Tracklist/Description: New spring selection from my vault :) Thanx a lot for listening & sharing 🙏 Tracklisting: Huerta - Space Dolphins Fantastic Man - Low World Order Janeret - Sūpā Saiya-jin Liro - Perdido Cuatro Efe Souldynamic - Dawn Escape Aguila - Morning Slide Ne.Hau - My Soul ft. Lani (Hipp-E remix) Genius Of Time - Sunswell Felipe Gordon - The Love Paradiso Rhythm - U Won't C Me Man/ipulate - Eternity Donato Dozzy - Flusso Frederick - Ancient Velvet Dana Ruh - TJ Mornings Alex Danilov - Boopsy Moonee - Wabi Sabi Afterlife - Mahalo Craig Smith - Winter Sun Orlando Voorn - Deeper Shades Huerta - Steve's Limo Track Longroutesouls - To Nkosie(Dub) Genius Of Time - Purple Motus David Walters - Bow Down (Flabaire Remix) Session Victim - Dromedary Twist Wearing Shoes - Fly Me To Your Mood Craig Smith - A Place Promised Fort Romeau - The Truth (Ron Trent Remix)
21 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Ben Sims | Under Club | 23 febrero 2023
18 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: New year, new radio mixes. This is the very first of hopefully many on Radio Paradise in Paris. It's called "Invitation" and the very first one I invited myself and played a couple of records. This was broadcasted February 26th 2023 Enjoy! More Tooli :
Tracklist/Description: Playlist & download at Deeper Shades of House show #810 First hour mixed and presented by Lars Behrenroth Second hour exclusive guest mix by MAD MATS (Local Talk, Sweden) --- Please support Deeper Shades Of House & Go Premium at Deeper Shades Merchandise exclusively available at If you like the DSOH please LIKE the show on Facebook at You can also find Deeper Shades on - Twitter - - Instagram - - YouTube - - Soundcloud - plus you can subscribe to the weekly podcast at - Itunes - - Google Play Music - - email - and as always, everything at
Tracklist/Description: Secretsundaze have always pushed that true dance music spirit, be it at their party, through their DJ sets, productions or with their label. Expect trademark roots-infused house, soul, jazz, boogie and more….
15 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Our 2nd new resident for 2023, Cosmo Sofi comes through with a beautiful, heady and tribal wordly mix for #3 of our mix series. Uruguayan born, London based, Sofi’s passion and curiosity for music has led her to dig a wide range of sounds that span different times and spaces. She is always discovering rare and soulful sounds to share with the world, previously showcased on her monthly 'Spectrums' show on Worldwide FM. Sofi plays the Secretsundaze Residential party on 11th March 2023 at Corsica Studios, going b2b with Norsicaa, and our other incredible new resident Macca will be going b2b with Sofie K. Meanwhile our own James Secretsundaze plays a 7 hour set in Room 1.
Tracklist/Description: Cacophony is by definition a collision of multiple sounds in discordance. Sounds that shouldn't go together basically. Bogotá, Colombia’s Felipe Gordon does this, but in euphony(bringing pleasure to ones ear)! Spreading himself blissfully across jazzy, disco, funky and soulful elements he pours this concoction into his cluby productions and sets which has now given him international recognition. Having put out forty plus 12" releases and an album since 2014, including his brilliant "Timeless EP" on our Karakul subsidiary, he has found himself on labels like Shall Not Fade, Razor'N'Tape, Toytonics and some of the most long standing greats more recently like Nervous records. For Phonica mix 104 Felipe walks us through what for him brings musicality into electronic music, what live elements bring humanity into our dance floors. We have a quick chat about more on this subject below and see what else the Colombian artist has up his sleeve.
14 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Omson - Foreglow / Nightlife - Spacedisco Records - OMSON TRACKLISTING MAR 7TH: 01. Hatiras - You And Me (Spacedisco Records) 02. Oliver Dollar - Space Is That Place (Original Mix) (Classic Music Company) 03. T.U.R.F. - Keep Moving (Exploited) 04. Omson - Nightlife (Spacedisco Records) 05. Bugsy - Sick And Tired (Dirty Channels Remix) (Take It Easy) 06. Dick Johnson - Into The Groove (String Mix) (Industry Standard) 07. Omson - Foreglow (Spacedisco Records) 08. Zoo Brazil - Complicated (Exploited) 09. Notorious Lynch - Skittin (Junior Sanchez, KC Wray Dub Mix) (Slightly Sizzled Records) 10. Hard Drive Library - Queen (Pomme Frite) 11. Demuir - Ruth (Original Mix) (Purveyor Underground) 12. Lex Luca - Favourite Game (DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Rare Two Inc. Remix) (In Tune) 13. Disko Headz - Hang On (Original) (Disko 45) FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! SESSIONS • Marc Cotterell (Mar 14th) • Sudden Moves (Mar 21st) • Groove Junkies (Mar 28th)
Tracklist/Description: Rocco Rodamaal, a skillful DJ and producer, presents a vibrant Deep House mix for Traxsource LIVE’s 418th episode. With 20 years of experience as a DJ, his career began in small underground clubs in Lyons, France, where he honed his craft alongside renowned DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Louie Vega, and DJ Deep. Indulge in his carefully selected resonant rhythms, which include tracks by Thakzin, Kousto, Fiona Kraft, Don Carlos, and Paso Doble, as well as some of his own productions. Click on the link below to check out his latest release, ‘Post Truth Youth’, which is now available on his label, Memories. Moreover, Rocco has released music on other well-known labels like Nervous, Djoon Experience, Real People Music, and Vibe Boutique, among others. Enjoy the mix! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Rocco Rodamaal - Post Truth Youth - Memories - ROCCO RODAMAAL - TRACKLISTING: MAR 9TH, 2023 01. Sonido - Middle Of The Garden - Stay True Sound 02. Lars Berenroth - Perspective - DSOH 03. Thakzin & Ray T - Don’t Let Me See (Original Mix) - Foliage 04. Rocco Rodamaal & Monique Bingham - Post Truth Youth - Memories 05. Kousto - I Hope it Never Ends - House Of Love Records 06. Don Carlos - In The Sky - Freerange 07. Sphera Q - Since 94 Somethin - Stay True Sound 08. LOW& - Nora Vi feat. Rockey Washington - Sum Over Histories 09. J Dilla - Big Booty Express (Moulin Rouge Remix by Pepe Bradock) - BBE 10. Fiona Kraft - DeeperFeelings (Manoo The Dub) - Promo 11. Paso Doble - We Are African - Memories 12. Diamond Dealer & Idd Aziz - PEAH - Connected 13. Thakzin & Audrey - Please Don't - Memories FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Birdee (Mar 16th) • Michael Gray (Mar 23rd) • James Curd (Mar 30th)
13 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: enjoy !
10 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: So here it is folks... the full un-distilled 24hrs in Berlin experience! Join us on the Sisyphos Wintergarten dancefloor for the full recording of an absolute worldy of a night and day with Loure, Philippa, Makèz, Tiptoes and the SB crew. Bonus points if you listen to the full thing in one sitting ;) Join us for more SB parties here : Listen to the full 24hr set :
09 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Birmingham's very own BLINDSIDE has been involved in all things Drum&Bass as a veteran DJ and longtime promoter of his local club night "Break Thru". With strong links to fellow locals MC DRS with whom he co-founded the "Space Cadet" label and Marcus Intalex's (R.I.P)Soul:R, he's also been a central force in Sardinia's SUN AND BASS festival for many years. We are chuffed to feature an exclusive mix by BLINDSIDE full of upfront tracks, oldschool classics showing his longtime tradition and diverse taste in Drum&Bass, tune in and enjoy to the max! EZ Rollers - Rolled Into One - Photek Remix
 Nine Windows - ?? Nine Windows - ?? Photek - Phaze 1 - Gremlinz & Jesta Remix 
Lemon D - Going Gets Tough Dillinja - Promise EVABEE & Shona - Room 208 Bungle - Vertigo
 LSB - ?? 
Skeptical - Thru My Head 
EVABEE & Kid Drama - Lady Luck MI - ?? Spirit - ?? Calibre - ?? 
Mark System - ?? EVABEE x Dubphizix - In The Water DBridge & Steve Spacek - Last Straw MI - ?? LSB - ?? DRS & BIOME - Pray 
 Calibre - Believe 
LSB - ?? Need For Mirrors - Reading Books Matrix - DRS & Mindstate - Activis
 Spirit - ?? Anile - ?? 
EVABEE & Zar - Surface
 Walk:r - Mirrors Skittles & Dogger - ??
 Calibre - Moonlight St Files & Response - Wanna Be
 Zar & 2B Frank & Aya Dia - ?? 
LSB - ?? Zar & Milansanga - ??
