Tracklist/Description: SUNANDBASS Podcast #30 comes from Stateside badman Stunna. A classically trained pianist as elegantly shown in one of our recent video diaries, he’s had a raft of releases on quality labels, all showcasing his own unique sound and take on drum and bass. And not just satisfied with highlighting his own achievements, he also hosts his own weekly ‘Greenroom’ show on Bassdrive every week, a true testament to his love and passion for music. His mix for Podcast #30 draws you straight in. He doesn’t necessarily need to draw for the hottest exclusives or big name artists, but this mix screams quality and vibes from the get-go. Go get on that, it’s rolling! Tracklist: 01. BANKS - WARM WATER (MAGNAFIDE REMIX) 02. TIM CANT - ULTRA GENERIC 03. MADCAP - F THEME 04. REVIVAL - MIDNIGHT TRAIN 05. LJ HIGH - ENCHANTED SOUL 06. SOUL CONNECTION - HAPPY DAYS 07. STUNNA + PHYSICS featuring JERE GARCIA - WORLD KEEPS TURNING 08. AMANING featuring SUBMORPHICS - LOOKING BACK 09. IMPISH + SKYWEEP - HODGE CLOSE 10. ROBUSTUS - BURN OUT 11. RED ARMY - CREATURE DUB 12. MADDELA + DOMINION - NARCOPHOBIA 13. HEAVY1 featuring P-FINE - MELEE 14. ANUSHKA - ATOM BOMBS (NAMEBRANDSOUND REMIX) 15. NAIBU featuring KEY - JUST LIKE YOU (FRACTURE REMIX) 16. STUNNA - OPTIMA