DJ Krazy - Goin Back To Tomorrow (14-Nov-2009)

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I think there is more tunes than there is nights around the world.
Sometimes I wonder who play what and how does it sound out there.
Very few still drop stuff that makes you feel like exploding, but
there is a great selection of choice.

The selection for this journey:

Don Q - Lontano jungle
Naibu - Back engineering
Don Q - Ocean dance
Ink & Perpetuum - Splash in Africa
Bionic 1 - Sound is everything
Kjell - Bounce tab
Chris Inperspective - Heathers hot waffles
Soul Objective - Province
Spirit - Layers
Conrad & Furney - Drum tools
Red Eyes - Blue note
Seba - 34 Alpha
Zero T - Angel heart
Furney - Pipeline
Nookie - Mr.Slippery
Electrosoul System - List
Ink & Perpetuum - Blues for the red sun