Tracklist/Description: some new jams i like
08 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: My March 2023 edition w/ brandnew House-not-House jams for Hamburgs dopest radiostation is up on the cloud. Recorded live & direct as usual. Thanx a lot for listening & the support! Tracklisting 1. I:Cube - INFINITE ∞ MELODIES – Versatile Records 2. Kelly Lee Owens - Find Our Way – Smalltown Supersound 3. Johannes Albert – Frischling – Frank Music 4. Afroham - Could Be Elsewhere (feat. Birocratic) – Melting Pot Music 5. Tall Black Guy feat. BeMyFiasco, Ozay Moore, Kyotey Grey - My Freedom Travel (Pharoah's Spirit) - College Music Records 6. As One - Absorption Spectra (The 7th Plain Remix) – Alaska Swimmming-Gear 7. Bedouin – Whistleman – Human By Default 8. Elvis27 - My Father Was A DJ – Selville Records 9. Thabo Thonick - Euphoria (feat. Da Journey) – Stay True Sounds 10. Hans Nieswandt - Song For Insane Times – Gmo The Label 11. Kyodai - 4U – Local Talk 12. Platzdasch & Dix - Salient Point – Closer To Truth 13. Byron the Aquarius - Success – Heist Recordings 14. Andy Bros - Skies Thru The Sun – Frau Blau 15. Acud - Lysander - Keller 16. Manuel Tur - Soft Clip – Spaced Repetitions 17. Gab Rhome - Alter He-Go (Moscoman & OMRI. Remix) – Disco Halal 18. Sifa – Capsule feat. Aquarius Heaven – Capsule Music 19. Nandu - Ocean – Out Of Options 20. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port - Pussy Power (feat Nomi Ruiz - Desiree remix) - Keinemusik 21. beatsbyhand feat. Kali Mija - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) (Atmos Blaq Remix) – Stay True Sounds 22. Session Victim - Dromedary Twist – Delusions Of Grandeur 23. Gorje Hewek & Volen Sentir - Otoko (Extended Mix) – Shanti Radio 24. Oliver Henry - Moving Still (Reprise) – Apex Faction 25. Liv.e - Wild Animals – In Real Life Music
Tracklist/Description: Another hour of power with Danny this week, taking you all over the shop! Subscribe to the podcast:
07 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Playlist: 01. Lindop Circles (Original Mix) - Crackazat 02. Coffee Time (Original Mix) - Crackazat 03. Monday Jam 10. Baggy - Crackazat 04. Holding On (Crackazat Remix) - Sean McCabe 05. Beacon of Light (Maritime Dub) - Crackazat 06. Beacon of Light - Crackazat 07. Ndikhokhele feat. Nkulu Keys feat. Thakzin (Crackazat Remix) - China Charmeleon, Thakzin, Nkulu Keys 08. I Heard You (Original Mix) - Crackazat 09. Micke Pettersson (Crackazat Remix) - Dirtytwo 10. Monday Jam 07. Steer - Crackazat 11. Monday Jam 04. Shake - Crackazat 12. Monday Jam 01. Ten Astro - Crackazat 13. I'll Be There (Original Mix) - Crackazat 14. Sundial (Original Mix) - Crackazat 15. Latican Boogie (Crackazat Remix) - Joey Negro 16. Valentine (Original Mix) - Crackazat 17. Don't You Feel (Crackazat Remix) - Moullinex 18. Monday Jam - Crackazat
Tracklist/Description: Playlist: 01. Playin´ 4 The City - Hall 3 02. Playin´ 4 The City - From Paris To Chicago 03. Playin´ 4 The City - Good Groove 04. Playin´ 4 The City - I´m Ready 05. Playin´ 4 The City - Moonlightin 06. Playin´ 4 The City - We Need 07. Playin´ 4 The City - Medicated Skin Cream 08. Playin´ 4 The City - Soufflé 09. Playin´ 4 The City - Atmosfear´s Vibe 10. Playin´ 4 The City - The Rhythm Track 11. Playin´ 4 The City - Bougé 12. Playin´ 4 The City - Backfire 13. Playin´ 4 The City - Chicago Nights 14. Playin´ 4 The City - Mpc 123 15. Parisian Soul - Diamant Noir (Playin´ 4 The City Mix) 16. Playin´ 4 The City - Night Shades 17. Playin´ 4 The City - The Sun´s Up
06 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Quality late-night balearic grooves, erotic soundtracks and hot & energized reworks is what you can expect from the hedonistic craftsman HOLDTight.
Tracklist/Description: Spacewalker at the helm on the first show of the year (finally!), and it's about that time for another journey through the sounds of Balance! This month’s show showcases the best of the underground global sounds with fresh releases from artists like Yoofee, Jeroboam, Stonie Blue, Liv.e, Dju Dju, and much more… Balance 572 >
Tracklist/Description: Mix recorded from promo music from labels i have proudly worked as graphic designer. Saine - Hardships - rafo edit Afrika My Dub (m) Andrés - MCWR012 - Sunday Kinda Love - 01 Don't Make Me Wait Si_Tew-An_Apology_Radio_Mix John_Briggs-Natural_Selection_[m]_24bit B. Spinnin (OPOLOPO rework) Lay-Far_-_My_Heart_Says Coflo_and_Lee_Wilson-Rainbows_Backside_Mix Sound_Signals-Stevie_s_Groove_Soul_Renegades_Remix Luftkraft - AROOP ROY DUB - rafo edit SMTHNG SMTIME - GEOGRAPHIC_1644 Laroye_Abi_Flynn-Transitioin_Melodub_Mix
Tracklist/Description: LAtest mix for radio show mixtape fm... this time dedication to good old house music, present and old. how i love it.
01 March 2023
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Tracklist/Description: @its-ams in da house! Aterral: IG: FB: Ams: IG:
Tracklist/Description: Like what you hear? To buy us a coffee and help support LV Online via Ko-FI click: For the full tracklist please check the link below. 🕺 Click [↻ SHARE] & spread the love. Follow us on Soundcloud: @levisiteuronline #️⃣ Follow LV Online: 🌐 WWW: Milan’s @Turbojazz is currently celebrating two decades in the music business with the release of his rather sublime album Whateverism. It’s a journey through all the sounds and genres which have shaped his now celebrated musical output including Nu Jazz, Soul and House from deep to broken beat. It’s a wonderfully rich release. To celebrate we asked Turbojazz to step up to the LV decks and he has done us proud with a mix which also taps into the many layers of his musical tastes. This is a seriously classy mixtape. Check it out here and jump over to LV online for more on the release via:
Tracklist/Description: Kraak & Smaak steps up and delivers an elevating mix for Traxsource LIVE, rich with their signature Nu-Disco, funky performance. Dutch producers, DJs, and live band provide your soundtrack for the weekend with music by Marcel Vogel, Bondax, Ron Basejam, Lovebirds, Ben Sun, and many more! Keeping the spotlight for 2023, the outstanding talents of the Dutch trio remixed Reel People, Muhsinah 'Something New', available now exclusively at Traxsource. The Boogie Angst label owners have also released on Future Disco, Razor-N-Tape, Toolroom, and Sweat It Out to name a few. Click play and get locked in! It's also vital to bring up one of their most recent singles, 'All For Love', with Durand Jones, as well as their ongoing work on new singles and an album that will be released early next year. In the meantime, 2023 will mark K&S's 20th anniversary as a band, and to mark the occasion, they will release a collection on Jalapeno Records and a number of new remixes from their back catalog throughout the year, beginning in March on their own label Boogie Angst. Keep your ears open! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Kraak & Smaak - Something New Remix - Reel People Music - KRAAK & SMAAK - TRACKLISTING: FEB 23RD, 2023 01. Marcel Vogel & LYMA – Keep on Stepping (Extended) Boogie Angst 02. Ferry Ultra – Blax Disco - Peppermint Jam 03. Funkadelicghetto – Vibrations - Smiley Fingers 04. Bondax – Yabaal to London (Athlete Whippet Remix) Future Disco 05. COEO – Light Star (COEO Edit - Razor n Tape 06. Supershy – Take My Time (ft. Vula) (Club Edit) Beyond the Groove 07. Genius of Time (Taurindo Shuffle) (Original Mix) Oathcreations 08. Reel People & Muhsinah - Something New (Kraak & Smaak Remix) Reel People Music 09. Mix & Fairbanks – Labyrynth (Ron Basejam Remix) House of Disco Records 10. Ian Pooley – PSS 480 - Rekids 11. Lovebirds – Just Music and Me - Teardrop Recordings 12. Processman & Cady – Sou Baiana (Extended Mix) File Under Disco 13. Hotmood – Nag Champa (Original Mix) Duchesse 14. Belabouche – Brooklyn (Ft. George Alla Dispari (Delfonic Remix) JDP Disco 15. Scruscru, Jehan & Meowsn – Be With Me - Deeppa Records 16. Ben Sun – Siren - Phonica Records FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Ferreck Dawn (Mar 2nd)
28 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Recorded live, no synchro For this series there is no particular meaning, just the pleasure of a groovy, warm, euphoric house through years ... Full tracklist just down below VANITY PROJECT -- Bogey DJ CITY -- The Beloved One COSTELA & PRAKASH -- Universe (Rick Wade remix) BERZINGUE -- Night Cruise GIDEON -- Nothing Without You feat. Mandel Turner UC BEATZ -- Para Una Fiesta TUCCILLO -- Sunshine City NICK DARE -- Want Ur Thing UC BEATZ -- Crash Nerd INKSWEL -- Trippin' (Ezel Remix) MEDLAR -- Bandit SINAN KAYA -- Freak Out DARRAN NUGENT -- Voices (Inside My Head) [Tree Threes Remix] ADRIEN CALVET -- Le Doigt De Toto (Cinthie Remix) THE REVENGE -- Elements of Fife (Main MIx) NUSOUND -- Keep It Coming (Xen Mantra Remix) ETUR USHEO -- Emotion No.13 DAN ASTRO -- Crinkle MAX TELAER -- You Know [Don't Need A Million] TRILOGY INC. -- Calling (Extended Mix) CRAFTMANSHIP -- That Girl of Baja California GERD -- We Bring U Muzik (Warehouse Mix) ETUR USHEO -- Hold Tight CINTHIE -- Keeping Strong JUS ED -- Cachupa SECOND FLOOR -- Landscape HORSEMEN -- All My Bad Behaviour (Sunrise Dub) CRAFTSMANSHIP - Catz On My Ears FRANKIE KNUCKLES -- Baby Wants To Ride (original 12" Mix) Please support these artist by buying, streaming, sharing their music !
