Tracklist/Description: As promised, first LW DJ mix in a while and this one explores some of the tracks from 86-96 (or thereabouts) that have helped shape my approach to DJing and music production (tracklisting below). More in the Acid Soul Roots series to come. Thanks to everybody that helped me shape the track selection in a recent thread on the LW Facebook page. On another note, I've taken a few cancelations recently through November & December (inclusive of NYE) so if you're a promoter (or know one) contact me via it would be good to fill those dates again! 'Gis a job' message over and on to the tracklisting :) Tracklisting: UBQ Project - When I Fell in Love Mondee Oliver - Make Me Want You (Leftside Wobble Edit) Marshall Jefferson - Open Our Eyes Mission Control - Outta Limits (Shelter Mix) Liz Torres - Can't Get Enough Libra Libra - I Like It Jack Frost - Shout Jori Hulkkonen - Let Me Love You (Muzique Tropique Mix) Fingers Inc - Bring Down The Walls (Leftside Wobble Edit) Armando - Don't Take It (LW/Thomo Edit) Bobby Konders - The Poem (Leftside Wobble Edit) Risque III - Essence Of A Dream Club MCM & FCL - It's You (LW Version Excursion) Ace and The Sandman - Let Your Body Talk Violet - Central Pro NYC Leftfield - Afro Left God Within - Raincry
12 November 2014
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