ (Jays Main Mix)
Nikola Gala – I Get You
Marco Passarani – Colliding Bonus Star
Faze Action – I Wanna Dancer (The Revenge Remix)
Runaway – Broken Man (Live)
Roman IV – La Paloma
Simon Baker – Too Slow (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Mix)
D.O.M. – Livevil
Altered Natives – Heavenly Melodies
9West – Broken
Evan Evans – Repetition (John Daly Remix)
Great deep house mix straight from Czech Republic mixed by DJ Fun.

dj fun - deep (live @ Jose) by djfun

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1. Tafubar – The Wicked Thoughts (Pete Phunk Rhodes Mix)
2. XJN – Back Home
3. Lumiere – Mama Said (Fun&Richie Highway Remix)
4. Fred Everything – Lying to you (Vernon&Dacosta Dub)
5. Francesco Diaz – Say A Little Prayer (Terry Lee Brown dub)
6. Joshua Heath – Monday Blues (Yogi&Husky Tech Wash)
7. Matthew Bandy – Harlem Groove
8. Makam – New York G
9. Osunlade – Momma´s Groove (Jimpster Hip Mix)
10. Evolve – The Way Back (Jay J Shifted Mix)
11. Ben Watt – Lone Cat (Groove Junkies Remix)
12. Daniel Kyo – Hypnotized
13. The Messenger - Exposures


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01. Zed Bias (feat. Jenna G) – Wait for you (dub)
02. Adred – 2 hrs (dub)
03. Seba & Physics – Before I can breathe (Secret Operations dub)
04. Decem – Cyclons (dub)
05. DJ Clart – Street Dreams (Influenza Media dub)
06. Celerity & DBR UK - Sonic Step (Future Thinkin dub)
07. Tokyo Prose - All You Want (Samurai Red Seal dub)
08. Calculon & Flaco - All The Time (dub)
09. Artificial Intelligence (feat. Jenna G) - Unforgettable (V Recordings)
10. Stereotype – Green Light Booty (dub)
11. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable [Lenzman bootleg] (white)
12. Dave Owen & Glen E Stone – Untitled (dub)
13. Sinistarr – Aquamech (dub)
14. Spectrasoul (feat. D-bridge) - Glimpse (Shogun)
15. Jaybee & Sinistarr - Should I (dub)
16. Random Movement - When You Come Alive (Innerground)
17. Commix – Cold Kiss (Metalheadz dub)
18. Raw_Q – Hope (dub)
19. Decem – 270 days without you (dub)
20. Sinistarr & Redeyes - Solar 9 (Metalheadz dub)
21. Random Movement - Escape From a Past Life (dub)
22. Edward Oberon - Welcome to the Machine (dub)
23. Flaco - Gimme that [bootleg] (dub)
24. Trigon - Transform Ya Remix (dub)
25. Baby D - I need your loving (J Rome remix) (dub)
26. Random Movement - Bandaids (Innerground)
27. Jubei & Alix Perez – Distrust (Metalheadz)
28. Jubei - Alignment (Metalheadz)
29. Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour (Hospital)
30. Damien Marley - Road To Zion [Atlantic Connection remix] (dub)
31. Sade - No Ordinary Love [Beatchemist Bootleg] (dub)
32. Squash - P Style (Intrigue)
33. Random Movement - Scotch Bonnet (Intrigue)
34. Marky & XRS - LK (No Scrubs bootleg) (dub)
No download for this one. Last track is dope!

Downtown Party Network - Little Mountain Rocks @ 3FM Holland 2010-12-04 by eskimorecordings

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1. Lovebirds - Want You In My Soul (Hot Toddy dub)
2. Penguin Prison - Golden Train (DiskJokke remix)
3. Paskal Urban Absolutes - Need Love (Henry L remix)
4. Marco Passarani - Colliding Star (bonus)
5. Perfect Motion (Nacho Marco dub)
6. Marlow feat. Comixxx & Knixx - Put Off
7. AFMB - Backup Days
8. Black Van - Moments Of Excellence
9. Tape To Tape - Pure Easy
10. Holy Ghost - Say My Name (The Revenge remix)

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
1. Command Strange - Summer Breeze (Fokuz)
2. Roy Green - Soulful Brotherhood (dUb)
3. Twist Project & Subsid - One Half feat.Di Moreira (dUb)
4. Jaybee & Duoscience - Wonderful Life (dUb)
5. D.A. - Affectionizm .Feat Dru Hil (NexGen)
6. Duoscience - Infinite (dUb)
7. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Have A Little Faith (dUb)
8. Paul SG - Casanova (Blu Saphir Recs)
9. Sonny Jim & Sleaze - The Long Road [Tidal Re-wire] (Eat Good Records)
10.Undersound - Ghosts (dUb)
11.In sight & Digital Hunters - Mini Monkey (V Records)
12.B4ssTee - Show It To Me (Textures Music)
13.Lm1 - Changing My Consciousness (dUb)
14.Broken Drum - The Other Side (TMG dUB)
15.mSdoS - By Cough (Echowide dUb)
16.Scott Allen - Thinking About You (Textures Music dUb)
17.Steez - So Right (Aquasion RMX) (Textures Music)
18.mSdoS - Philosophies (??? ???)
19.Phil Tangent - Pleasure Trip (dUb)
20.Static - Troubled Land (??? ???) ---> TUNE OF MONTH <---

