Prommer and Barck

Ready to fish 001 - Prommer and Barck by Readytofish_

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01. Prommer & Barck - Sleeping Beauty
02. Prommer & Barck-Lovin' -Andre Lodemann Remix
03. Mylee Todd- Aeorobics in Space - Prommer&Brack Spaced Out Remix
04. Prommer & Barck - Journey -Kink Remix
05. Alexander Meier - Heslach -Prommer]Barck Remix
06. Prommer & Barck - Everything - Prommer & BArck Remix
07. Prommer & Barck - Barking Grizzle -Hell Remix
08. Prommer & Barck - Dr Jackyl and Mr Hyde-Peter Kruder Remix
09. Golden Sounds - WackaWacka ( Prommer & BArck Remix)
10. Prommer & Barck - Barking Grizzle - San Soda mix

Hot Property Bank Holiday Mix by Hot Property

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Ron Trent - Morning fever
Duff Disco - Catch me out
Space Ranger - Herbal cake (revenge remix)
Eddie C - We need we
Jovonn - Definition of a track
Delano Smith - My life
Eddie C - Im sorry
Martin Dawson - Sunday smoking EP
Rob Mello vs Skipson - K's editspot pt1
Toby Tobias - Macau (Motorcity drum ensemble remix)
Vakula - Slavic mythology EP
Laak - Cosmic causeway
Session Victim - million dollar feeling
Fuminori Kagajo - Squeeze
Blue six - Music and wine

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Atnarko feat. Nica Brooke - Solid Ground (Fred’s Lazy Vox Mix) - Lazy Days
Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (Dyed Soundroom Remix) - Real Tone
Aaron Carl - My House (Jonn Hawley Remix) - Unreleased
Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April - Take Me Back (Simon Mattson’s Deep Mix) - Defected
Elektroorganik feat. Christian Fontana - Don’t Run (Jed Set Dub) - SoulHeat
Maya Jane Coles - Don’t Tell (Manoo Club Mix) - Real Tone
Frankie Knuckles vs. Reboot - Tears (2011 Remix) - Unreleased
Nicone’ feat. Narra - Caje - Stil Vor Talent Records
Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days (DJ Spen And The Muthafunkaz Nu
Funkstrumental) - Cajual
Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days (DJ Spen And The Muthafunkaz Nu Funk
Phusion Mix) - Cajual
The Martinez Brothers - Issshhh (Beatz) - Objektivity
Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin’ - MAW
Blue Baboon - Let The Music Play - White Label
DJ Meme Orchestra feat. Tracey K - Love Is You (Knee Deep Dub) - MN2S
The Black & White Brothers - Bang It Out (Aldo Kapone Track It Out Mix)- Tony Records
Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room - Objektivity
Mighty Dub Katz - It’s Just Another Groove - Southern Fried Records
Room With A View
Download Marino Berardi
Download Marlow
Download Art Of Tones
Download Dairmount

Room With A View April Special on Noice! US by Room With a View

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Marino Berardi
6th Borough project / Ismae / Delusions Of grandeur
MANIK / She's Slow Motion / Ovum
Kerri Chandler / 13 to 41 /
Alland Byallo Stern soul / RWAV
Christoffer Rau / Childhood / Smallville
AFMB / Nasty Disposition / Drumpoet
Sasse / On My Mind / Mood Music
Rico Puestel / Carving Down
Dj Nibc / Hold On / BSU Remix
Nowakowski / Decalculated / RWAV


Cymande - Bra (Edit) - Blue Elephant Roy Ayers - I Am Your Mind Part II
(Acapella) - Rapster Records Todd Terje - Step By Step - File Joi Cardwell -Keep Comming Around (Acapella) - Nervous Records Prins Thomas - Ny Maskin
(Trommebonus) - Full Pupp Linkwood & House of Traps - Barley Eagle -
Firecracker Recordings Nicolas Jaar - Can't See What Is Burning There - !K7
Fiakun Team feat. Paul Omaetxebarria - Around Your Neck (Penner + Muder
Remix) - Fiakun Freaks & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz
Remix) - Rebirth Plan D´Aqua - House Orchid - Dirt Crew Recordings Fudge
Fingas - Escape - Firecracker Recordings Curtis Mayfield - Love Me (Hunee
Edit) - File Cuthead - The Sinner - Uncanney Valley Marlow - I Don´t Care
About Anything (Being With You) - Room With A View Marlow - Outro - Room
With A View

Art Of Tones:
Duffstep - Your Touch - Session Victim Remix [Join The Dots]
Dj Marin - Love Fantasy - Rondenion Mix [Treble O]
The Gathering - In My System - Soul Minority Remix [Silver Network]
Memoryman Aka Uovo - Sleepless Disco Night - Nicholas Remix [Revox Music]
Space Ranger - Chocolate Bar [Plimsoll005]
Ooft - Deep Wading - Huxley Remix [Raw Cutz 008]
Fred Everything - On My Mind - Joshua Iz S F Dub [Lazy Days]
Joshua - Make Me Feel [Jnr005]
Ooft - Umbilical Chord - Ooft Dub Mix [Popular People Front]
Bottin - New Religion - Marcus Marr Remix [Nang]
Recloose - Cant Take It - Milton Jackson Remix [Planet E]
JM Aboga - House With Me [Loudeast]
Kerri Chandler And Christopher Mccray - Heaven - Kerris623 Again Mix [Mad House]
Crime - Rhythm Graffiti - Extended Reedit [Junior Boys Own]
J P Massiera - Welove J P M - P B R Streetgang Tribute [Yelny01]
Stranger - Medicine [Disco Dimensions]

6th Borough Project / Let Yourself Go (live) / DOG
DJ Ageishi / Rain Parade / Mark E / Internasjonal
Jonsson & Alter / En Livfull Skildring / kontra-Muzik
Kassem Mosse / Untitled 2 / workshop
6th Borough Project / B.U.R.T. (Inside) feat. Paul Joseph / DOG
Cazandy / Untitled 2 / White
Cosmin TRG / Liebe Suende / Rush Hour
clockwork / Running From Spaces / Hot Creations
Star You Star Me / Parkinkatu / Mezak mix / Stars Music
Conforce / Love Hate / Meanwhile
C9ine / Chasing / ARC
Mandy Jordan / Glint Flow / Vekton

Mr Joseph
You can find mirror link here.