27 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Launched in 2016, Amsterdam-based imprint @thenorthquarter has become a key platform for soulful drum & bass and beyond. Alongside a mix from its catalogue, founder @lenzman speaks to Ben Murphy about surprising listeners, originality, and the guiding principle of sharing the music he loves Interview and tracklist:
Tracklist/Description: We welcome Petals In Sound for Guest Mix #13 Subjoi -At A Time (Slothboogie) Kassian- If You Want Me (FAUX POLY) Cesar C ft DJ Ches -We're Together (Ches Inspiration Mix) Private Press - Young At Heart (Of paradise) Petals In Sound - Colour Me Glad (dealt with records) Addi Stefansson & Electroblaze feat. Janet Taylor - Tip Jar (Original Mix) (NESH RECORDINGS) Tomos - Go (Rework) (JUICEBOX RECORDINGS) Petals In Sound -Slow (Henrik Villard Remix) (DEALT WITH RECORDS) Black Loops & Cody Currie - These Changes (FREERANGE RECORDS) Soul Wun - Piero's Strings (SLOTHBOOGIE) Tiptoes -Green Room (SLOTHBOOGIE) KaySoul feat. Steve Faets- 10 Ways (Narf Zayd & Mario Casares Remix) (DEALT WITH RECORDS) Felipe Gordon - The Jupiter Song (SHALL NOT FADE) Kassian - So Nice (KASSIAN VERSIONS 002) Cody Currie -Movin Smoke (RAZOR-N-TAPE) Pete Bandit- Luv Your Body (DIRT CREW RECORDINGS)
Tracklist/Description: Next mix to kick 2023. Tracks I have been feeling from the last 6 months or so. Tried to include a few new artists too. Enjoy! DRS – Want you back for good feat Mindstate & Emilie Rachel Alix Perez – Not Alone LSB – Renaissance Song SOLAH – Tempo Halogenix – 16418187_IDGAF_ Flaco – Never Surreal & Motive – Fading Visages – Emotions Software Halogenix – Lost Friends Kaloa – Comfortable LSB – Bell Tune Krax, Charili Brix & QZB – Become (QZB remix) Flaco – Reveal High Contrast – Passion (BOP remix) Pola & Bryson – Tell You What I Did feat Zitah Visages & Monty – Ace of Spades Jubei – Time Travel feat Dogger, Mindstate & Chunky) Zero T – Moments fade feat Steo (Note remix) Styke – Bad Times Mitekiss – Love Me, Haunt Me Changer – Triplet T Total Science – Gravy Girls (Calibre remix) Halogenix feat Alix Perez – Ame? Walk:r - Indigo Monty & Trail – Ferns QZB, Charli Brix & Halogenix – Take It All (Halogenix remix) Flaco – One More Chance Calibre – I Remember feat DRS & Tyler Daley
24 February 2023
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23 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: After representing The Remedy Project during their debut party at Amsterdam Dance Event, the genre-bending Makèz release their debut track on tastemaker Melvo Baptiste’s imprint. The Dutch duo, who are known for incorporating soul, jazz, and disco influences into their eclectic house music, feature vocalist dreamcastmoe on ‘Phases’. Currently one of the American dance scene’s brightest voices, the DC native’s unique flow is complimented by Makèz’s production and use of retro-synth pads, culminating in an understated and laid-back track that you don’t want to miss. Stream it here: Tracklist: 01. Theo Parrish - Cypher Delight 02. Brothers’ Vibe - BV Anthem 03. Phases (Vip Mix) - Makèz 04. Our Music - Kaje Trackheadz 05. Bigger - Nikki O & thatmanmonkz 06. Love You More - Makèz (ft. Allysha Joy & Gallowstreet) 07. Tabu (Caribbean Dub) - Bianca 08. Cirque De Soul (Original Mix) - Kenny Larkin 09. Midnight Time - Makèz 10. When We Get By K2 Redit - Karima 11. Just A Vibe - Enjoy 12. Vabre (Original Mix) - Franck Roger 13. G’s Riddem (Original Mix) - Mr. G 14. My Sweet Piano (Original Mix) - Labium 15. Transmutation - Huey Mnemonic
22 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Boutique label 'The North Quarter’ showcases the soulful and deeper side of Drum & Bass in their monthly session on
21 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Like what you hear? To buy us a coffee and help support LV Online via Ko-FI click: For the full tracklist please check the link below. 🕺 Click [↻ SHARE] & spread the love. Follow us on Soundcloud: @levisiteuronline #️⃣ Follow LV Online: 🌐 WWW: @Lovebirds steps up to the Le Visiteur decks for the 50th edition of our Disco Selectors series. Expect smooth disco infused house, Nu Disco and a whole lot of summery feel good vibes. Jump over to LV for a full interview with Lovebirds and his collaborator from his most recent EP Mar-A-Lago Declan McDermott via:
20 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: This week’s Traxsource LIVE! is hosted by Glasgow-based DJ & Producer Milton Jackson. He delivers a luscious deep house mix featuring tunes by Tuccillo, Massiande, Atjazz, Laurence Guy, Fred Everything, and many more. Get ready to be taken on a trip through the deep domains of his sound. His new EP release ‘Integration’ featuring Ski Oakenfull is a perfect example of his groovy and stifling deep vibes. It’s available via Lazy Days Recordings, which is out now on Traxsource. He’s also contributed to several other big labels in the scene like Freerange, Closer to Truth, Housewax, and Tronicsole. Enjoy! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Milton Jackson - Integration EP - Lazy Days Recordings - MILTON JACKSON - TRACKLISTING: FEB 16TH, 2023 01. MFRobots - The Love It Takes (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) BBE Music 02. Milton Jackson & Ski Oakenfull - Integration (Fred Everything Dub) Lazy Days Recordings 03. Laurence Guy - You Do Your Best To Hide The Good Parts of Yourself - Shall Not Fade 04. Massiande Feat. Diamondancer - Dancing Is Life - Freerange 05. Kaldera - For You - Constant Circles 06. Manuold - Beating Heart - GLBDOM 07. Sai - Blue Lingerie - Ornate Music 08. Arthur Jnr. - Slippin - Neovinyl Recordings 09. Tuccillo - It’s Not Over - NuGroove Records 10. Shortcut - Raw Meat - Outdom Records 11. Bas - Worries - Bla Bla 12. Lenny Fontana Presents Galaxy People - A Mystical Journey (Drummer’s Paradise Mix) Clear Music NYC FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Kraak & Smaak (Feb 23rd)
17 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: January 2023 edition of Club Alchemy
16 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Return to Tipper&Friends celebration of all things sonic and visual inside the mystical grounds of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in April 2022.
13 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: A fun show in Seattle at Monkey Loft my first visit to the USA post Covid and one of my best personal performances of the summer, i took a lot of chances in this set... some went well and some didn't, but that is what happens when you "go for the brass ring"! Thanks to Ramiro from (Uniting Souls Music)and the whole Monkey Loft staff for having me, but the real stars of the show were the dancers, much love to you all for giving your energy it helps to make us dj's work harder.
