Tracklist/Description: Duoscience Smashin it up on lsr TRACKLIST~ 1-Quadrant,Roygreen&Protone_Right now 2-Kutlo_Underpass 3-Damage Report_Very Impressive 4-Tyke__Hold A Thought In Your Hand 5-Duoscience & Maurs__Looking Out Of Me Dub 6-Hazard__Bricks Dont Roll 7-Audio_Ultron Dub 8-Villem & Mcleod_Putting Down Roots Total science remix 9-Red Light_Cure Me ft Lolo..Dj Die Remix 10-Scar__Old Ground Metalheadz 11-Vromm_Fields Of Vengeanze 12-Dub Phizix & Stratagy_Buffulo 13-Pennygilles_Stories Untold Arkaik Remix 14-The Standard_Metal Dub 15-Cursa__Distance 16-Duoscience Wicked Back_v dub 17-Quadrant Kid Hops & Iris__Obsolete 18-Maurs_Walking The Dog Dub 19-DJ Chap_ Cybernetics_Decimail Base Remix 20-Ninja & Vital Senses_ 21-Voltage & Atmos T_With You Ft Screamer 22-Maurs & Duoscience Dub TEST 23-Payback & Soul Connection _Time To Dream 24-Phat Playaz-Roads 25-Amphix_Symmetry 26-Duoscience_Know The Truth LUV D dub 27-Mayforms_This Girl Is Lost Diskool 28-Chroma_201 dub 29-i See Monstas-(i see monstas remix