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01: Mr. Joseph - Coming Home // Telluric Reccords
02: Eveson - Highlife // Liquid V
03: Imagery - The Heat (Sevin remix)
04: Mr. Joseph - Sister Sledge - Easier to Love // Dub
05: Mr. Joseph - Kate White - Forever Weekend // Liquid V
06: Eveson - Peace // Liquid V
07: Level 2- Time To Do // Liquid V
08: Mr. Joseph & Andyskopes Ft Jett - My Opinion // Dub
09: Calibre - Glyde // Liquid V
10: Mr. Joseph & AndySkopes - Alone At My Desk // Dub
11: Llevel 2-Days Of Rain VIP // Liquid V
12: Mr. Joseph - Necessary // Liquid V
13: Mr. Joseph - 119 - How Long // Telluric Records
14: Sevin - Boomerang
15: Eveson - Wicked Dub // Liquid V
16: Mr. Joseph - Danger Room // Liquid V
17: Calibre - Reverse Engineer // Liquid V
18: Commix - Talk To Frank (Break remix) // Metalheadz
19: Zero T & Mosus - Shallow Grave // Print
20: Andyskopes & Mr. Joseph - Trash Talk // Secret Operation
21: Leks - Greedy // Fizzy Beats
22: Mr. Joseph - Rodigan // Liquid V
No download link.

YSE Productions - 2011 Preview Pt.1 by YSE

A very small sample of a musical productions by myself as YSE (and a few as Rhythm Plate - whoever they are?). Anyway, theres some new, some released, some unreleased, a couple unsigned and some bits stuck in the pipeline. Lost My Dog Records, Ornate, 1999, Tom Glide and more...
All set to drop sometime in 2011.
No download link for this mix.

Makoto's DJ mix archive @

Japan's chief drum'n'bass ambassador. Soulful, jazzed out and always oh-so-fresh at SonarSound Tokyo.

DJ Blade - Everyday Junglist Guest Mix Vol. 14 by everyday junglist

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Blade - Paloma 'Family' [Dub]
Atlantic Connection - True Love [Prestige Music]
Arp-1 & Daniel GR - Last Night [BRR Dub]
Blade - Moments & Memories [GLR Dub]
Blade – Surviving What You Know [Telluric Dub]
Scott Allen, Deeper Connection & Aquasion – Deep Translation [Vampire Dub]
Unknown – Euphony ‘Reboot’ [Dub]
Blade – Backstabber [Dub]
Blade – Loving You Today [Dub]
Blade – Sometimes [Dub]
Arp-1 – Visions [BRR Dub]
Blade – Bagheera [Dub]
Duo Science – Infinite [Dub]

Da Funk-Housetrap Podcast (18.04.2011) by Da Funk

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01 Da Funk Smokin' Hawt Original Mix Forensic
02 Agnes Love Tempo Original Mix Sthlm Audio
03 Atjazz Cat Webs Original Mix Static Records
04 Aquarell Green Vision Original Mix Night Drive
05 Akabu Another World Andre Lodemann Remix Z Records
06 Bedrock Forge Tom Middleton Bedrock
07 Dana Bergquist & Peder G Spade Original Mix Union Jack
08 David Duriez One Drop Does It Corrugated Tunnel Remix Elevation
09 Atnarko Close Your Eyes Soul Minority Remix One Thirty
10 Budai & Vic D.I.Z.K.O Roberto Rodriguez Remix Discoteca
Bassy Slumbers Live Session
Download Erick Trodly
Download Coca J.
Download Phlorid (link fixed)
Download S:LV
Download Berman

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big bud - millenium - creative source
carlito - fall down - creative source
cloud nine - jazzmin - moving shadow
calibre - got a thing - signature records
the architex + slade - the bridge - basement records
skin divers - size 12 - all good vinyl
big bud - fantasy - creative source
trax - used by you - outsider
electrosoul system - attention - kos.mos. music
nut nut - the finest - true playaz
electrosoul system - after hours - brandnu:x
calibre - mr right on - signature records

1. Electrosoul System - Attention - Kos.Mos.Music
2. Future Engineers - Bionics (Electrosoul System Remix) - Kos.Mos.Music
3. Electrosoul System - Sputnik - Camino Blue
4. Lynx - Shaku - Digital Soundboy
5. Calibre - Oh Please - Signature
6. Lynx - Chess Funk - Detail
7. Icicle - Arrows - Shogun
8. Electrosoul System - Form Of Life - Kos.Mos.Music
9. D.Bridge & Calibre - Ponderosa - Exit
10. Commix - Scarlet - Hospital
11. Icicle & Switch - Ur In My Head - Fokuz
12. Alix Perez - Melanie - Shogun

Coca J.:
01. moby : porcelain / white
02. subway funk : tarbet hotel / textures
03. lomax + kubiks - 12 tone / fys
04. zero tolerance + alix perez : dangerous liaison / int
05. icicle + alix perez + switch : this is how /sgn:ltd
06. ess : moonlight land / subtitles
07. calibre + drs : judgement day / red seal
08. nookie : ? / glo
09. dramatic + dbaudio : soulwave / telluric
10. simplification : never believe / hab
11. blade : vegas / telluric
12. tayla + aquarius : soul searchin / glo
13. j laze : chinz & grinz / glo
14. carlito + addiction : supergrass / defunked
15. uncut : midnight / sony bmg
16. ltj bukem : the essence / ?
17. madmen + poets : scandinavian sunday / fokuz
18. pfm : one & only 2002 / glo
Excellent mix. Pure summer liquid funk vibes!