Tracklist/Description: Máme tu nový guestmix s poradovým číslom 10 o ktorý sa postaral slovenský projekt Simple Souls . Here is the latest guestmix number 10 mixed by slovakian project Simple Souls . Follow Simple Souls on Social media : FB: MC: SC: IG: Follow Planet V on social media : FB : SC : Follow us on other Social media : FB : IG :
10 February 2023
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Tracklist: 00:00 Ian O'Brien - Eden
01:30 Laurence Guy - You Do Your Best To Hide The Good Parts of Yourself
05:00 Overtone Series, 2Lanes & Jonah Baseball - Speak for Yourself
07:30 Ian Pooley - SP12 Electric Mistress
12:05 Javonntte - Enter The Disco
14:50 Evenn - One For Love (Javonntte Remix)
18:05 Joachua - Watch the Bass
22:35 The JohNick Orchestra - The Dance (Henry St Dub Mix)
26:00 The Outsiders - Do Dat Scat
30:00 Ian Pooley - Feel it
33:40 JoVonn - Eclipse
37:55 The Loose Movements - Out Of Space
41:25 Paul Johnson - I Got Rhythm
44:40 Loose Joints - Honey Strut [Black No Sugar]
49:30 Electric Soul - Wateva
09 February 2023
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Tracklist: Romanthony (Trust ' Motor City Drum Ensemble Instrumental' Dub) John Ciafone [Thinking Of You] Alland Byallo (Got It Wrong ' Alix Alvarez' Remix) Philippa [Let Me Know] Axel Boman [Surfliner] Iron Curtis [Relaxer] Kojo & The Blackbyrds (Mysterious Vibes 'Solar Jazz' Mix) Alexander East (Jest 4 Me 'BHQ Vocal' Dub)
Glenn Underground [Weapons Of Peace]
Mike 303 [Summer Funk]
Knee Deep Bros (The Groove 'Don't Worry 'Bout Steps' Mix)
Sound Stream [Love Remedy]
Selected Works - Uncle Sam [Mousse T's Disco Sensation]
Sound Stream - Disco Advisor
Bob Sinclar - Save Our Soul (Brian Tappert Re-Edit)
DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin (Ian's Fierce Mix)
Michael Lange - Brothers, Sisters (Kiez Kidz Essential Dub)
Cassius - Feeling For You (Club Mix)
Head Nodding Society - Nudge Up (Plain Paper Edit)
Basement Jaxx - Fly Life
Tracklist: 01. Max De Castro - Carnaval (DJ Patife Remix)
02. Marky - Should I
03. Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (Dj Patife Remix)
04. Rafael Pondé - Sorriso De Flor (DJ Roots Remix)
05. Os Originais Do Samba - A Dona Do Primeiro Andar (David WS Remix)
06. Drumagick - Sambarock
07. Nifty - The Latin Connection
08. Suv – Suenos Different (Commix Remix)
09. Marky & XRS - LK (M.I.S.T. Remix)
10. Marky & XRS - Striptease
11. E-Z Rollers - Believe (Marky & XRS Remix)
12. Marky & XRS - Breeze (Feat.Cleveland Watkiss)
13. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Tudo Lindo
14. M.I.S.T. v Marky & XRS feat. Jenna G - Sunshine (Touch Me)
15. Tita Lima - A Conta Do Samba (Human Factor Remix)
Tracklist/Description: 01. dBridge - I'm Feeling Cold 02. Instra:mental - Photograph 03. Fracture x Kid Drama - Tell Me How ft Lucie La Mode 04. Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Moog remix) 05. dBridge - City Of Lonely Runaways 06. dBridge - Gen 19 07. Instra:mental vs dBridge - Translucent 08. Instra:mental - No Future 09. dBridge - Simm-Pathy 10. Instra:mental - Watching You 11. dBridge - Average Echo 12. dBridge vs Synkro & Indigo - Pathways 13. dBridge - Dead Peak 14. Instra:mental - Scene 3 15. dBridge - Zerone 16. Instra:mental vs dBridge - White Snares 17. Beastie Respond - One More Second 18. Heart Drive - Format Affection 19. Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot 20. Kid Drama - Seperation 21. Instra:mental - Pacific Heights 22. Instra:mental - Shine 23. Instra:mental - End Credits 24. Alia Fresco - Break Me Out 25. Kid Drama - In Mind 26. dBridge - Evolent 27. dBridge & Kubuki - Tune In ft Cooly G 28. Instra:mental vs dBridge - Detuned 29. dBridge - UR A Star (Reprise) ft Alia Fresco enjoy...

Tracklist: 00:00:00 | Ian Pooley - All Nite
00:03:16 | Daft Punk - Burnin' (Ian Pooley "Cut Up" Mix)
00:07:33 | Eric Gadd - The Right Way (Ian Pooley's Deep Way Mix)
00:11:22 | Ian Pooley - 900 Degrees
00:14:07 | Ian Pooley - Celtic Cross (Dj Sneak Hardbangin' Mix)
00:16:42 | a-ha - Minor Earth, Major Sky (Ian Pooley's Toothache Mix)
00:21:40 | Susumu Yokota - Blood Of The Angel (Ian Pooley Mix)
00:25:04 | Ian Pooley - Bay Of Plenty
00:28:05 | Ian Pooley - The Fly Shuffle (Dub)
00:33:14 | Bob Sinclar - The Ghetto (Pooley's Paradisique Mix)
00:38:00 | Mateo & Matos - Body 'n' Soul (Pooley's Soul Mix)
00:40:31 | Smokin Beats feat. Lyn Eden - Dreams (Ian's Fierce EQ Mix)
00:43:32 | DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin' (Ian's Fierce Mix)
00:48:03 | Ian Pooley & Magik J - Piha
00:53:27 | Ian Pooley pres. Everest - Turn The Music Up
00:56:45 | Ian Pooley - Gimme Sound (The Beloved Throwback Mix)
01:02:12 | Ides - Plastered EP
01:04:56 | Ian Pooley - Disco Love
01:08:18 | Ian Pooley and Alec Empire - Pulse Code EP
01:14:12 | Ian Pooley - Sundowner
01:18:51 | T'N'I - Anecdote
01:20:54 | Ian Pooley - 2.15
01:23:02 | Beanfield - Electro-Kraut (Ian Pooley's Moody Remix)
01:26:34 | Ian Pooley - Here We Go
01:29:20 | Ian Pooley - Cold Wait
01:35:27 | Jon Cutler - It's Yours (Ian Pooley Main Mix)
01:39:21 | The Cardigans - Your New Cuckoo (Hyper Disco Mix)
01:42:29 | Ian Pooley - What's Your Number (Paradise Mixx)
01:45:23 | Michal Zietara - Mr. Joy (Ian Pooley Remix)
01:48:23 | Matthias Vogt & Ian Pooley - Shrulliver
01:51:31 | Star You, Star Me - Sweet Things (Ian Pooley Dub)
01:54:42 | Sven Väth - Face It (Ian Pooley's Moody Mix)
02:00:02 | Ian Pooley - Before Long
02:03:03 | Dale Howard - Merrt (Ian Pooley Remix)
02:07:19 | Ansicht - Next To Nowhere (Breathless Mix)
02:12:54 | Pinnchicky - Valle, Valle' !
02:16:30 | Ian Pooley - My Kicks (Vincenzo & Lovebirds Rmx)
02:22:02 | Deee-Lite - The Power Of Love (Ian Pooley 1996)
02:25:05 | Noél Nanton - Your Love (Ian Pooley's 'Summertime' Mix)
02:29:22 | Rubix - That Rhythm (Ian Pooley Remix)
02:31:22 | Zoo Brazil feat. Emma - Treat Me (Pooley's Dub)
02:35:25 | Ian Pooley - Heaven
02:38:08 | Ian Pooley - Followed
02:43:01 | Roddy - Loungedoc (Ian Pooley Remix)
02:45:02 | Eli Escobar - Desire (Ian Pooley Remix)
02:50:00 | NIBC - Love Lesson (Ian Pooley Remix)
02:54:08 | Ian Pooley - Around Here
02:57:47 | Ian Pooley - Bony Batucada
03:01:18 | Ian Pooley - Hit and Run
03:03:56 | Ian Pooley - Traffic
03:07:39 | Boris Dlugosch - Never Enough (Ian Pooley's Raw Dub)
03:10:16 | Ian Pooley - The Brickenkopf at 7 AM
03:13:59 | Ian Pooley - Don't Be Afraid
03:15:44 | Ian Pooley - Today
03:19:56 | Ian Pooley - Roots
03:21:53 | Ian Pooley pres. Everest - Goodbye
03:27:23 | Ian Pooley - Balmes (Album Version)
03:31:37 | Ian Pooley - Coracao Tambor
03:34:10 | Ian Pooley - Coracao Tambor (Swag's Disco Ritmo Dub Mix)
03:41:43 | Vincenzo - King's Last Ride (Ian Pooley Mix)
03:46:13 | Ian Pooley - Chord Memory
03:50:44 | Ian Pooley - Chord Memory (Daft Punk Mix)
03:53:57 | Ian Pooley - Puppets
03:58:21 | Ian Pooley - Twin Gods 2
04:02:14 | Atom Heart - Apart (Ian's Far Apart Mix)
04:07:41 | Ian Pooley - Distance
04:13:03 | Ian Pooley - My Anthem (Roy's Back To Tha Phuture Mix)
04:16:29 | T'N'I - Don't Give Up !!!
04:19:41 | Ian Pooley - Long Johns
04:22:30 | Ian Pooley - Sure!
04:26:57 | The Low Frequency Band - 1:20 A.M. Nothing On TV
04:30:49 | Ian Pooley pres. Bluelite - The Happy Shades
04:34:51 | Love Inc. - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Ian Pooley Remix)
04:42:57 | Marco Repetto - Fibrill 2 (Ian Pooley's Fibrill 2 Rmx)
04:46:58 | Titan & Red Acid Jack - Right In The Time (Ian Pooley Remix)
04:53:02 | Silvershower - Ice Fractions 2
04:57:13 | Nathalie De Borah - Heart But House (Ian Pooley Mix)
05:01:01 | Ides - Limer (Housetrap Mix)
05:06:00 | Dave Angel - This Is Disco (Ian Pooley's Hyperdisco Remix)
05:09:34 | Ian Pooley & The Jaguar - Two Space Cowboys On A Trip To Texas
05:12:50 | Space Cube Kool Killer - Polarstation
05:15:55 | Wicked Wipe - Rok Da House (Ian Pooley Remix)
05:21:47 | Ken Ishii - Stretch (Ian Pooley Remix)
05:28:18 | Space Cube Kool Killer - Suddenly...!
