Tracklist/Description: This prolific producer and DJ has released the best of deep house since 2004 with the same continuity in quality and this sense of groove !!! The choice was difficult but here are 28 gems of his original compositions and remixes. Recorded live, no synchro Tracklists : Rick Wade -- Shinjuku Strut SCOTT FERGUSON -- A Groove RICK WADE -- Up Late RICK WADE -- Back To Darkness DCM -- Moore (Rick Wade Remix) BRIJEAN -- Day Dreaming (Rick Wade Remix) RICK WADE -- Sweet Life (Tom Taylor & Simon Morell remix) RICK WADE -- Deep Sweet Dreams RICK WADE -- Inner Most RICK WADE -- Seen Things RICK WADE -- Strong Arm (Deep88 Remix) RICK WADE -- Memory of Beloved RICK WADE -- Your Strength RICK WADE -- Jazz Militia RICK WADE -- Gambit RICK WADE -- Wonderful RICK WADE -- Deep -N- Dirty RICK WADE -- Grimm RICK WADE -- I Feel Good UMBERTO 320KB MUSIC -- Subjectivity (Rick Wade Remix) RICK WADE -- You Need Love RICK WADE -- Techcreep (J Gabriel & Silent Revolt Remix) RICK WADE -- Forgotten Track RICK WADE -- Nothing To Fear SANDILE -- Fu (Rick Wade Remix) MOODYMANC -- Father (Rick Wade Daddys Disco Mix) RICK WADE -- Bmore Banger RICK WADE -- In Mah Mind (Harrison BDP Remix) Please support & respect these artists by buying/ streaming/ sharing their music ! 🙏🏽 "Richard Lee Wade Jr. American deep house recording artist, and DJ, based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Rick Wade was born in small-town western Michigan, less than an hour from Chicago's South Side. In the mid 1980s while studying at the University of Michigan, Wade gained his first gigs spinning deep underground house at the Nectarine Ballroom, the venue where Jeff Mills was also making his name, for techno rather than for house. Simultaneously, Wade maintained a successful mix show on WCBN named "Journey To The Land Of House". It was a huge success, as were his subsequent gigs at clubs in and around Detroit. So much so that by 1993, Wade was able to build his own studio and form a label, Harmonie Park. " Source : Discogs
01 January 2022
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