Summer 2011 Promo mix by B-Pro

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Forss - Lost Through Inversion
Imagery - The Way She Moves
Kyro & MsDos - That Summer In Paris
B-Pro - Sophistication
Theory - Scorpion
Toez - Love Lost (Blade Remix)
Command Strange - Beautiful Days
Kjell - Grand Groove
Flaco & Glen E Ston - Crescent
Electrosoul System - To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix)
Stereotype - Like a Bad Habit
Intelligent Manners - Superbad
Command Strange - Lovely Day
Motive & Beat 70 - Feelin I Never Had
Deepconnection - Shallow Ground (soulTec Remix)
B-Pro - I'll Never Smile
Random Movement - Hotter Measures
Jaybee & Duoscience - Wonderful Life
MSDOS - Doubles (Duoscience Remix)
Kjell - Rain On The Brain
Chuck Maurice & Simbad - Summer Badness
Random Movement
128kbps // 118:44min // 108.7MB
New episode of Random Movement Radio hosted by Random Movement! Check out more Random Movement's mixes here.
Flaco's DJ mix archive @

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01. Craig Stewart - Make Me (Da Funk's Numb Soul Remix) [Acryl Music]
02. Pablo Fierro - Flashes In My Head [Cover Music]
03. Jon Silva - Got 2 Have U [Aquamarine]
04. Kikis - New Wave [Spring Tube]
05. Kikis - Don't Stop [Spring Tube]
06. Replika - Empty Beds (Deepsoundexpress Remix) [Aquamarine]
07. Branco Von Holleben & Bruno Be - Dig Deeper [Conya]
08. Marvin Zeyss - Herz (Frankman Remix) [FM Digital]
09. Vincenzo - The Clearing (Dub) [Dessous]
10. Sebastian Davidson & Nick Orisun - Future (Jon Silva Dark Dub) [Conya]
11. Helly Larson - Hot [Soul Industries]
12. Tracey Thorn - Why Does The Wind (Andre Lodemann Remix) [Buzzin' Fly]
COMMAND STRANGE - FOKUZ PODCAST #2 by command_strange

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Command Strange - When The Morning Comes (Antillectual Beats Dub)
D Kay - Thinner Edge (Integral)
Donnie Dubson - irish Funk (Dub)
Subsid - My One & Only (Dub)
Command Strange - Mr Lonely (Integral Dub)
Artificial Intelligence - Won't Give Up (31 Rec)
dbAudio & dRamatic - Coast to Coast (Dub)
Command Strange & Dynamic - Too Hot Lady (Dub)
Lenzman ft Riya - Bittersweet (Bootleg)
Calibre - Carry Me Away (Signature)
Donnie Dubson - Assemble (Dub)
Hybrid Minds ft Grimm - This Morning (Dub)
Cutworks ft Nummix - Watch Your Feelings (Dub)
Dynamic - Joanna & The Sun (Dub)
Command Strange - Sweetest Goodbye (Dub)
Command Strange - ????????


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Outboxx ft. Naomi Jeremy – Brighten my day (forthcoming Well Rounded Housing Project)
Sesped – Bastards (forthcoming Pollen)
Deft – Blade Runner Blues (unreleased)
Rob Hindle – Buenos Aires 2am read by Jonathan Tafler (LateNightTales)
Grooveman Spot – Going On (Jazzy Sport)
Portrait – Moving on (forthcoming Well Rounded Housing Project)
Anthony Shakir – Detroit State (Space Dimension Controller Remix) (Rush Hour)
Outboxx – Kate Libby (Immerse)
Chez Damier – Soul Minimal (Mojuba)
Outboxx – Bertie’s Groove (Immerse)
Behling and simpson – Politics (unreleased)
Kidkut + Arkist – One Year Later (forthcoming Hot Flush
October & Appleblim – NY Fizzzzzz (forthcoming Smorgasbord)
Kowton – She Don’t Jack (Idle Hands)
Andy Mac – Asteroid (forthcoming Punch Drunk)
Gerry Read – Untitled (forthcoming Fourth Wave)
Bakey Ustl – A Tender Place (Unthank)
Vessel – Glitter (unreleased)
Mean Poppa Lean – Personality (Leon remix) (forthcoming Well Rounded Housing Project)
Outboxx -Falling Apart ft Naomi Jeremy (unreleased)
Domu – Save it ft Face (Tru Thoughts)
Random Movement's DJ mix archive @

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Command Strange & Dynamic – Too Hot Lady
dRamatic & dbAudio – Flex Through The Solar Systems
Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent – Parity
Mutt – ???????
Need For Mirrors – Punch Drunk
MixMaster Doc – Biomimitic
Will Miles – I
Kjell – Lincoln Place
Need For Mirrors – Triangulation Delta
Root Soul feat. Vanessa Freeman – It’s The Way (Makoto Remix)
Duo Science – Line Of The Drumz
Mutt & Grimm – Focus
J Dilla – King (Sinistarr Remix)
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt
Survival & Paul T – Rationale
Jill Scott – He Loves Me (bootleg)
Paul SG – Whats The Time Please
Flaco – Punta Las Marias
Ayah Mara – Follow You (A.I. Remix)
Random Movement – Dropping the Chips
No download link for this one. Excellent mix. Love SDC!
Space Dimension Controller's DJ mix archive @

SDC Live @ Robert Johnson 12/02/2011 by spacedimensioncontroller
Audio Tonic Here's more than 8 hours long recording of the Audio Tonic night at Club 360 in Dubai with Jimpster alongside Vas Floyd and Acos CoolKas. Don't know the exact time slots, but Jimpster's mix starts around 220min. I pretty like first part of the mix with lot of excellent nu-disco/deep house tunes. If anybody knows who and when was on the decks leave a comment please.Thanks. Enjoy your listening!
Download Acos CoolKas mix

Update: added single mixes in better quality.