05:31:14 | Space Cube Kool Killer - Destroy
05:33:33 | Ian Pooley - Limited Edition
05:38:13 | Legend B. - Lost In Love (Space Cube Kool Killer Jungle Mix)
05:42:21 | Space Cube Kool Killer - Dolphins
05:47:01 | Ian Pooley - Relief Action
05:50:56 | Quiet Daze - Being Quiet
05:56:08 | Ian Pooley - Picture Palace
06:02:55 | Ian Pooley - The End (Eternal Feedback)
08 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Máme tu nový rok 2023 a zároveň 8. díl DeepBoxu. V tomto díle na vás čeká 40 minut mixovaných novinek a pak set bratislavského DJe Shiftera, který pro nás namíchal výběr ze svého aktuálního soundu ve svém domovském NuSpirit baru v Bratislavě. Nudit se určitě nebudete :)
07 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: A mix from last year for Mary Olivetti and Raio Laser, Brazil
06 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: 01. Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai & Mr. V - The Menu 02. Aponea - Mind 03. Hatiras & Lee Wilson - Magic Eleven (Been Waiting) 04. Demuir - Life is Simple 05. Patlok Feat. Life On Planets - Bounce 06. Gettoblaster, DJ Delon & Missy - In The House (Jason Hodges Remix) 07. Supernova Feat. Mr. V - “It’s Time” 08. Lucas Alexander - Pug Funk (John Ciafone Remix) 09. Milton Jackson - Lazy Cat 10. Steve Bug & Mr. V - Back To 95 (Cinthie’s Just A Vibe Remix) 11. Black Magic - Freedom (Dennis Quin Rework) 12. Duskope - Get It Right (Edit)
Tracklist/Description: Playlist & download at Deeper Shades of House show #806 First hour mixed and presented by Lars Behrenroth Second hour exclusive guest mix by KYODAI (Local Talk, Spain) --- Please support Deeper Shades Of House & Go Premium at Deeper Shades Merchandise exclusively available at If you like the DSOH please LIKE the show on Facebook at You can also find Deeper Shades on - Twitter - - Instagram - - YouTube - - Soundcloud - plus you can subscribe to the weekly podcast at - Itunes - - Google Play Music - - email - and as always, everything at
02 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: On a special occasion reaching 100 mixes it is a pleasure to present Kapote and a 3hs megamix to share with all of you. Kapote aka Mathias Modica, who some might also know from his former label Gomma records, where he produced under the name of Munk, plays a wild mix of funk orientated music when DJing. Lot of percussion, rare disco, but also unexpected hits, new wave and nasty house. And of course he plays lot of Toy Tonics records. It’s always euphoria. IG / KAPOTE: IG / TOY TONICS:
01 February 2023
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Tracklist/Description: WE WILL PRESENT YOU EVERY THURSDAY THE LATEST OUTSTANDING AND UNRELEASED TRACKS AS A DJ MIX. RE - WEEKLY ROUNDUP 56 by @okofunk Tracklist: 01. Kyle Hall - Postcard To Another Planet [DistroKid] 02. Demuir, Tush (CA) - Skylar (DUB) [Purveyor Underground] 03. Reel People, Speech, Fouk -I Never Knew (Fouk Remix) [Reel People Music] 04. Hallex M, Mike City, DJ Spen - She Speaks (DJ Spen Vocal Remix) [Groove Odyssey] 05. Marc Cotterell - Living My Life (Plastik Factory Vocal Mix) [Plastik People Digital] 06. OKOFUNK feat. Morris Revy - She Need`s Luvin (Original Mix) [Moiss Music] 07. Ezequiel G - Keep On [Nervous Records] 08. Hurlee - A Question Of Time [Esuoh] 09. Brrak, Dan Laino, James Oliver - Feel Like (James Oliver Remix) [Grin Music] 10. Cei-Bei, Demuir - Be Who You Are (Demuir's Playboi Edit) [Jump Recordings] 11. OKOFUNK, Jonasclean - It`s alright (Original Mix) [UPCOMING on Our Yunus Records] 12. Jesse Jacob - 90's On A Thursday [PIV] 13. OKOFUNK, Jonasclean - Walkman [UPCOMING on Our Yunus Records] 14. LB aka LABAT - Right Now [Poumpet Records]
31 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters Artist - Title (Mix) [Label] Megatronic & Ed Seven aka SMTHNG SMTIME - Luck (With You) [Razor-N-Tape] Wapo Jije - Classicfied Turbojazz - In Love Again ft. Sean McCabe & Nikki O [Last Forever Records] Don Carlos - In The Sky [Freerange Records] Laurence Guy - Waiting For Love (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade] Matt Masters - Worlds Collide (SculpturedMusic Remix) [Freerange Records] JVXTA - Water Temple [Scissor & Thread] Reggie Dokes - Show Me Yuu Udagawa - Mojito [Cyphon] Takuya Matsumoto - Selfless Laroye - Nothing But Trouble (Percussive Dub) [Soul N Pepa] Demuir and Tush - Skylar (DUB) [Purveyor Underground] Orlando Voorn - Soundsystem (Instrumental)
Tracklist/Description: French DJ and Producer, Marina Trench delivers a stirring mix for Traxsource LIVE, packed with her trademark deep sounds. With music from Retromigration, Jacques Renault, Kerri Chandler, Moodymann, and a few of her own works, the talented artist delivers your weekend’s accompaniment. Make sure not to miss her new series of impressive remixes ‘Imperméable en été EP’ from Gerd Janson, Earl Jeffers & Tatyana Jane on her Sweet State imprint, which is available now exclusively on Traxsource! You can find more of Marina’s music on Heist Recordings, Wolf Music, Deeply Rooted, and more. Click play and enjoy! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Marina Trench - Imperméable en été Remixes - Sweet State - MARINA TRENCH - TRACKLISTING: JAN 19TH, 2023 01. Marina Trench - Hirondelle (Tatyana Jane Remix) - Sweet State 02. Kim English - Time For Love (David Morales dub mix) - Nervous Records 03. Aleqs Notal - Planetary Insanity (Life Recorder Remix) - Chubby 04. Retromigration - Al Pacan - Retromigration 05. Marina Trench - L’orage (Earl Jeffers) - Sweet State 06. Jason Hoogans - Surrounded By Tress - !k7 Records 07. Mike Huckaby - Basment Trax - Tresor 08. Jacques Renault - Mi Casa Samba (Octa Octa Remix) - Let’s Play House 09. Jordan Nocture - Rise To It - System Records 10. Marina Trench - L’orage (Gerd Janson Remix) - Sweet State 11. Chesus aka Earl Jeffers - Elevation - 4lux 12. Kerri Chandler, Dj Deep - The Machine feat Kerri Chandler - Machine Label 13. Moodymann - It’s 2 Late 4 U and Me - Ornaments 14. The Sunburst Band - Garden of Love (Dam Swindle Remix) - Z Records FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Vertigini (Jan 26th) • Melle Brown (Feb 2nd)
26 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: This week we welcome to Traxsource LIVE Vancouver-based producer and DJ Jesse Bru. Jesse has dug deep and put together a special classic mix for the show, which includes tracks by Cricco Castelli, Kim English, Ian Pooley, Dennis Ferrer, and more. Check out Jesse's utterly stunning new deep house EP, 'Rainforest', His first release on Aterral, which is available now at Traxsource. Jesse's music has also found a home on major deep labels like Slothboogie, Pulse Msc, Happiness Therapy, among others. Keep your eyes peeled for more heat from Mr. Bru! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Jesse Bru - Rainforest - Aterral - JESSE BRU - TRACKLISTING: DEC 15TH, 2022 01. Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing - Aroma 02. Urban Blues Project present Jay Williams - Testify (The UBP Sunday Vocal) UMD 03. Cricco Castelli - Desperate Situation - NRK 04. Kerri Chandler - Dat Da Da - Madhouse 05. Dennis Ferrer - On My Way - Madhouse 06. Kim English - Unspeakable Joy - Nervous 07. Jay Da’mour - Gamble - Subliminal 08. Ian Pooley - Higgledy Piggledy - Force Inc. Music Works 09. Nick Holder - Inside Your Soul (Jamie Anderson remix) NRK 10. Demuir - 3:33 am - Shines 11. Art Of Tones - Take Me Higher - We Play House Recordings 12. Kim English - Time For Love (Frankie Feliciano’s Nervous remix) Nervous FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Peppe Citarella (Dec 22nd)
25 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: @tour-maubourg in da house! Aterral: IG: FB: Tour-Maubourg: IG:
Tracklist/Description: One of Glasgow's rising stars, Beth has caught our ears with her energetic house style, and unadulterated taste for a slammin kick & hi-hat combo. The Scottish DJ has already managed to cement herself as a regular feature in one of Glasgow’s leading venues SWG3 as well as playing at key UK venues and events such as FLY Open Air Festival, Cultivate, TRNSMT festival & many more. "I wanted to bring my style across to the guys at SlothBoogie. I love the label and wanted to show how much it means being asked to be part of the mix collective through tunes I love. Hope everyone enjoys the music." Artist: @bethdj
Tracklist/Description: Live recording of a 120min back to back vinyl set at Sisyphos - Berlin
24 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Powerful selections and end-to-end energy define Esette's 2022 Cantina set. Launch into your weekend with this Bass Coast veteran's iconic sound.
