Tracklist/Description: 70 Mins of Tunes mixed by Surplus , Some forthcoming Dubs from Soul Trader Records Included! ¬ Surplus ¬ Tracklist HLZ - Dusk til Dawn (Soul Trader Dub) Makoto and Marky - Miles Ahead (Hospital) Untrue - Shogun (Fokuz) Saxxon - Didn’t know (Soul Trader Dub) Saikon - Better Late Than Never (Innerground) Data 3 - Cellular (Flexout Audio) M1TE - Grid Spin (Soul Trader Dub) Bungle - All For Nothing (Soul Trader Dub) Skynet - Tribal Warfare (Soul Trader Dub) Data 3 - Molly (Gerra & Stone Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) FD - Bottles (The North Quarter) Chairli Brix and Data 3 - Let It Breathe (Flexout Audio) Silence Groove - Stone Cold (Soul Trader Dub) LSB and Etherwood - Rain Will Fall (MedSchool) Mars - Kandahar (Tangent) Villem and McLeod - Just In Case (Soul Trader Dub) Dave Owen - Pensive (Soul Trader) Utah Jazz - Handle This feat DRS (Pola and Bryson Remix) (Spearhead) Phaction - Haunt (Soul Trader Dub) AudioSketch And Surplus - Fragments (Fokuz Dub) Pola & Bryson - Flat Jam (FD Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) Redeyes - Jammin (Fokuz) Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Pola & Bryson Remix) (Soul Trader) Skynet - Pressurised (Soul Trader Dub) Satl - Low End Theory (Sun and Bass) Seba and Ulrich Schnauss (BluMarTen) Command Strange and Alibi - Stardust (V Recordings) MD - Thinking Of You (Soul Trader)
16 September 2019
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