Acos_CoolKas_LIVE_360_15_04_11 by audiotonic®


Jimpster_LIVE_360_15_04_11 by audiotonic®


audio_tonic_Radio1_140411_Hr1 by audiotonic®


audio_tonic_Radio1_140411_Hr2 by audiotonic®

R.I.S.A's DJ mix archive @

R.I.S.A - April views by R.I.S.A

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Dj Marky & Makoto - Secret place (Random Movement remix)
Marcus Intalex - Airbourne
Paul SG & Jay Rome - Caramel town
Mutt & Calculon feat Kevin King - Easy on the motion
dRamatic & dbaudio - Nation one
DJ Marky & S.P.Y feat Miri - Days go slow (Makoto remix)
Muwookie - Memories
Gemini - Without you
Phat Playaz - Raw
dRamatic & dbaudio - Life console
Bungle - Constant & clear
Command Strange - Motion
ASC - Starkwood
Survival & Alix Perez - Storm chaser
Icicle - So close
Calibre - Easyglide
Muwookie - Love You
Release - Memories of a brighter past
Zed Bias & Injekta Feat. Jenna G - Beautiful (London Elektricity Remix)
Submorphics - Stray bullets
Topcat - Original Ses (Police In Helico)
Redeyes - Turn around
Luca - Saint Bond
Dave Owen - Crimson tears

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Karu - Definition of A Star - Deepermotions
RickSoundSystem - The Sound Is Yours (Kerri Chandler Remix) - NEWS
Lovebirds - Gentle - Teardrop Music
Elements of Life Feat. Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle - Into My Life (Dub Mix) - Vega Records
Rocco - Someday - RealTone
Cricco Castelli - The Bump - Illegal Beats
Kim English - Nightlife (Kenny Dope Remix) - Dope Wax
Blaze - We Are One (Sublevel Vocal Mix) - King Street
JT Donaldson - Don’t Want’ Chu Now - OM
Kings of Tomorrow - I Want You (For Myself) - Yoshitoshi Recordings
Download link no longer available.
Little bit shitty audio quality in these 320kbps days, but anyway very smooth liquid funk selection by for me quite unknown DJ Delirious. Found that mix on a good DJ mixes resource @

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01. Lsb – Lost now
02. Makoto – What to do
03. Command & strange – Brasileiro
04. Mutt – Art of forgetting
05. Mikal – Make it
06. Utah Jazz – Runaway
07. Redeyes – Battle of sweet things
08. Dj Marky – Rotation
09. Lenzman – Ever so slightly
10. Infuzoria – Secret Dream
11. Paul SG – Sometimes
12. Utah Jazz – Skyward Bound

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Norm De Plume Intro:
6th Borough Project: "If The Feeling's Right" [Delusions Of Grandeur]
6th Borough Project: "Deep C" [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Norm De plume: "Steady Teddy" [forthcoming on Kolour Ltd]
Francis Inferno Orchestra: "Horizon Beat" [Sccucci Manucci]
Mic Newman: "The Fidelity" [forthcoming on Freerange Records]

Mike W guest mix:
Wareika: "Be Real" (Pol On Remix) [Connaisseur records]
Genius Of Time: "Houston We Have A Problem" [Royal Oak]
Norm De Plume: "Steady Teddy" (Franc Spangler Remix) [Kolour Ltd]
Cosmic Boogie: "Fast And Loose" [Boogie Originals]
Francis Inferno Orchestra: "Come On Now" [Melbourne Deepcast]
Daniel Solar: "Baby's Tears" [Dikso]
Fantastic Man: "From Start To Finish" [Melbourne Deepcast]
Ian Pooley
Ian Pooley's DJ mix @

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Clap your Hands 1st anniversary is coming up and we´re celebrating our AFS Radio Show with a stunning Happy Birthday Mix of House Legend Ian Pooley… ENJOY!

Trusme – Nard’s (Pooley Edit) /stilove4music
Universal Principles – Insp. and Light (Decimal Vocal Rmx) /soma
Moodymanc – Black Paint (Dub) /white
Maya J. Coles – What they…(D.Soundorom rmx/Spencer Parker Edit) /realtone
Ian Pooley – Give you up /smoke n’ mirrors
Mic Newman – The Fidelity /freerange
Chris Carrier – Untitled /soweso
Johanna Knutsson – Heavy Baby /klasse records
DJ Sneak – Boogie Alright /robsoul
Steve Mac feat. Nic Fanculli – Give it to me /saved rec
Marcel Knopf – Long gone home /clap your hands
Ed Davenport – More Red Lights /nrk

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6th Borough Project - B.U.R.T (The Journey) - Delusions Of Grandeur
Roberto Rodriguez - Thinking Of You - Fina
Mic Newman - The Fidelity - Freerange
Pitto - Where My Soul Is Now - Green
Art Of Tones - Too Much - Room With A View
Ame & Amampondo - Ku Kanjani - Innervisions
DC Salas - Sun (Martin Patiño Remix) - Woodstrasse
Spirit Catcher - Under Elvis (Mr G Remix) - Systematic
Eric Kupper - Bloom - Wave
Bas Amro - Ten - Freerange
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The Disclosure Project
The Disclosure Project
Excursions - Frankman Remix
Soul Minority
Retroplex (Carlos Remix)
Harold Heath
Tom Middleton
Gliding (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
Tom Middleton
Gliding (Liquatech Mix)
Daniel Kyo
Le Vinyl
Operah (Bollo Mix)
Feel You (Roman Rai Remix)
Fred Everything &Amp; Jt Donaldson
Here Come The Beats (Ian Pooley Dub)
The Craftsmen
Future Control (Asad Rizvi Silver Lining Dub)
Florian Kruse &Amp, Nils Nuernburg
House With Me
Last Night
Random Movement
Download mirror
128kbps // 117:42min // 107.7MB
New episode of Random Movement Radio Show hosted by Random Movement! Check out more Random Movement's mixes here.
soulTec's DJ mix archive @