23 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Souldynamic steps up to the decks and delivers an elevating mix for Traxsource LIVE, rich with their signature house & soulful sounds. The Italian Production duo provide your soundtrack for the weekend with music by Lovebirds, Saison, Matt Masters, Kevin Yost, among others. Get ready to experience their new unmissable, 90s-inspired soulful release on the legendary Soulfuric Records, 'Live Your Dreams' featuring Deborah Bond, available now at Traxsource. The Excedo label owners have also released on Atjazz Record Company, Street King, & BBE to name a few. Click play and get locked in! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Souldynamic - Live Your Dreams - Soulfuric - SOULDYNAMIC - TRACKLISTING: JAN 12TH, 2023 01. Nico Lahs - Love Sets You Free - Omena Rec 02. Nu-Cleo - I'm Still in Love - Leisure Rec 03. Wil Milton - Away From Here (Stripped Down Dub Mix) Path Life Music 04. Blazers - Early Motions - Miura Rec 05. Kevin Yost - Messing With My Soul (T.Markakis Remix) 06. Matt Masters - Worlds Collide - Freerange Rec 07. Souldynamic feat. Deborah Bond - Live Your Dreams (Main Mix) Soulfuric 08. Souldynamic - Fuze - Soulfuric Trax 09. Saison - The Riff (Ross Couch Remix) No Fuss 10. Souldynamic - Careca 11. Messin' Around (Souldynamic Re-touch) 12. Jack Ashford - Get right on top (Souldynamic Re-touch) 13. Lovebirds ft Declan McDermott - Mar-A-Lago Sunset Theme - Teardrop Rec FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Marina Trench (Jan 19th) • Vertigini (Jan 26th) • Melle Brown (Feb 2nd)
Tracklist/Description: 💥 GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON SOUNDCLOUD 💥 💖 WE PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC 💖 100% FREE & ORGANIC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 𝗘𝗶𝘃𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗮 𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 𝗖𝗮𝗳𝗲 - Compiled & mixed by Bereznoy Bereznoy -----------------------------------------
Tracklist/Description: Dance TV is proud to present DJ MIX #597 with the Berlin based DJ and Producer - FreedomB. Forever in search of the constant groove that will make people dance from sunset until the morning light FreedomB's career took off as he made the move to the European capital of techno and electronic music years back and continued walking on the path of production. With house music as his primary love, this exclusive DJ mix is packed with amazing vocal jams and groove criminals including one of his own tracks! Feel the energy! @freedomb With influences rooted in jazz, funky, soul and disco as well as early house and electronic rhythms, the Berlin based Alberto Arranz Barrantes aka FreedomB is forever in search of the constant groove that will make people dance from sunset until the morning light. His belief that everything is in the music, in the rhythm and overall in the freedom of the beat has always taken him to epic locations worldwide like Ibiza and far away party destinations such as Medellin or Los Angeles. As the artist put it himself in an interview for Electronic Groove. "The word Freedom has a very important meaning for me. The need to be free to be able to do, think and act without any kind of restriction. It is something indispensable in my life. Of course, as long as everyone is respected. The letter ‘B’ comes from the word Beto which is what they called me, and I am still being called by some friends in Spain. FreedomB is the union of both words, which transmits the freedom that I need to live without drowning in a complicated reality/society. Maybe now more than ever, it’s really important, at least for me, to be real, to be free." Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin or Madrid. The truth is ... everybody is right! FreedomB is constantly on the move having a busy schedule of gigs. Productive in the studio, his extended discography consisting of both own releases and great collaborations on labels such as Toolroom, Knee Deep In Sound or Get Physical speaks for itself and leaves no doubt about his remarkable production skills. Noticed and supported by DJ's such as Hot Since 82, Supernova, Hector Couto, Solardo or Flashmob, FreedomB - both as DJ and Producer is definitely one to look out for! House Music All Night Long! Tracklist: 1. Mistura, Dave Lee feat. Jemini - Want Me Back (Jimpster Peak Time Deepness) 2. Retrouve - Parnell Street (Original Mix) 3. Valentino Roth - Sunday Service (Original Mix) SNATCH 4. Kerri Chandler, Dreamer G . Hurry Up [Ministry of Sound] (Kerri's Again Mix) 5. Damiano von Erckert - Let's Hide Away (Original Mix) 6. Jordan Peak - Turbulence (Original Mix) 7. Maydie Myles - K London Posse - I Believe (youANDme Edit) 8. Benny Mussa - If You Want It (Luke Solomon’s Body Remix) 9. FreedomB - All Day, All Night (Original Mix) 10. Tyree Cooper - Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix) 11. Clyde P - How Bout Dat (Original Mix) 12. Folamour - Birds (Paula Tape Remix) Watch great house music videos on Dance TV website and Apps:
Tracklist/Description: Dance TV is extremely honoured to present the 600th edition of DJ MIX with the legendary singer, songwriter, producer and DJ - Robert Owens. Countless releases, albums and collaborations with epic fellow producers such as Frankie Knuckles, David Morales or as Fingers Inc with Larry Heard...and so many more! Endless travelling and moving... From Chicago and L.A. to New York.. to Australia, New Zealand.. to Berlin... Reading Robert Owens's biography is like being a part of an adventure, a real love story with Music which started in 1982, before it was even called House Music & never ever ends! "Can you feel it?" Press play, listen and dance to Robert Owens selection with a few moments of live vocal in this recording too! Pure love! @robert-owens-official A few words from the artist himself: “Wherever I go in the world, whenever I go. To have the opportunity to go places and meet people, give them love and get the same emotions and feelings back from them makes me who I am right now in this present moment. I’m so grateful for that. I’m so grateful for the continuous journey that I’m allowed to have and the people that I keep meeting within it. To the people that are here right now in my present life, I love you all and thank you all so much.” (Robert Owens) No tracklist available. Watch great videos on Dance Tv website and Apps:
21 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Alexander Bogdanov - SETAp 9 1 Rob Velasquez - Lost And Found [Deepindub] 2 Ohm & Kvadrant - Yding (Steve O’Sullivan Remix) [Kontakt Records] 3 Steve O’Sullivan Feat. Christopher Ledger - Interference [Sushitech Records] 4 Alexander Bogdanov - Through Stars (Tomin Tomovic Remix) [Soon On Seta Label] 5 Luigi Tozzi - Raiders [Hypnus Records] 6 Claudio PRC - Nekton [Delsin Records] 7 Elias. (DE) - Involved [Platform 22] 8 Orson Throb - Do Not Are Close [Deepindub] 9 Davor Tosovic - Sea Breeze [Ecoul Snd] 10 Krisz Deak - Perplexed Intellect [Deepindub] 11 Ignacio Tardieu - Caleta [Deepindub] 12 Alexander Bogdanov - Skywatcher [Soon On Seta Label]
19 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: WE WILL PRESENT YOU EVERY THURSDAY THE LATEST OUTSTANDING AND UNRELEASED TRACKS AS A DJ MIX. RE - WEEKLY ROUNDUP 53 by @hennaonna Tracklist: 01. Sam Ruffillo - Don't Think Twice (Ash Lauryn Remix) [Toy Tonics] 02. Selva - Tropico (Jeff Swiff Remix) [Blur Records] 03. Sam Ruffillo - Just Fine [Toy Tonics] 04. Nephews - Polo Blanco [Scruniversal] 05. Street Choice - Still On Is MF Record [Scruniversal] 06. Juravlove - Boys & Girls [Scruniversal] 07. Soulista & Tracy Hamlin - Night Fall (Extended Mix) [Groove Culture] 08. Mind Street feat. Jalley - Inside (Fizzikx Vibe n Soul Vocal Remix)[King Street Sounds] 09. Waajeed - Motor City Madness (Underground Resistance Remix) 10. DIN JAY - I Won't Let You (Original Mix)[Spa In Disco] 11. Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin' (M Berardi Re Touch) [FullTime Production]
Tracklist/Description: This week’s Traxsource LIVE! is hosted by the DJ & Producer Hurlee. He drops a luscious deep house mix featuring several of his own tracks and unreleased material as well as tunes by T. Markakis, Paul Rudder, Guri, and Sidney Charles. Get ready to be taken on a journey through the deep realms of Hurlee’s sound. His new 5 track EP ‘Keep It Real’ is a perfect example of his groovy and sultry deep vibes. It’s available via Esuoh, which is out now exclusively at Traxsource. He’s also contributed to several other big labels in the scene like Shall Not Fade, Fresh Take Records, suol, GLBDOM, and more. Enjoy the mix! 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Hurlee - Keep It Real - Esuoh - HURLEE - TRACKLISTING: JAN 5TH, 2023 01. Hurlee - A Question Of Time (Original Mix ) Esuoh 02. Ezequiel G - Another Night (Original Mix) Too Many Rules 03. Hurlee - Get Movin (Original Mix) Miura (PROMO) 04. Guri - Beautiful Dreamer (Original Mix) Pleasant Systems 05. Hurlee - These Dreams (Original Mix) Esuoh 06. Hurlee - Another Day (Original Mix) Miura (PROMO) 07. Hurlee - I Gonna Feel (Original Mix) Miura (PROMO) 08. Paul Rudder - Mind Drifting (Original Mix) Shall Not Fade 09. T.Markakis - Forever (Garage Mix) Pogo House Records 10. Paul Rudder & Hurlee - Someone You Love (Original Mix) Peppermint Jam (PROMO) 11. Sidney Charles - Feel The Heat (Original Mix) Heavy House Society 12. Tête De La Course - I Got It (Original Mix) Snatch Records 12. Hurlee - Shake It Up (Original Mix) Esuoh FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Souldynamic (Jan 12th) • Marina Trench (Jan 19th) • Vertigini (Jan 26th) • Melle Brown (Feb 2nd)
Tracklist/Description: A new edition of 11-11 mixed and selected by Hyperdam. IG: SOUNDCLOUD: @hyperdamdj
18 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: This week we welcome one of Sweden's finest. The man behind 3 of our favourite imprints, Omena, 18437 and Local Talk... the myth, the legend. Tooli. Nearly 90min of beautifully woven house grooves await you, with 3 exclusive forthcoming tracks included from the Local Talk stable. Enjoy.
