Dirrrty B - Scribler Podcast (03-Nov-2009)

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Some Sad Times - Decem [Dub]
Eclipse - Dirrrty B & Wreckage Machinery [Influenza Dub]
After Sunset - Dirrrty B, The Square & Eros [Next Sense Dub]
Blackheart - Stunna ft. Focus [Telluric Records]
Keep Your Hand On Me - The Square & Dirrrty B [Dub]
Dream On - Dirrrty B & Wreckage Machinery [Dub]
Circles On The Surface - Dirrrty B [Dub]
Everyday - Dirrrty B [Human Soul R.I.P]
Twilight - Soultec & Dirrrty B [Red Mist Dub]
Kite Flying - Dirrrty B, Smote & Subway Funk [Dub]
Between The Raindrops - Dirrrty B [Dub]
You're Free (Dirrrty B remix) - The Square ft. Jett [Influenza Dub]
Whispers - Dirrrty B [Vibez Dub]
One More Try (The Square & Dirrrty B remix) - Stereotype [Urban Chemistry Dub]
The Game - Nu.Clear [Dub]
Hold On - Decem & Dirrrty B [Dub]
Heat Of The Night - Dirrrty B [Urban Chemistry Dub]
Diabolic - Eros & Dirrrty B [Dub]