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No. 5 a summery selection inspired by the recent great weather.
Atmospherix & Glen E Ston - So Much Love - Goodlooking Dub
Switch & Icicle - These Golden days - Avalanche Recordings
Simplification - Love Forever - innerground Dub
DKay - Balearic Dream - soul:R
Marky & XRS - LK (M.I.S.T Rmx) - Movement
soulTec - Alcanza El Sol - TMG Dub
Simplification - Dreams - Have A Break Dub
BCEE - Guilty - Reinforced
soulTec, dRamatic & dbAudio - Smokers Suite - Jazz Sticks Dub
Phat Playaz - Fact Of The Unknown - Goodlooking Dub
soulTec & mSdoS - Sunday Club - ?
M.I.S.T vs High Contrast - 3AM - soul:R
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - Feel The Sunset - Creative Source
Jahiem - Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix)
This guy is such a talent! Every of his own track has really specific atmosphere, can't describe it by means of words. Hopefully his forthcoming releases on Good Looking Oraganization will ever see the light of day. To be honest I don't believe that very much. We'll see...
Flaco's DJ mix archive @
Shur-i-kan's DJ mix archive @

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[Time] - [Artist] - [Title] - [Label]
00:00 - Herb LF - Clapham Shuffle - Soul Print Recordings
07:00 - James Johnston - I Know Its Not Time (Rick Wade Mix) - NMW
11:15 - Prommer, Barck, Lois Longerling - Lovin' (Andre Lodemann Remix) - BWR
18:00 - 4th Measure Men - 4 You (Maya Jane Coles Mix)
23:30 - Danny Howells - Everythings Here (Deetron Mix)
28:00 - Karol XVII & MB Valence - Crowded House
33:10 - Philipp Ort - Paris Nights (Surrealism Mix) - Roots Wings
39:20 - Phonique - Endless Love (Alex Niggeman Mix) - Dessous
45:00 - Alex Agore - Don't Need No 1 - Undertones
50:00 - Moodymanc - Black Paint (Larry Heards After Dark Mix) - Moodymanc
53:00 - Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk (12" edit) -
55:30 - 6Th Borough District - B.U.R.T. (The Journey) - DoG


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compiled and mixed by Osunlade
recorded @ Porto Palacio, Portugal
01 Martin Patino "Skin Liquids"
02 Seal "Weight Of My Mistakes" (Jimpster Remix)
03 Antonio Lyons "We Dance We Play"
04 Biodub "Reminder"
05 Rene Breitbarth "Tina Two"
06 6th Borought Project "Find A Way"
07 Anthony Nicholson "Children Speak"
08 Jeff Alexander "Come Wander With Me" (Boddhi Satva Soul Mix)
09 Dj Chang "Yellow Sun" (Cubanix Love Japan Remix)
10 Mic Newman "The Casualty" (Iron Curtis Mix)
11 Tom Demac "Ten From Seventeen"
12 Osunlade "Walkin' In Paris"
13 Atheus "I Unedit"
14 Kuniyuki Takahashi "Bamboo City"
New excellent spring mix by Eric Scholwinski who did very first episode of Doddiblog Podcast. Lot of quality deep house vibes by the names like The Disclosure Project, Dirt Crew, Pablo Fierro, Frankman and many more.

Eric Scholwinski - Spring Podcast 2011 by ericscholwinski

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Anton Lanski - Frustrated After All (Addex Rmx)- Etoka
The Disclosure Project - Excursions (Frankman Rmx) - The Disclosure Project
Michael Mclardy - Three Times A Piano - Deso
Soul Deep Collective - Release Me (Daniel Kyo Remix) - Wallshaker
Pablo Fierro - Check The Boogie (Soul Minority Rmx) - I Records
Dirt Crew - New York (String Version) - Dirt Crew Recordings
Antidote- Eclipse (Spiritchaser Rmx) - Dutchie
Sezer Uysal - Can't Understand Her (Evren Ulusoy Rmx) - Nero Bianco
Craig Stewart - Better The Devil (Alex V Rmx) - Sophisticated
Steve Mill - I Can't Live My Life Alone (Elias Tzikas Rmx) - Urbantorque
Chris Manik - Gotta Have It - Dark Energy Recordings
Slovar's DJ mix archive @

liquid dreams mixtape 2 (2011) by Slovar

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1. Decem - Outspoken / Bassdrive Tunes
2. Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Talking About Love / Celsius
3. Intelligent Manners - Changes / Celsius
4. Lenzman feat. Jo-S - Emeralds / Shogun:LTD
5. Paul SG & Jay Rome - Caramel Town / Blu Saphir
6. Madmen & Poets - Afraid Of Jazz (Lenzman Remix) / Phunkfiction
7. Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Catch The Beat / Celsius
8. Intelligent Manners - Be Rollin' / Fokuz
9. Brookes Brothers - Last Night / Breakbeat Kaos
10. Lenzman - Mesmerized / Shogun:LTD
11. Subwave - Rain Dance / Metalheadz
12. Qumulus - Work This Out / Luvdisaster
13. Lenzman & Switch - Ice Cold Soul / CIA
14. S.P.Y - By Your Side (Logistics Remix) / Spearhead
15. Notion & Submorphics - Put It Down / Clear Conceptions
16. Grafix - Unfaithful / Cue
17. Command Strange - Beautiful Days / Celsius
18. Paul SG & Jay Rome - Ocean Drive / Blu Saphir

Ripperton Spring Podcast (April 2011) by ripperton

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1. John daly - the runner - Plak
2. tom demac - ten from seventeen - Liebe detail spezial
3. Viadrina - Arto Mwambe remix - Pets
4. Daniel Bortz - Other guy - Suol
5. Detroit experiment - Think twice - (Henrik Schwarz remix)
6. D. Snaith aka Caribou - YeYe - Text
7. Lone - Approach window - R & S
8. Nhar - Innerplace (Johny Daly Dub mix) - Perspectiv
9. Reggie Dokes - Thaiti - Clone royal oak
10. Deetron & Ripperton - In depth- Music man
11. Murphy Jax - Wings of galaxi (Hulkkonen remix) My favorite robot
12 John Daly - Night moves - Plak
Marky released 3 podcast mixes at once. Lot of dnb stuff to listen... Enjoy!