1. DJ Clart w/ mSdoS - Obstacles [Have-a-break]
2. DJ Clart w/ Reza - The Chances [influenza Media]
3. DJ Clart w/ Dave Owen- Deep Cover [Jazz sticks]
4. DJ Clart w/ Vortex- Ethos [Vampire]
5. DJ Clart - The Hatch [IM.ltd]
6. DJ Clart - Demons [ Sounds trax]
7. Giocator - Simply Complicated (DJ Clart remix) [Peer Pressure]
8. DJ Clart w/ Kiat - Chumps [Qilin]
9. DJ Clart w/ Jnr Blu - Experience [Syncopix]
10. DJ Clart - Brick City [Peer pressure]
11. DJ Clart w/ Paul SG - Rhodesomes [Jazz sticks]
12. DJ Clart w/ Fats - Good Sound technicions [N.A]
13. DJ Clart - Low Class [iamyourfather]
14. DJ Clart - Hangin' [liquid Brilliants]
15. DJ Clart w/ Elijah John - Love Misunderstanding [N.A]
16. DJ Clart - Street Dreams [Influenza Media]
17. DJ Clart - Untitled [N.A]
18. Lenzman w/ Treez + Jo-s - Stellar [Subtitles]
19. D.A, DJ Clart & mSdoS - Disco Infernale [Nexgen]
20. Dave Owen w/ DJ Clart - Letting Go [N.A]
Fresh episode of Griftedradio hosted by Paul SG featuring Grimm. Check out previous Griftedradio shows here.
And here you have second mix by Black Van! Again no download :/

Black Van' s Feelin' it DJ Mix by Black Van
No download for this one unfortunately. Great nu-disco deep house mix by Kris Menace & KoweSix (one half of Moonbootica) aka Black Van.

Black Van's True Love Mix by ///Shift

And here's one of their tune (actually they have just 2 releases so far). You could heard it in awesome Penguin's Prison mix.


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The Mole – Oh my stomach /musique risuee 05:08
Âme – Rrose Sélavy /innervisions 06:45
Akabu – Another World (A.Lodemann Rmx) /z records 07:41
John Daly – Big Piano /drumpoet comm. 04:31
Sweet n Candy – For those who know /rompecebaza 04:35
Marcel Knopf – Lone gone home /clap your hands 05:18
Phil&Dan – Regulato (Hector Couto Remix) /pooledmusic 05:39
Cellule Eat – Koala /minibar 03:57
Ideal – Schöne Frau mit Geld (Lo Soul Remix) /l.a.r.j. 05:11
T.E.E.D – Garden (Jesse Rose Rmx) /play it down 04:14
S.Parker & Ian Pooley – Jolesch /ovum rec. 05:11
Chris Simmonds – No more talking /crosssection 03:15

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
1. spy - by your side
2. ???
3. Logistics & Ill Skillz - Notes From the Block
4. ???
5. Marcus intalex & spy - paulista dub
7. total science - squash - spy remix
8. Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix)
9. ???
10. SPY - Favela vip
11. zero 7 - in the waiting line - spy remix
12. spy & total science - gangster - RE-EDIT
13. ???
14. atlantis - marky spy remix
15. alicia keys - unthinkable - spy VIP ! WOW!
16. survival - sky - break remix
17. spy total science - legion -
18. SPY - Fields of Joy
19. Eastcolours, Noel & Enei - Cracker
20. ???
21. vicious circle - snorkel
22. ???
23. ???
24. spy - sabotage
25. SPY & Kasra - Surface
26. Krakota - Be Myself
27. ???
28. dynamic ft kathy brown - compassion
29. ???
30. lenzman - masquerade - die interface remix
31. spy - stormtrooper
34. break - slow down
35. commix - justified - spectrasoul remix

Olivier Desmet December 2010 promo mix by Olivier Desmet
Update: reuploaded.

