Tracklist/Description: Highway High is a mixtapes series bringing you the perfect soundtrack for all your late night driving. Think of it as sonic cruise control. Number nine by Phase. ""R4, the ring-road of Ghent, is a two-lane highway that's lovely to drive on in the early hours. No cars, no trucks, no nothing. Perfect to cruise back on from a gig. The mix I've made touches nearly all bases of the extremely versatile genre that is Drum and Bass. It's a blend of old, new and very exclusive forthcoming material by myself and others. I hope you enjoy the vibes." @phasednb Goldie - The River Mirrored ?? - ?? FD & Script - Monza Zero T & Need For Mirrors - Call Waiting (ft. Steo) Calibre - All You Got Marcus Intalex & SPY - Paulista Dub SCAR - The Wrong Side (ft. Naomi Pryor) Zero T - Lowball ?? - ?? Serum - Skeleton Key Shield - Skippy Vinyl Jubei & Goldie - The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) Breakage - Elmhurst Dub Lenzman - Grateful (ft. DRS) Calibre - Hypnotize Foreign Concept - Breaking Again (ft. Naomi Olive) Ivy Lab - St.Clair Redeyes - What She Wants (Lenzman Remix) Alix Perez - Behind Time Enei - Mirrors ?? - ?? Survival - Catalyst (ft. Break) Xtrah - Purple Skies (ft. Mako) ?? - ?? ?? - ?? DJ Die - Ghetto Bizness Total Science & FD - Found A Reason Why (Anile Remix) Halogenix - Velvet Kid Drama - Trife
24 July 2017
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