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01: Sleazy McQueen Candlelight Revision Uncut
02: Hermanez & Ramon Tapia Straniero Miconn
03: Childproof Man Bloom Ghostly International
04: Crazy P Stop Space Return [Simon Baker and Jamie Jones Mix] 2020 Vision
05: Kenlou 2 The Bounce Maw
06: Marlon D Jesus Creates Sound ITH
07: -- Secret White Label --
08: Kassette Boys Ah! Yeah! [Noreuil Remix] Kassette Records
09: Soul Minority Retroplex Elevation Recordings
10: -- Secret White Label --
11: Birds and Souls Birds and Souls Ghostly International
12: -- Secret White Label --
13: Slang Bang Off Course Sender
14: Crazy P Lay It Down [Andre Lodemann Remix] Lazy Days