Marky's D&B Set 22nd Feb 2011
DJ Marky's DJ mix archive @

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1-S.P.Y & Total Science Feat. Riya-Piano Funk
2-Marky & S.P.Y-Hard To Believe
3-S.P.Y & Total Science Feat. Kevin King-Past Lives
4- Calibre-Windows
5-Random Movement-Feeling Translate
6-Nu:Tone,Logistics & Commix-Ghost Snares VIP
7-EBK,Octane & DLR Feat. Gusto-Mainframe
8-Enei,Eastcolours & Noel-Cracker [Jubei Remix]
9-Lenzman-Masquerade [Die & Interface Remix]
10-Ulterior Motive-Seven Segments
11-Social Security-Ectoplasm
13-Hazard-Foodfight Part 1
14-Anile-Exclusion Zone
15-Ill Skillz-Golden Cage
17-Hyper DISN 208-The End [Interface Remix]
18-Marcus Intalex-Triband Feat. S.P.Y
19-Calibre-Garbage Man
22-Makoto-Keep Me Down
DJ Marky's DJ mix archive @

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1-Enei,Eastcolours & Noel- Cracker [Jubei Remix]
2-Distorted Minds-Rotation
3-Mist:i:cal-Time To Fly
4-Ill Skillz-Golden Cage
5-Blokhead & Cabbie-Dive
6-Delta Heavy-Minus
8-Calibre-Foreign Bodies
9-BTK & Optiv-Inception
10-Ed Rush & Optical-Rock Tha House
11-EBK,Octane & DLR Feat. Gusto-Mainframe
12-Marcus Intalex-Steady
13-Carlito & Addiction-Supergrass
14-Mark System Feat. Youngman-Hold It
15-Nu:Tone Feat.heidi Levo-Coming Back
16-S.P.Y-Turn The Lights Off
17-Icicle Feat. SP:MC-Dreadnaught
18-DJ Marky & S.P.Y-Last Night
Something from the b-Art's archive.

Label Head from the Uprising label Apersonal Music show us his own Groove. He call's it Past and Present, Guess why and listen to it.

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Monkey Robot - Neverending Rhodes
Grooveman Spot - Ur Love
Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert - Wanna Love You
Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Time For Tea
John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Language Barrier
Sect - In The Park (Ft Ben Westbeech)
Matias Aguayo - Ritmo Juarez
Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix)
Alena - Changes (Ron Basejam Remix)
Systemfunk Ft Aqeel - Destiny (Atjazz Love Soul Inst)
Hundred Strong Ft Amp Fiddler - Time (Andres Saag Perspective)
Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm

Except lot of nu-disco stuff, disco re-edits and some deep house tunes as well.

Cottam - April DJ Mix - Part 1 by warmhq

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1 - Social Disco Club - SDC Shows Ya'!
2 - Pop & Eye - Can't Let Bluto
3 - Social Disco Club - You Know How I Feel
4 - Eddie C - Make It Better
5 - Riccio - Low Down
6 - Riccio - Dreamin'
7 - Soul Renegades - Darlin
8 - Marco D'Aquino - Give Me What I'm Missing
9 - LTJ - All Night
10 - Sound Stream - Deeper Love
11 - Crazy P - Make Me Wanna
12 - Cottam - 4B
13 - People Of Earth - People Of Earth
14 - MCDE - There Is A Truth feat. Stee Downes
15 - Joy Orbison - Ladywell
Some old school deep house biz from 1999 by Leigh Morgan. Nice stuff. Memoirs. This Ian Pooley's track entitled "Cold Wait" starting around minute 25 reminds me one of my favourite house album ever - "Ian Pooley - Meridian" from 1998. This album really got me into house music. Timeless album! I really recommend it if you have never heard about it before!

Due to technical hitches this weeks show is a live set recorded with good old fashioned vinyl from way back in 1999!
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C&M Productions
True House
Temperamental (Dj Sneak Remix)
Ian Pooley
Cold Wait (Slam Remix)
# Pepe Bradock
Deep Burnt
Matt Flores
Quality deep house vibes by Matt Flores for newly created Berlin Nucast.

Berlin Nucast 01. Matt Flores (Compost Black Label / Farside Rec.) by Berlin Nucast

A selection of tunes from the metaworld° network by the ones like TRIAD, D PLAY, PASKAL & URBAN ABSOLUTES, MATT FLORES, HENRY L, MELLOWD.CLUB, and others.
Random Movement
Download mirror
128kbps // 119:53min // 109.7MB
New episode of Random Movement Radio hosted by Random Movement! Check out more Random Movement's mixes here.

