Tracklist/Description: 1.So High (Intro VIP) by L-Side 2.Vagabonds (IM Ltd) by Glen E.Ston & Flaco 3.Shicu (Jazzsticks) by The Jazzassins 4.The Wolves (Lenzman Remix) by Amy Steele 5.El Yunque (Dub) by Flaco 6.What I've Done by Critycal Dub 7.Miss Ives by Stunna 8.DRS- Something To Believe In ft Calibre by DRS 9.Chasing Love by Euphorics & Distance 10.The Jazzassins - This Is Paradise 11.unknown by unknown 12.FoxRox Remix by Francesco 13.Our Little Secret (Satl and Skeletone RMX) by Dave Owen 14.Good Old Love by Underdog 15.Just One Day by Nelver 16.My Only One (Digital Blus 033 Promo) by Rizla + Krot feat LaMeduza 17.Resolution (BCee Remix) by AudioSketch 18.Rififi by Underdog 19.Against The Wall (Original Mix) by Macca, Loz Contreras 20.Casanova (Blu Saphir) by Paul SG 21.Sleazy Bitch (Fokuz) by Random Movement 22.Roll Around (Liquid V) by DJ Chap & Andrezz 23.Winter Day (Dub) byBassface Sascga & D Mon 24.Dangerous (Creative Wax Dub) byMadcap 25.Time (Dub) by DJ CHAP 26.Optix (Exit) byMark System 27.Twenty Questions by Ivy Lab 28.GUESTMIX bySATL