Tracklist/Description: This set is dedicated to the beautiful year 2020/2021. Turn your subwoofers ON. TEAR IS THE MIND HEALER Tracklist: Part 1: Grief Orion- I'm Not (Orion) Withhold 04- Moving (Withhold) Sau Poler- Orchestron (Nitsa Trax) Lake People- Uneasy Hiding Places (Permanent Vacation) Part 2: Acceptance Remote_- Isolate (For Pav) (Meanwhile) Mark Thibideau- Push Pull (Vade Mecum) Arkajo- Tape 16 (Aniara) Bot1500- Euphoria 1 (Altered Sense) Part 3: Hope Dorisburg & Efraim Kent- Tecken II (Tikita) Vril- Aquarius (Nachtdigital) Donato Dozzy- 12h 5 (Remix) (Spazio Disponible) Natan H- Giving (Appian Sounds)
17 May 2021
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