Grand Concourse-Podcast-Vol1.-soulTec by Grand Concourse Pod Cast

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1. Blade & Drumhand - Miles Of Jazz - Dub
2. Steez - Liquid Nights (Aquasion remix) - Textures Dub
3. Sight Unseen - FT - Dub
4. dRamatic & dbAudio - Mr Smith - Dub
5. Solid State - Just A Vision (Mist Remix)
6. SoulTec - Mahattan Skyline - Dub
7. Furney - Doobo Delaniv - Dub
8. Blade - Tambooroukie - Dub
9. dRamatic & dbAudio - It Happened Again - Dub
10. SoulTec, dRamatic & dbAudio - Smokers Suite - Jazzsticks Dub
11. Furney - Like It Like That - Dub
12. Dj Clart & Fu - Low Cawls - Dub
13. soulTec - Too Many Mountains - Phuzion Dub
14. soulTec - Blues Lick - Dub
15. Calibre - Fine As Dust - Signature
16. ATP - Autocratic Canibal - Dub
17. Godfarm & Acma - Bluetone (Makoto Remix) - He Digital
18. soulTec - Devil In The Detail - Dub
19. dRamatic & dbAudio - Times Gone - Dub
20. DV8 - Mombassa Nights - Phuzion Dub
21. Tidal - The Box - Dub

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
Grooveman Spot: "Think About" [Planet Groove]
Grooveman Spot: "Ponsonby Beat Down" [Planet Groove]
The Dead Rose Music Company: "The World Is In An Uproar" [TBC]
Fantastic Man: "Say What You Said" [forthcoming on Kolour Limited]
Cottam: "Untitled" [Cottam 4 / B-Side ]
Andy Ash: "Mason In My Basin" [Foto Recordings]
Nocturnal: "Southern Nights" [Disco Deviance]
Todd Terje: "Eurodans" [Full Pupp]
Alexander & Zoo Look: "Holdin' On" [TBC]
Sound Stream: "Deeper Love" [Sound Stream]
Daniel Solar: "Dirtiest Clean" (Delano's Dirty Dub) [forthcoming on Undertones]
04 December 2010
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Triple J Australia Radio Mix (80 Min Version) by The Revenge

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1. Homepark - On Me - 3rd Strike Recordings
2. Jaffa Surfa - Disco Z (The Revenge Remix) - Bosconi Records
3. Ilija Rudman - Night People (6th Borough Project Love Rub) - Instruments Of Rapture
4. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - Music (The Revenge Rework) - CDR
5. Dirt Crew - Deep Cover (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - Mood Music
6. Silicone Soul - Untitled - CDR
7. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Can't Have Everything - Circus Company
8. I.F.M. - Yes We Are (Bonus Deep Mix) - Drumpoet Community
9. Manolo - Lose Myself - Delusions Of Grandeur
10. The Revenge - Heavy Love - Instruments Of Rapture
11. Mario Basanov - Do You Remember? (The Revenge Drama Mix) - Future Classic
12. Hot Toddy - Down To Love - Smoke N' Mirrors
13. The Revenge - Night Flight - Jisco Music

Shur-i-kan In the Mix December 2010 by shurikan

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[Time] - [Artist] - [Title] - [Label]
00:00 - Awanto 3 - Get That Bdb - ?
04:00 - Lump - Walk With Me - Morris Audio
08:30 - Dinky - Twelve To Four - Funf
13:10 - Inland Knights - Slummin It - Drop Music
16:20 - Davidson Ospina ft MJ White - Well Of Love - Ospina Digital
20:10 - Juju feat Zakes Bantwini - Black Coffee (Andre Lodemann Mix) - City Deep
24:42 - Steve Bug - My Sweet Vital Angel - Ovum
29:30 - Bas Amro - Soundkilla - ?
34:40 - Dominic Martin - Tribal Tool - Tronicsole
37:40 - P'Taah - Fade Away (Silver City remix) - StreetKing
42:00 - Kevin Yost - Liquid Places - ?
45:30 - Russ Yallop - Queensbridge - ?
51:00 - dOP - L'Hopital, La Rue, La Prise (DJ Koze Remix) - Circus Company
53:40 - Stimming - For My Girl - Dynamic
57:10 - Shur-i-kan - By the River - Unreleased

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
001. Coldbreaker – Take Me Nowhere
002. Quantrek – Sign
003. Phat Playaz – Reader
004. Phat Playaz – Spirit Dance
005. Er.ic – Come Over
006. All Thieves – Stars(Zero T Remix)
007. Mutt & Generic Feat. Keving King – Conversations
008. Phat Playaz – Do What You Want
009. Mutt & Generic Feat. Keving King – Forget
010. Maldini Feat. Kyomi – Hide N Seek
011. LSB – Whispering Words
012. Commix – I Have You
013. LIS – Apple Fingers
via www.mcast.mercuryserver.com

Pol_On Show @ Sweat Lodge Radio (XI.2010) by Pol_On

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Huxley Ft. Sanna - Touch & Reach
Rick Wade - Creeper
Findling and Lihab - Stay Down
Lovebirds - The Rain (Steve Bug Remix)
Tuccillo - Oh Night (Yakine Remix)
Atnarko - Solid Ground (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)
Replika - Gamma Ray
Homework - I Got On - You're It (Mercury Remix)
Alex Amout - I Dont Need You
Marlon D - U.C. Anthem (Charles Webster Peak U.C. Mix)
Taras Van De Voorde - 1998 (Deetron Remix)
Culoe De Song - Far Away
Paul Diamond - Moon by PaulDiamond
Nice atmo deep house by Paul Diamond from Slovakia.