Tracklist/Description: At the beginning of January last year, Iron Curtis and I played a memorable all-nighter at Paloma Bar for which we decided to dig deep in our Broken Beat and Dubstep collection so that we could try to stay clear of the four to the floor. Of course, we ended up playing House and Techno as well :-) This was a special night for multiple reasons, the most peculiar one being that this gig would turn out to be my last club performance before the pandemic... This edit of the original 10-hour recording covers roughly the first four hours of our back 2 back. Special thanks to Finn and the Palomas for the invitation (and the recording!) and all the friends who showed up that night.
17 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Please like/ subscribe to my channel to support my music! Or buy me a coffee :) Random Movement - I Stayed Around (Original Mix) Phase, Whiney - It Means Nothing (Original Mix) Mojoman - Blue Drone Arriving Drs, Dynamite MC, London Elektricity - Fix It All Blame Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix) Random Movement - Get The Funk Outta This Room (Original Mix) Flotec - Fresh (Original Mix) Alix Perez, Zero Tolerance - Dangerous Liaison (Original Mix) KOAN Sound - Hydroplane Bert H - Salat (Random Movement Remix) Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix) Seba - Chebourashka (Original) Commix - Freefall (Original Mix) Mojoman - Evolve & Spread Matveï - LAGOON (Tom Jarmey Remix) Qumulus, Warm Roller - Never Forgotten (Original Mix) Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (2015 Remaster) Jayma, Technimatic - Vermillion feat. Jayma (Random Movement Remix) Six Blade, A.M.C - Strangers (Original Mix) LSB - Mist of You (Original Mix) Melinki - It's Over (Random Movement Remix) GLXY - Vision (Original Mix) Adam F - Dirty Harry (Grooverider Remix) Anthony Kasper, Random Movement - Bear With Me (Original Mix) Tweakz - Respect Dub (Original Mix) Dave Wallace - Light Phase (Original Mix) Operon - Three Lions (Original Mix) Technimatic - Sometimes (Original Mix) LTJ Bukem - horizons Special Request - QUIET STORM
16 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: For more info: @cinthie Berlin based DJ and producer, label owner of 803 Crystal Grooves, Beste Modus , Unison Wax, Beste Freunde, and we_r house, along with being a host at Fritz Radio, a record store owner of Elevate, and a proud parent, Cinthie has grown to become one of the most revered and respected figures in contemporary electronic music in recent years both in her hometown and across the globe.
Tracklist/Description: @soelaela, who lives in Berlin, has created her very own sound between sensual house music and minimalist dub techno and has released on labels such as Dial, Sushitec, Kompakt and others. This year, she also released a track called "The thing for him" on the Freude am Tanzen compilation. You can also find a detailed interview with her in the sixth issue of Fatplastics magazine. Thank you for that great mix Elina!
Tracklist/Description: 1312 blank street | no future no past freitagabend - montagmorgen, 22.-25. april 2022 Unser lobby Set vom Samstag 20-23h. Good times all around! Photo: Gordon Schirmer @iron-curtis
Tracklist/Description: Vibe out to a slice of @EliEscobar's set from House of Grooves October! Catch Eli Escobar's House of Yes residency on the first weekend of every month 🎧✨#HOUSEOFGROOVES Find out more at | @houseofyesnyc 📸: Kenny Rodriguez (IG: @kennyrodz)
13 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Roughly ten years ago—if we pretend the peak pandemic year-and-a-half doesn't count—Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets first came together as Detroit Swindle, before changing their name to Dam Swindle towards the end of 2020. The original name was meant as a tribute to one of their favorite musical legacies, but recognizing that it didn't come across how they meant it, the duo changed their name to pay homage to their other favourite place: Amsterdam. Dales and Smeets have become core parts of the Amsterdam house scene in their time, especially with their excellent Heist Recordings label, which they started back in 2013 (hey, now *that's* literally ten years ago). It's easy to understand why the duo have become so popular. In person and onstage, they're goofy, funny guys, the kind of people you might describe as the life of the party. And musically, they're massively appealing, marrying a European tech house strut to deeper and more soulful inspirations, a preoccupation reflected in Heist's impressive artist roster: Ge-Ology, Demuir, Byron The Aquarius, Matthew Herbert and more. Their RA Podcast comes at a time of reflection and change, looking back on the decade-plus history of both act and label and plotting their new album, which they say will expand their horizons even more. The mix is eclectic but smooth, pulling together tracks from the likes of Omar-S, Lil Silva, Ruf Dug and Genius Of Time (with one of last year's most underrated tracks). It's always a treat to hear consummate club DJs in a more relaxed mode, and this one's no exception. @damswindle Read more at
Tracklist/Description: enjoy !
12 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: MIx for Radio Fm ... mixtape fm volume 16 Alphonse - Moan Up DREAMSCAPE - To Think We Met Just Yesterday Honey Dijon featuring Kameelah Waheed - Love Is Jex Opolis - Know Yourself Magic Source - Riviera Drive Pete Herbert - Far Flung (Gold Suite Restring) The Galleria - Stop & Go (Up the Wall Dub) Patrick Cowley - Love & Passion Zoo Brazil - Even Morgan Geist - Duper - Twilight Express
Tracklist/Description: 1st Time Move D and I played USA B2B have a listen
11 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Almost 10years since Move D and Jus-Ed played B2B in Paris. Nothing changed! it only gets better! Enjoy the Musical Ride #MOVE_D #DJ_JUS_ED
09 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Now live at the Blur Podcasts the Italian DJ and producer - Tommaso Pizzelli! The very last podcast of the year before we enter into the Christmas holidays, we bring you the spanish-based owner of Diserpiero Records Tommaso Pizzelli, who has released music on labels such as Uncanny, Samani, Swerve Digital and many many others. An accomplished DJ with guests mixes in places such as YOI, Relikt, Surge Recordings and Bloop London to name a few, he is one of the most iconic rising stars in the minimal and deep tech scene, so make sure you don't miss this very special episode, which will go live later today on our Soundcloud, Youtube and Apple Podcast pages. Soundcloud: Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Make sure you follow Tommaso Pizzelli work in the links below:
04 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: *Tracklist & Interview here: Artist Info: KaySoul is a House DJ/record producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He began making music in the year 2010 till present. He draws inspiration from Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers and also he is inspired by everything around him. Hailing from Kwa-Thema, Springs in the East Rand of Johannesburg. Growing up with the sounds of house, bubble gum and kwaito on the radio at home and in the neighborhood, he quickly got into taping songs and making compilations of music that really moved him - just so he could listen again. Not bad for a kid who was still in his 5th grade of primary school. As a youngster, he was always one for moving to his own beat: banging anything he could find to create his own rhythms. In 2010, he was introduced to FL Studio 8 by a friend who showed him around using the programme and as they say, the rest is history. In 2018, he won best "Male" and "Remixer" categories at the 2018 Dance Music South Africa. KaySoul released an EP in 2019 "The Prosimians" on Tooman Records from Germany. This EP received support from 5 Magazine, International DJ Mag, 5FM, Vuzu TV Hit Refresh. His music has been supported by the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Rocco, Ralf Gum, Kid Fonque, Kai Alce, Ame, Fred Everything, Laurient Garnier, Mr. Scruff, Jazzanova, Robert Owens, Jullian Gomes, Kevin Yost, Josh Wink, Atjazz, Glenn Underground, Felipe Gordon, Richie Hawtin, Lay-Far, Sean McCabe, Milton Jackson, Hugo LX, Crackazat. In February 2022, he released an EP "Frequency Rays of One Cosmic" on Dirt Crew Recordings which got a support from DJ Mag and Mixmag and he did an interview with GQ South Africa about his music. In March 2022, he released another EP (vinyl/digital) "What Is Blackness" which came out on Shall Not Fade and it garnered support from Resident Advisor. In April 2022, he released an EP "The World's Going Crazy" on Apparel Music. He did radio mixes for World Wide FM, NTS Radio, Jazz FM, Radio Reprezent, YFM, 5FM, 947 FM, Gagasi FM and a mix for Traxsource Live. Labels: @dirt-crew @shallnotfade @fluid_funk @apparel-music @toomanrecords @moissmusic @society30 Soundcloud: @kaysoulmusic Social Media: Curator: Enrico Cherbino Artwork: Kaio Batista Follow Us: @connectch
Tracklist/Description: Recorded live, no synchro All tracklist just down below !!! New Focus dedicated to two artists (brothers in life) Ben & Louis Helliker-Hales aka Chaos in the cbd, from New Zealand and based in London, owners of the label "In dust we trust" with Jon Sable. The duo has a superb discography with deep house, jazzy house and dubby sounds. Often hypnotic but always fine and delicate with velvety sounds with an unstoppable rhythm. CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Midnight in Peckham 30/70 -- Tastes Like Freedom (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Accidental Meetings CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Observe CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Dusty Sundays CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Luxury Motivation CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Kaitaia Fire THE PHANTOM -- When I Found Out (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Global Erosion (feat. Isaac Aesili) SORCERESS -- Teacups (Chaos In the CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Double Dribble CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Phantom Melodies CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Similar Stories CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Multiverse CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Mind Massage CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Girl Like You MONOSOUL -- Just A Break (Chaos in the CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD & JON SABLE -- Te Puke Thunder FORMATION -- Control (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Trust Is Key CHAOS IN THE CBD -- United Identities PLANET SOUL -- Set U Free (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Distorted Fields THE INVISIBLE -- Love Me Again feat. Anna Calvi (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Background Explorer APES -- Two Thousand Six (Chaos In The CBD Remix) CHAOS IN THE CBD -- False Awakening CHAOS IN THE CBD & JON SABLE -- Mahia Madness CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Echolocation CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Liquid Experience CHAOS IN THE CBD -- Natural Taboo CHAOS IN THE CBD & Mongo Skato -- Brainstorm Please support these artist by bying, streaming, sharing their music !
