Really wicked mixes have these guys from New Zealand on their mixcloud page - Calibre feat. MC DRS, LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, DJ Marky, Bryan Gee, Commix etc.
No download link available.

Calibre MC DRS - Sandwiches 2009 by Nzdnb on Mixcloud

TV OnBuy
By Calibre
1 Unknown 2 Love AffairBuy
By Dj Marky, Spy
3 Unknown 4 Loves Too Tight To MentionBuy
By Calibre
5 Refusal (Calibre remix)Buy
By Zero T feat Steo
6 Unknown 7 All The DaysBuy
By Calibre
8 WaterloggedBuy
By Random Movement
9 Unknown 10 ApocalypseBuy
By Lynx & Kemo feat Bongo Collective & Dennis Jones
11 Alone In A CrowdBuy
By Calibre
12 Unknown 13 Fine As DustBuy
By Calibre
14 Kinky FunkyBuy
By Dj Marky, Spy
15 Unknown 16 Let Me Hold YouBuy
By Calibre
17 MudBuy
By Marcus Intalex
18 Drop It Down (original mix)Buy
By Calibre
19 Losing GroundBuy
By St Cal
20 Unknown 21 Lazy RockBuy
By Calibre
22 CrackdenBuy
By St Files
23 Unknown 24 Be ThereBuy
By Calibre feat DRS
25 Unknown 26 Mistical DubBuy
By Mist Ical
27 Unknown 28 Ponderosa (feat Calibre)Buy
By D Bridge
29 Habitual (feat Calibre)Buy
By Drs
30 The Truth (feat DRS)Buy
By Dominick Martin
31 Unknown 32 ChangeBuy
By Dominick Martin