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
01. Paralleles - Eclosion (Nikosf Loves The Zone Remix)
02. Cassady Locke - The Loa (Oliver Deutschmann Mix)
03. Alex Sosa - Lentamente Me Mata
04. The Pressure, The Quasar - Take Me Over (Gorge Remix)
05. Phonogenic & Sasse - Chi Chi (Wiretappeur Remix)
06. Tini - Thats Right
07. Hakimonu - Ops Area
08. Youandewan - Gloaming
09. MVDV - Beau Rivage
10. Verano - Mindgames (Marc Cotterell Remix)
11. Pablo Bolivar - Out of Place

hotfile.com mirror
What a monster mix!!

Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.
Session Victiom - Million Dollar Feeling
Fritz Zander - Lose Yourselft
Jef K & Chris Carrier - I´M In Love Today
Ronda - Folana
Nebraska - Off Ramp
Andy Hart - Devoted
Kneedeep - All About Love (Lovebirds Dub)
Basement Jaxx - Wanna Get Down
Lovebirds - The Beast
Makam - When You Love Somebody
Madnus&Scogil - Carpet Vole
Soundstream - Makin Love
Soundstream - Good Soul
Lovebirds - The Rat
Kink&Neville - Blue Print
Axel Boman - Brass Fanatic
Axel Boman - Sell Your Soul
Holger Zilske - To Them To Me (Vincenzo Unreleased)
Soundstream - Love Jam
Nebraska - This Is The Way
Rondenion - Like A Child
Jazzanova - Belle
Almir Ricardi - Sao Paolo High Society
The Revenge - Get Up On It
Lovebirds - Keep Comin
Lovebirds - Where U Wanna Be
Roy Davis Jr - Watch Them Come
Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym

hotfile.com mirror
A long time ago I was thinking it would be great to have my own podcast, something I could host guest mixes of my favorite DJs, especially for doddiblog. Today is the day when this idea becomes a reality and I'm really happy for it! It won't have regular periodicity, so next episode could be in a week or two, maybe in a month or two. We will see...
My first guest mix is by Eric Scholwinski from Dallas, Texas, USA. I'm really glad he agreed to do mix for me because I know his work for quite long time (the first mix is dated 2007) and we share very similar taste for quality deep house music. Hope you'll enjoy this excellent mix just like me.
Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.
If you would like to be a next guest for my podcast send me the link to your mix with the track listing and don't upload the mix anywhere (exclusive to me). If I like it I'll post it as the next doddiblog podcast episode. And finally, here's the link for doddiblog podcast.
Bio of Eric Scholwinski and the track listing of the mix after the jump.
Update: added new cover. Thanks for this to my good friend who is also great designer - Jack StillSoft! If you need anything regarding desing don't hesitate and contact him!
Click "Read more..." to expand menu with the tracklist.

Over the past Decade,

Eric has become a House Hold name in Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas as a DJ, He is known for his signature style of Deep, Moody and Edgy House Music. He also Managed a local Record store located in Fort Worth and in Dallas called R-Type Records.

While Playing across the US and for some of House Music Premier DJ's, He has also contributed greatly to his local scene By bringing in new up-and-coming talent at his weekly residency: “Got House?” at Pharmacy and Minc Lounge on Sunday’s. Eric also holds a Monthly called "Lunar Tunes" at Zubar with Partner In Crime JV as well as Monthly at Absinthe Lounge called "Vibe".

Eric also host an Internet radio show every other Saturday from 3pm-4pmCST on www.myhouse-yourhouse.net

Blakkat Feat. Mark Bell - in this world (blakkat devotional) - Mild Pitch
Sian - Sei (Steve bug rmx) - Poker Flat
Donnacha Costello - Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Rmx) - Poker Flat
Hans Thalau - Me (Matthias Vogt Rmx) - Fresh Meat
Marvin Zeyss - Herz (Frankman Rmx) - FM Digital
Deep Sound Express - Deep Soul - Aquamarine
Matt Tolfrey & Inxec - Hollywood (Lee Curtiss Remix) - Culprit
Alain Ho - Seasons Change (Original Mix) - Rebirth
Wonky Dynamo - Never Loved (Shur-I-Kan Dub Mix) - Cunting Records
J. Axel - Every Part Of The World (Club Mix) - Plastic City