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A-Sides - Ain't Nobody
D-Ramatic & D-Audio - Days Running Out
D-Ramatic & D-Audio - Dreams of Life liquid v rec
Makota & Marky - Without You
Savage Rehab - Desire
Acuna - Ohh Me chronic rec
Makota & Spy - Beautiful Things
Friction - Anybody Out There (Remix)
Northern Lights - All Night Long
Die & Break - Slow Down (Remix)
AI - Follow You (Remix)
D-Ramatic & D-Audio - im For Real liquid v rec
Markus ft. Ras Tweed - Make A Raise
Total Science + Spy - While You Were Sleeping
Serum - Deadly Wench v recordings
Serum - Twin Blades v recordings
VIP - Days of Rage v recordings
Serum & Bladerunner - New Era v recordings
D-Ramatic & D-Audio - Revolution liquid v
marky & Spy - Let It Be (Remix)
Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna v recordings
DJ Die & Interface - The Truth
Circles (2011 Re-lick)
Yasmin - Finish Line (Shy FX Remix)
Skream - Where You Should Be (Shy FX Remix)
Mr Joseph - Forever Weekend liquid v
Eveson - Deeper Green liquid v
Marcus ft. Calibre - Meltdown
A-Sides - Knowledge & Wisdom
VIP - Ghetto Sounds level2 liquid v
Calibre - Easy Glyde
DJ Ruffstuff - Radium Rays chronic records
DJ Pleasure - Dub After Dub philly blunt records
Serum - Rat Trap VIP philly blunt records
Firefox + Glamour Gold - Bass Switch Re-lick philly blunt records
D-Ramatic & D-Audio - Vigilante philly blunt records
VIP - Touch The Sky (Crytical Dub) chronic records


april fools by replika

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This is a mix of some of my favorite old-school Goodlooking Records tracks.
1 Blu Mar Ten Santur
2 Intense Eastern Promise
3 Psyne Sly Detector
4 Odyssey Object
5 Blu Mar Ten Dark Matter
6 PFM The Western
7 Future Engineers Time Shift
8 Big Bud Pure
9 Alaska and Nucleus The Nautilus
10 Intense Westside Blues
11 Tayla Dimensions
12 Rantoul Default
13 Odyssey Expressions
14 PFM Danny’s Song
15 LTJ Bukem Demon’s theme
16 Blu Mar Ten Myriad
17 PFM In Love
18 Aquasky In the Zone
19 PFM Still Doin’ It
20 Makoto Sky High

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This is a mix of some of my favorite modern Drum and bass tracks.
1 Scenic And Advisory Science Friction
2 Blu Mar Ten All Over Again (Sabre Remix)
3 Logistics Reality Checkpoint
4 Furney Soh Cah Toa
5 Naibu
Opium Lady
6 Scenic and Advisory Icicle
7 Calibre All These Days
8 Lynx feat. Kemo Global Enemies
9 Tayla Turn It Around
10 Locksmith I’m Not Where You Are
11 Zero T Tell Me
12 Makoto, T-Ak Voyager
13 Lm1, Indigo Sync The 5-9-1
14 S.P.Y. Sunship
15 DJ Marky, XRS Strip Tease
16 LM1 Season of Descent
17 Blu Mar Ten Overwhelm
Update: added download link.
Makoto's DJ mix archive @

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Mr Joseph - Necessary (Liquid V)
dRamtic & dbAudio – (Tender Mood)
DJ Marky & S.P.Y - Touch Me - Unreleased
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Going Down – Unreleased
DJ Marky & S.P.Y - Last Night (Innerground)
Phil Tangent - Pleasure Trip (Influence)
D Kay - Thinner - Unreleased
DJ Marky & S.P.Y - Mystic Sunset (Innerground)
Furney - Don't Tell Me - Unreleased
Makoto feat. Paul Randolph - Tower Of Love (Human Elements)
Makoto - Take My Soul Baby (VIP Remix) (Good Looking)
Makoto & Deeizm - Untold (Jabberloop Remix) (HE:Digital)

Available for 1 week for download via Soundcloud!

3.20.11 Revival Radio w/ Methodus by Methodus

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First hour new music showcase track list:
. Mutt & Calculon ft. Kevin King - Easy on The Motion [Rubik Records]
. Against & Physical Illusion - Summer Rain [unreleased]
. Deeper Connection - Ace of Diamonds [unreleased]
. Scott Allen, Deeper Connection, Aquasion - Translations [unreleased]
. Bungle - Constant and Clear [forthcoming Spearhead Records]
. Blue Motion & Grimm ft. Remo -Walking Away [forthcoming Rubik Digital]
. Real Transported Man - Breathe (Stunna remix) [unreleased]
. Nu:Tone ft. Ben Westbeech - The Feeling [Hospital Records]
. Mr. Joseph - Forever Weekend [forthcoming Liquid V]
. Loadstar - BLVD [RAM Records]
. Mortem - Stratos (Stunna remix) [unreleased]
. Komatic - We Were Always One [unreleased]
. Bungle - Don't Look Back [forthcoming Spearhead Records]
. Naibu - Within Reach [unreleased]

2nd hour DJ mix track list:
. Inside Man - A Million Lies
. Blue Motion - Left Hand of God
. Atmospherix & Caine - Blue Crush
. Seathesky - Up To You
. Stunna - Face The Night (Kyro remix)
. Seba - Painted Skies (Seathesky remix)
. Seba - Mr. Nostalgic
. Seba & Method One - Mr. Downstairs
. Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me
. Quentin Hiatus - Different Stokes (Stunna remix)
. Godfather Sage - The Vanishing Vox Idea
. BMT vs. London Elektricity - Above One Second
. Naibu - Yunmee
. Triad - Tripod
. dBridge - Rendevous
. Jose Jones - Warrior (Rockwell remix)
. Triad - Fiasco
. Code 3 - Chasm
. Need For Mirrors - Moving Pictures

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Loleatta Holloway - Seconds (Deep&Disco’s Once Is Never Enough Rework) - Unreleased
Sebastian Davidson & Enthousiaste Gasten - That Song (Huxley Remix) - Kolour Recordings
Boston - More Than A Feeling (Leo Zero Edit) - Unreleased
Hotel Motel - Feel So Young - Home Taping Is Killing Music
Tommy Disco - Age Of The Jaguar - So Sound
The Doobie Brothers - Wheels Of Fortune (JP Source Respin) - Unreleased
Kate Bush - Runnin’ Up That Hill (Re-Edit) - Unreleased
Jaffa Surfa - Disko Z (The Revenge Remix) - Bosconi Extra Virgin
Chamboche - Feverish (The Revenge Remix) - Under The Shade
Escort - Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix) - Escort
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - You’ll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix) - Friendly Fire
BJ Duck - Big Black Wax - Big Bear
Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Original 12″ Mix) - Salsoul

Mr Jones
Mr Jones' DJ mix archive @

This is my own personal favourite mix I have made, because I love the music in it.
Some old tracks I used to hammer.
Each one I still have in my travel pack ready to drop in a set anywhere.
No tracklist.
Alex Traska & Neil Quinn
Four hours long monster mix of mainly deep house vibes hosted by Alex Traska & Neil Quinn. The show was aired on radio on January 30th 2011.

