Tracklist/Description: 🎞️ Outro 53 was mixed by @melina_dj. Hamburg-based MELINA stands for a timeless, unpredictable and energetic music selection with her sound. With her affinity for old school beats from the UK (where her journey began), Chicago or Detroit, she creates a unique groove. This gave her various residencies in her hometown such as PAL or Uebel & Gefährlich. In the last three years there have also been countless appearances all over Germany, Europe and worldwide (e.g. Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Lebanon). Together with Jakob Seidensticker, Boronas and Snad, she founded the label WE R THE ALIENS in 2019, on which MELINA, in addition to artists such as Katie Drover, Chklte, Markus Sommer, published tracks herself, followed by other singles on labels such as Housewax, Feuilleton and Lauter showing her musical way… Outro Podcast The last sounds of the night. 🎞️
31 January 2022
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