Tracklist/Description: Earlier this year we brought you the news of an innovative new collaboration which pairs two producers with unique perspectives on sound design and music. Prequel Tapes is best known for his noisy, disjointed approach to techno and the rougher drone inspired fringes of electronica and IDM. He has released music on the likes of Mannequin and R'COUP'D. Meanwhile, dBridge remains one of the most innovative figures in UK bass music culture having released cutting edge downtempo, jungle and drum 'n' bass over many decades for the likes of Creative Source, Exit Records and Metalheadz. Now the two have collaborated on a new EP for Midnight Shift, a record label which continues to connect generations of well versed music heads through its consistent release of high quality techno, bass and the weirder, heavier fringes of dance music. This new EP pairs two unique, creative minds. The result is a mutant hybrid showcasing the importance of collaboration and innovation. Following the release we asked kindly whether the pair might be up for recording a mix together, an alternative insight into their own collections and musical tapestry. The result is an old school mixtape, reel to reel vibes with integrity at its core.
20 May 2021
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