A Spaceship #R003 by A:Spaceship

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Neil Quinn
Drivetrain - Kissing The Filth [Soiree]
Geelong Breakfast Club - Amboy (Mike Buhl Version) [Moodmusic Germany]
Anonym - Change [Sushitech]
Jarno - Untitled #2 [Deep Explorer]
Matteo & Matos - Passages EP [Large]
Unknown - Unknown [We Play House]
Smallpeople - The People [Underground Quality]
Aqua Bassino - The Wave EP [F Comm]

Alex Traska
Dan Electro - Look Around [Soulab France]
Echomen - Thru To You (Charles Webster Mix) [Airtight]
Alex Delano - Round and Round (Charles Webster Mix) [Strata]
UBQ Project - When I Fell In Love (Charles Webster Mix) [Boombastic]
Snider Satin Souls - All Your Feelings [Silver Network]
Impossible Beings - Too Late [End Recordings]
Demarkus Lewis feat. Lady Sah - Untitled Love Affair (Mr V Sole Channel Dub)
Alex Alvarez feat. Miss Patty - Get Over It [Sole Channel]

Neil Quinn
Mr V - Jus Dance (Sole Channel Dub) [Vega]
Jus Ed - Luv Is The Dub [Underground Quality]
Glenn Vernon - Tell More (Norm Talley's Late Night Creeper Mix) [Soiree]
Brian X - Invisible Man (Dub Version) [Funhouse]
Mr G - Are You Looking? [G Spot]
Anton Zap - Do It [Underground Quality]
Leif - Designed With That In Mind [Fear of Flying]

Alex Traska
Julius Steinhoff - Something Like Wonderful [Smallville Germany]
Moodymanc - Next Song [Dessous]
Phlash & Friends - Look at What We've Done [Archive Italy]
Pepe Bradock - 4 [KiF]
Bittersuite - Visions [Swedish Brandy]
Chateau Flight - Baccula [Innervisions]

Alex & Neil Quinn
Kemetic Just - (Pepe Bradock Remix) [Silver Network]
Phonogenic - Heal The Feel [Moodmusic Germany]
Ernie - Soul of The Night (Ordell Mix) [Minnuendo]
Aqua Bassino - Baby C'Mon [F Comm]
Mood II Swing - Do It Your Way [Groove On]
Metro Area - Proton Candy [Environ]
Brian Harden - Matrix [Moods & Grooves]
Drivetrain - Bon Soiree [Moods & Grooves]
Julien Jabre & DJ Gregory - Amour [Basic]
Schratrax - Champagne Dancer [Fear of Flying]
Kemetic Just - I Got Life [NDATL Muzik]
New Phunk Theory - Always (One in Four Dub) [Airtight]
Atjazz - Looking Glass [Reincarnation]
Dexter - Junofest [Rush Hour]
Joseph Malik - Take It All In & Check It All Out (Aqua Bassino Mix) [Compost]
Red Rack'Em - Fellini [CortelYou Road]

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01. Trumpetear (Jazzy Eyewear Mix) | Mark and Stevens | GLA
02. Spaghetti Soup (Jam Funk Mix) | Funk Mediterraneo | Tastie
03. Party People | Andrew Macari | Lack Locker
04. Lori And The Jones And Brother | Jeff Haze | Midwest Hustle
05. Funk Jazz (Deep) | Natural Rhythm | Guesthouse
06. Skyline | Dave Allison | Promo
07. Hip Hop Magazine | 4:20 ceis | Greenhouse
08. Sparkin’ It Up | Camp Blow | Promo
09. Give Me A Taste | South Of Roosevelt | Promo
10. Nothing To Do With Taste | Jeff Douglar and Balu | Kinjo
11. Peer Pressure | Pete le Freq | Native Soul Recordings
12. Nixon’s Groove | Funk Mediterraneo | Promo
13. Summer Soul | D-Tech
14. Sort Of Beauty | Filtra Freqz | Seventy Four
15. Go On (Lurob Mix) | Man Jane | Sutra Sounds

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Recloose - Get There Tonight (edit) // (Rush Hour)
Move D - Your Personal Healer // (Uzuri)
GuGu - RockAByeBaby // (DVA Music)
Rhythm & Sound - Free For All (Soundstream Remix) // (Burial Mix)
Tuff Jam - Let Me Tell You (Dub) // (Dansa Records)
Quarion - Ganymede // (Retreat)
Pisces - Never Forget // (Very Important Plastic)
Rozzo - Meta002 // (Trackdown Records)
50% - Tight Up (Kinky Mix) // (Rolling Tune Recordings)
Mr G - G's Big Batty Gal Dub // (Phoenix G)
Leif - Contentment // (Mindtours)
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Got It // (Prime Numbers)
Terje Bakke - Horsel // (Strictly Chosen)
Unit 46 - Don't Go // (People)
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Greg Packer's DJ mix archive @

Mr Jones' DJ mix archive @
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Henry Oakley
Joe Europe
Turn Me Down
Rennie Foster
Connect Like Four [Samuel L Session Remix]
Paul Verfoot
Reminiscence [Jorg Murkus Remix]
Roni Be
Get It Up Now [In Deep We Trust Remix]
Craig Stewart
Fever [Chris Minus Remix]
Dancing Jo
Andre Detoxx
Playa D'En Bossa
Pablo Fierro
Alone At Home
Craig Stewart
Fever [Berny Remix]