The Fugees - Fu Gee La (sevin Bootleg) (FREE)
Brian Mcknight - Stay or Let it Go (Sabre Remix)
FullCasual - Inner Core [SoulRecords DUB]
Loadstar - Drowning (FREE)
LSB - Overthinking
Zengineers - Clairvoyant
Faible-&-Konfusion - Deeper-Reality (unsigned DUB)
Blok One - Versions Of You (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
Self Definition & Yankowsky - Snowflakes Over Sakura (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
Frank Carter III, Ivy Lab - Afterthought feat. Frank Carter III
Flame - Moonlight (Fokuz DUB)
SoulFusion - Submerging Stars (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
MSDOS, Flowrian - Come Together feat. soulTec
Self Definition - Eastern Winds (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
Level C - Journey Home (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
TG4 - Yellow (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
Daeda & Cordaz - Influences (forthcoming Good News Boppers)
Salaryman - Empty World (forthcoming Supreme Hustle)
S.P.Y. - Go With The Flow
Camo & Krooked - The Escape
MSDOS - Soul Drops (Dj Clart Remix)
Hybrid Minds - Fade (feat Katie Ambition)

1 Rowpieces - Cosmic Funk (Influenza Media Recordings)
2 Facing Jinx & Philth - Miss Understanding (Peer Pressure Recordings)
3 Intelligent Manners - Southside (Free track)
4 Dj Chap - Tell Me (LuvDisaster Recordings)
5 Alexus - Take A Nap (Soul Deep Recordings)
6 Flowhertz - Just Like [MsDos Remix] (Phuzion Digital Recordings)
7 Calibre - Filter Tune (Signature Recordings)
8 Technicolour & Komatic - The Deepest Blue (Viper Recordings)
9 Alexus - Discoman (LuvDisaster Recordings)
10 Intelligent Manners - Ball & Chain feat.Nuage (Fokuz Recordings)
11 Sunny Crimea - Ain't No Game (Influenza Media Recordings)
12 Macca & Scott Allen - Life's Complex (Influenza Media Recordings)
13 Camo & Krooked - Change Me [Submorphics Remix] (Hospital Records)