Magnafide - Chilled-Out (October 2008)

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"it *should* be getting cooler these days in southern cali..
but since it's taking a while, i've decided to whip up a mix
of chilled-out yet energizing beats from the last few years..

it's been a while since i made a demo, i hope all enjoy!"

Poise - 'Bliss' (Fourth Level Dub)
Beta 2 & Zero T - 'On My Mind' (Soundtrax)
Stunna, Smote & Submorphics - 'First Light' (Red Mist Dub)
Phrantek - 'Aeneid' (Peer Pressure)
Marky & Bungle - '13th Floor' (C.I.A.)
Blue Sonix - 'Let The Music Take Your Mind' (Phuturistic Bluez)
Alix Perez - 'Stray' (Shogun)
Conscious State - 'Cymatic' (Fourth Level Dub)
Sinistarr - '734' (Dubplate)
Motion - 'The Sun At 5am' (BI/OS)
Sabre - 'Velvet Lawn' (Scientific Wax)
Alix Perez, Switch & Icicle - 'This Is How' (Shogun Limited)
Calibre - 'Hypnotise' (Soul:R)
Alix Perez - 'Magnolias' (Bassbin)
Furney - 'Mancini' (Soundtrax)
Magnafide - 'Shapes' (Fourth Level Dub)
21 October 2008