mSdoS and Square @ Liquid Dnb Sessions EP21 (30-Nov-2009)

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After 2 years of successful podcasts (2000-2500 downloads per show)
i would like to thanx ALL the producers and Labels that send me all amazing tunes.
The only thing that i want to do is to promote new and quality stuff.

Also i decide to start ---TRACK OF MONTH (the tune that i ''feel'' more)
and ---BACK TO BASICS (we must not forget the pioneers) ... monthly.

Last but not least i wanna give a big shout to new ''group'' BLUE MOTION aka
Eros and dirrrty B. After doing a few tracks and dozen of releases they decide to create
a project under named " Blue Motion " ... (
1. Hypno - Telescope (Muted Remix) (DUB)
2. Bal - Red river valley (INFLUENCE)
3. Pete Voyager - Long White Cloud (CAMINO BLUE DUB)
4. Steez - Memories (mSdoS & mJt remix) (DUB)
5. Champagne - Talk To The Hand (BONAFIDE DUB) --- TRACK OF MONTH
6. Crix - Secrets (ABSYS REC DUB)
8. Paul Saint Jack - Convergence (GOLDEN ORB DUB)
9. Greg Packer - Organ Revisited (INTERPHASE) ---BACK TO BASICS
10.Neyo - Why does she stay (dRamatic & dbAudio mix) (DUB)
11.The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion - One Second (TOUCHEDBY DUB)
12.Simplification & Command Strange - Melody (DUB)
13.Big Bud & Greg Packer - Ri$e (SOUNDTRAX DUB)
14.Drumlinezz - Brown Shade (DUB)
15.Motta - What u got (LUV DISASTER DUB)
16.Phat Playaz - The PFM journey (DUB)
17.mSdoS & MJT - Pat beat (DUB)
18.Kyro - Dark Devotion (RED MIST RECORDINGS)
19.Dj Chap - ??? (DUB)
20.Blue Motion - Wall Of Silence (TEXTURES MUSIC DUB)
21.Blue Motion - Life In The Suburbs (DUB)

1)Love in my Heart - Sconeboy, Blue Motion & The Square [Unsigned]
2)Wax Poetic - Submorphics [Westbay]
3)I΄m Sorry - The Square [Unsigned]
4)Watertight - ATP [Influenza Media]
5)One Second - The Square,Wreckage Machinery & Blue Motion [Unsigned]
6)Deeper Shadow - Smote [Deph Dub]
7)Lost Love - Glen Eston (The Square remix)[VibezDub]
8)Good Enough - Trifonic (Glen E Ston & The Square RMX) (Paul Sg VIP)[InfluenzaMedia]
9)End of Days - The Square [Unsigned]
10)You Dont Need Me - The Square & Blue Motion ft. mSdoS [Fokuz]
11)By My Side - Grimm & Stanza (The Square & Eros Remix) [InfluenzaMedia]
12)Love Sickness - Motta feat Jett (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
13)Everything Disappears - The Square [Unsigned]
14)Anything But Monday - Still Standing (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [UniversalMusic]
15)Inner Focus - Verbal (The Square & Wreckage Machinery RMX) [Unsigned]
16)Without U - Mutt, Atmospherix,Blue Motion & The Square [Fokuz]
17)Dust Storm - Lm1 & The Square [Absys]