Tracklist/Description: Recorded live, no synchro All tracklist just down below ! DJ ROCCA/N2B -- Dubby Pino DAVE LEE -- Why (Hot Toddy Boogiefied Mix) BLONDIE -- Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B Remix) @retromigration -- Stop The Presses EXODUS -- Together Forever (Def Mix) @coeo -- Like It Is @chloecaillet -- LOVE AIN'T OVER SEX JUDAS -- Pope Naked The First TAKUYA NAKAMURA -- Sun (@jonnysender Remix) EDEN BURNS & CHRISTOPHER TUBBS -- The Siren's Song DEALER -- STAR DANCE (Extended version by LKT) @pleasurepool -- Night Scars WALTER JONES -- A.I.P. (X.L.N.'s Maison Vumbi Edit) @jonnysender -- Disco Touch @jacquesrenault -- Searching for Some Real Love (Jacques Renault Edit) CANYONS -- Fire Eyes (Jacques Renault's Living the Jungle Mix) SEVEN 50 -- Stalkers Closer (@jacquesrenault Edit) @damswindle -- More Love @chloecaillet -- Doudou (Edit) LECTROLUV -- Dream Drums (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) RICHARD SEN -- My Definition of Funk @elfenberg -- Borg Queen SAMO DJ -- Make A Living MARK PICCHIOTTI & THE ABSOLUTE -- I Believe (feat. Suzanne Palmer) [Harry's Golden Era Dub] A BUNCH OF GUYS -- Let the Rhythm Hit’em (Fouk Remix) TWO MAN SOUND -- Que Tal America (Richie Rivera's Edit) Please support these artist by buying, sharing, streaming their music
03 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: Recorded live, no synchro Volume 2, right for the end of year cause we need some warm grooves with the rhodes sounds All tracklists just down below MAGIC IN THREES -- Work Tapes (Patchworks Remix) VOLTA CAB -- Native Talk (JKriv Remix) MANUEL COSTELA -- Slow Love (Original Mix) JAN KINCL & REGIS KATTIE -- Blue Funk (For Kerri) DEEP88 & MELCHIOR SULTANA -- Chicago REGGIE DOKES -- Release Yourself RETROMIGRATION -- Stop The Presses IGOR GONYA -- Shikaree BROOKLYN MASSIVE -- IN A TIME (Bobby Konders prod !) SAMEED -- New Bell BILLY LO -- Do U Play Around CVER -- Feeling U, Feeling Me (Jan Kincl “T” Remix) ELOI -- Il Rhodes WASSERFALL & VAAGE -- Namely You @manuelcostela -- Rhodes From Mars (When Phobos Kill Damos mix) @ucbeatz -- Exotic Fruitz HORSEMEN -- Turn back time PONTY MYTHON -- Into the Wild (Black Loops Remix) BUTCH -- The Infamous (Robytek Vs Shield Re-Edit) UC BEATZ -- Bongos, Rhodes & Candles JOE CLEEN -- The Fun Part MATTHIEU FAUBOURG -- If You Care (featuring Meggy) ADRIEN CALVET -- Rhodes Matinal @ucbeatz -- Stars Keep Shining MATTHIEU FAUBOURG -- Slow Down LEMIN -- Loco Dulce Please support these artist, by buying, streaming, sharing their music
Tracklist/Description: @evacrystaltips in da house! Aterral: IG: FB: Eva Crystaltips: IG:
Tracklist/Description: One of our favourite producers of 2022 steps up with an exclusive 64 minutes of almost entirely unreleased material. Parisian producer @tour-maubourg has released an remarkable body of work in the past couple of years that connects the dots between his city's deep house and nu jazz heritage (e.g. St-Germain, Wuz, Cassius) and the contemporary jazz scene, where sumptuous 4/4 grooves and broken beats are laced with sweet vintage and analog synth solos and motifs. We predict the biggest things for him and are very happy to have him contribute to our long-running series. *How would you describe your sound?* I’m trying to produce modern music, mainly house, jazz, and dub related with an old school and warm feel. *What and who inspires you and influences your sound?* If I had to name three main influences it would be Ron Trent and Chez Damier, for their vision and reflection on pushing forward the sound. Basic channel for their exploration of texture and ambience. Their sound has a unique feel. Nicolas Jaar for his abilities to touch the masses with non pop music. His ability to make complexity simpler so that anyone can understand his music. *Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?* I was very happy that it was only made out of my production. As I have tons of music I stick that will probably not be released, it’s a good way to take it out of my hard drive and give it a second life 🙏 Tracklist: Wayward - Bright (Tour-Maubourg sunset dub mix) (Silver Bear Recordings) Tour-Maubourg - Désillusions successives (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg - Give and take (emotions) (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg - Dub CR-78 (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg - Dub 002 (SHALL NOT FADE) Tour-Maubourg & Max Telaer - Nordic Trance (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg & KX9000 - Already say (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg & Bendrick - Mood to bump (UNRELEASED) George JJ Flores - Funk the future (Tour-Maubourg remix) Tour-Maubourg - Chicago memories (UNRELEASED) Tour-Maubourg - Everybody (UNRELEASED) Cosmonection - Odyssey (Tour-Maubourg remix) (PONT NEUF RECORDS) Tour-Maubourg - Abre los ojos (UNRELEASED) XXXX - XXXX (Tour-Maubourg & Saudade dub)
02 January 2023
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Tracklist/Description: The Detroit producer takes us on a journey through disco, deep cuts, gospel and Afro house Read more:
Tracklist/Description: vinyl only
Tracklist/Description: Taho - Albatros (Original Mix) Mark Laird - Funk That Roberto Rodriguez - La Isla Diamond Eyes - Nightset (Feat Josué) Smoove & Turrell, Hot Toddy - Elgin Towers (Hot Toddy Dub) Lea Lisa - Love To The End (Manchester Club Mix) Roberto Bosco - System logoff George Apergis_- Quelle [Original re-mastered] CJW - Remote DJ Steaw - On Sunset Felice - Abolish? Acitone - Momentum(Extended Mix) Mihai Popoviciu - Trapped In Brakets Sean Miller - The Good Life (Joeski Extended Remix) Funk D'Void - Danse Macabre (IDEAL) Manuel-M - The designer Roberto Bosco - Deep thought pt.1 Patrice Bäumel - This World Quarion - Takin No Shorts - Original Mix Gavinco - Much Love Matt Masters - Worlds Collide [m] Reboot - Sherbet (Funk D'Void remix) Daniel Steinberg - Michigan Joel Brittain, FLIGHT MODE - Burn This (Original Mix) Luigi Tozzi - Ghost Lake Roberto Bosco - Confusion Taho - Albatros (Original Mix) Heiko Laux - LGC (Based On An Episode By Offshore Funk)